Secrets That Producers Don’t Want You to Know About the Busbys & Outdaughtered

Many parents have had to deal with parenting a family of five. But not all of them have those children arriving at once. Welcoming quintuplets is such a rare occurrence that a TLC reality show was just inevitable when it happened to Danielle Busby.

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Of course, not everything in her family’s life is broadcast on television. ‘Outdaughtered’ has shown viewers what it’s like to raise a family of quintuplets. But behind the scenes of every delicious moment you witness on film, there’s a secret that’s kept hidden… Until now, that is.

Adam and Danielle Worked Together at Target For Months Before Dating

When Adam and Danielle Busby first met, they didn’t know what the future held. They had no idea they’d end up having five children at once and landing their reality TV show. Considering how they met, appearing on television seemed impossible at the time.

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They were both working at Target. Adam’s attraction to his coworker was instantaneous. He was first too hesitant to ask Danielle out. It took several months of working together before he mentioned going out on a date. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way Adam had hoped.

Adam Ditched Their First Date to Hang Out With His Buddies

Danielle said Yes, and things seemed to be off to a good start. But things took an unexpected turn when he decided to skip his date and spend time with his friends instead. It was a bad excuse, especially since he was the one who’d offered the invitation.

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Maybe his anxiety got the best of him, or he had second thoughts? He wasn’t there to sweep Danielle away on a first date for whatever reason, and he nearly wrecked their prospects of a romance forever. Fortunately, she agreed to give him another chance, which he didn’t waste.

They Tried Different Fertility Treatments to Get Pregnant

Following that inauspicious start, the couple started dating for the next two and a half years until Adam proposed. The couple married six months later. Unfortunately, it was not an easy task bringing all those children into the world. Being in this situation can produce emotions of inadequacy.

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And this can be heartbreaking for couples, especially if only one of the parties is to blame for the fertility problems. Thankfully, the Busbys persevered in the face of adversity, and Danielle became pregnant. It wasn’t going to be an easy ride from here on out.

Their First Child Was Through Fertility Treatments

‘Outdaughtered’ may be positioned around the couple’s quintuplets. But they’re not the Busby’s only children. Before them, Adam and Danielle welcomed Blayke Louise. She was also the fruit of fertility procedures. From the beginning, it seemed that conceiving a child had been a hardship for the Busbys.

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After putting in so much work to conceive Blayke, the couple could’ve easily given up starting a family. But Adam and Danielle wanted to give their daughter a brother or sister to play with. After a year of trying to conceive naturally, they went to fertility treatments once more.

Danielle Ate 4,500 Calories to Keep Her Babies Healthy

The Busbys had no idea that conceiving a second child would lead to quintuplets. But Danielle could not possibly raise five children in her womb without knowing it. The expectant mother had to make some lifestyle changes when it became known that she was carrying more than one baby.

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That meant eating extra to ensure that all her babies had the nutrition they required to survive. Danielle had to more than double her calorie intake, according to Fit Pregnancy, increasing from a recommended 2,000 calories daily to 4,500 at one point. That’s a big leap.

A Dietician Made Sure Danielle Had No Pregnancy Cravings

When you consider the cravings that expectant mothers often feel, needing to eat this much food when pregnant may seem ideal. Of course, if you’re craving something unhealthy, consuming thousands of calories of it every day isn’t good for you. That’s why Danielle sought the advice of a dietician

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She admitted in an interview with Fit Pregnancy that because of this, she “had no one craving ever.” She seemed to have overcome one of the most frequent pregnancy symptoms with the help of a dietitian. She had complete control over what she ate and when she stopped.

Doctors Said They Shouldn’t Give Birth to All Five

The human body might be able to handle a lot, but a pregnancy like this is testing its limit. Having quintuplets posed a big risk for Danielle, so physicians advised her to abort some of the fetuses. Not only were there concerns for the infants’ survival.

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But if Danielle had all five children, there was the possibility that complications might put her life in danger. As a result, she and Adam had a serious discussion about what they should do. They couldn’t get rid of any fetuses, so they hoped that everything would work out perfectly.

The Babies Were in the Hospital for the First Few Months

The doctors’ recommendation came from a genuine place. Before Danielle, there had never been a surviving set of quintuplet girls in the US. All previous pregnancies had resulted in the death of at least one child. That’s because quintuplets are smaller than single infants and have less room to grow.

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When the Busby children were born, doctors were relieved that they all survived. However, it took several months before things were smooth. The children spent that time at the hospital, where they were cared for and monitored, and their parents were not allowed to hold them for the first week.

Adam Became Distant, and It Looked Like He Was Cheating

Fortunately, all the children were finally discharged. It didn’t take long for TLC to offer a reality show which would be financially beneficial. After all, when you suddenly have five mouths to feed, money might get tight. However, while ‘Outdaughtered’ had its advantages, it also had drawbacks.

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This included exposing the Busbys to rumors and speculation about their personal life, such as claims that Adam was having an affair. People wondered if he’d fallen out of love with his wife and leaped into someone else’s arms when he seemed distant on the show.

Alan Suffered Postpartum Depression

It’s understandable for people to assume Adam’s distance from his wife was due to infidelity. But it appears that everyone was barking up the wrong tree. The father was withdrawing from his family not because he was in love with someone else but because he was depressed.

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Adam suffered from postpartum depression, a psychiatric ailment that people believe only mothers suffer from. He was overwhelmed by suddenly becoming a father to six children, which affected his mental health. He just wanted to run away and hide, but he couldn’t because he was on TV.

Adam Can Now Help Other Fathers Suffering From the Same Illness

Fortunately for Adam, dealing with postpartum depression while in the spotlight hasn’t been a particularly unpleasant experience. It has allowed him to assist others going through similar challenges. This “struck a chord” with people and helped raise attention to the challenges many males endure as fathers.

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Since postpartum depression is so closely associated with women, his illness provided him with the chance to raise awareness about how it impacts fathers too. After all, there are certainly a lot of males out there who are battling mental health issues and aren’t even aware of it.

Danielle Was Confused and Broken by Her Husband’s Mental Health Issues

Her husband wasn’t cheating on her was certainly a positive for Danielle. With six children to care for, the last thing she needed was for their father to be dishonest and crush her heart. But just because Adam wasn’t cheating didn’t imply the alternative was better.

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Danielle was “broken” when she found out what was happening with him. Due to his battle, Adam would sometimes not say hello to her, putting a strain on the couple. Despite this, she stayed by his side and supported him so that he could be there for her.

Danielle Hired a Financial Planner to Keep Adam’s Exorbitant Spending in Check

The Busbys received a much-needed financial boost with TLC’s ‘Outdaughtered.’ But just because the company was paying for access to their lives didn’t mean the pair could spend their money however they pleased. After all, they needed everything they could to keep their six children clothed, fed, and happy.

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So, Danielle became upset with her husband’s habit of overspending. At first, she could shrug them off, but they gradually got so bothersome that she had to employ a financial adviser. Having someone like this on his side would help Adam avoid wasting money on stuff like drones.

The Financial Planner Was a Great Idea

Given their concerns about the Busbys’ finances, it seemed that employing a financial adviser was the wisest thing Danielle could do. The couple’s financial problems were brought to light in the second season of ‘Outdaughtered.’ Their planner warned them to be “scared” because their expenditures exceeded their bank account balance.

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Adam was the most shocked about this. If that wasn’t awful enough, their financial consultant also showed them how much money they’d need to save for their children’s college education. It would reportedly cost them $2 million, necessitating a monthly savings of roughly $6,000.

Adam Is All Alone in the Family’s Finances

For most people, saving $6,000 monthly is difficult, let alone for parents of quintuplets. It’s hard to save that money when you’re in urgent need of money. However, the Busbys would’ve to make certain sacrifices if they wished to provide for all their children once college came around.

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It wasn’t going to be easy, especially because Adam was the only one who earned money. For Danielle to continue contributing to the family’s finances, the couple considered hiring a babysitter, but it wasn’t cheap, given their six children. So, Danielle decided to handle daycare herself.

Adam Wasn’t Onboard With Danielle’s Desire to Go Back to Work

Staying at home with the kids isn’t for everyone. Danielle loves spending time with her girls, but she wants a job. That’s why she proposed going back to work during a show episode. Danielle and Adam are co-owners of a cycling studio, which she believes could help her…

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…”become me again” if she worked there. But Adam seems to disagree. His main concern is that if his wife returns to work, they’ll need someone to look after the kids. They’re too little to be left alone for long, so they’d have to rely on childcare.

The Couple Have Better Finances Now Through Budgeting and Trust

While the couple’s financial status was not ideal at the beginning of ‘Outdaughtered,’ things have improved with time. Adam has cut back on his extravagant expenditures, and the pair has learned to budget. Money is still a concern for them at times, but Danielle told People magazine that they:

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Do “what we can to make ends meet.” It also helps that the two are reportedly paid $1 million per season they film, with the show’s eighth season set to premiere in 2021. It’s not just budgeting; Danielle says their faith in God for provision has helped them.

Some Viewers Don’t Believe That The Busbys Are Completely Honest

Reality television isn’t always what it seems. Although it is referred to as reality television, there is generally more to it than meets the eye. Some ‘Outdaughtered’ fans are convinced that this is the case with the show, arguing that everything appears to be far too perfect to be true.

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With Danielle being the primary caregiver, viewers are confused about how she constantly appears so put-together and the house so spotless. They believe there’s a hidden nanny. And many fans are unhappy. They feel the Busbys and the show is lying and has threatened to boycott the show.

Adam Is Convinced He’s a Bit Better Than His Wife in Certain Areas

The Busby family is remarkable because their children, including their first, are female. That means Adam is the only male in a family of eight, which can be difficult for some fathers to handle. Fortunately, he can take it all in stride, even beating his wife in certain areas.

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He told People magazine that “fixing hair” is often a duty that mothers handle. But Adam believes he is “better with a round brush” than his wife. Given how many children they must look after, him being able to handle this is certainly a relief for Danielle.

The Experience That Prepared Danielle for Motherhood

Being a parent to six children is challenging, especially when five are the same age. But the couple does not seem to be as exhausted as one might expect from their parental responsibilities. Danielle’s situation helps that she’s been in control of a large group before.

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The mother formerly worked as a coordinator, so she is well-versed in “planning, scheduling, and organizing.” She told Channel Guide Magazine that she was “made” to be a mother to so many children. Of course, this does not mean that the job doesn’t drain her energy at times.

Her Grandma Influenced Her Approach to Rasing Children

Danielle’s grandparents had a role in how she has been a great mother to all her daughters. She told StyleBlueprint that her grandma “was a very good role model.” Danielle observed how the mother interacted with her children and grandchildren, which she was able to learn from.

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And then later apply it to her own life. Her grandma can’t help her because she passed away. However, while still alive, she passed on so much to her granddaughter that Danielle believes she picked up all she needed to follow in her footsteps.

Outdaughtered Has Made Danielle More Fond Memories

Most parents prefer to document their children’s childhoods so that they can reflect on fond memories when they’re older. There are numerous ways to do this, ranging from pictures to home videos. Adam and Danielle are fortunate in that they have their television show.

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So they can watch it repeatedly. Danielle is quite grateful for this, considering she doesn’t remember events from previous seasons. Her brain didn’t keep many of those memories because she was sleep-deprived at the time. As a result, rewatching them on ‘Outdaughtered’ allows her to relive the experience.

It’s Loud in the Busby Family

The Busby home is probably chaotic when filming for ‘Outdaughtered.’ It’s Adam, Danielle, a half-dozen children, and a camera crew jammed into a small space. Even when it’s just the family at home, things sometimes get a little out of hand. The couple no longer deals with crying babies.

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But their children are eager to find their voice. It’s difficult for twins to tell apart from their siblings, let alone quintuplets. It’s no surprise that the kids all want to be their person and may occasionally try to assert their mark by being the loudest.

The Kids Have a Choice to Not be on Camera

Some people may love a camera following them around. But not everyone. Most people do not want every detail of their lives recorded. This is especially true for the kids in ‘Outdaughtered,’ who never agreed to be on the show in the first place. Blayke is the oldest of the girls.

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And she had had moments when she didn’t want to be on camera. Her parents do not force her to participate in any scenes she doesn’t want to. And it’s the same rule for all their children to ensure that they feel safe and secure in their own house.

The Same Routine Every Day Feels Boring

Having a decent routine in place is good for staying on top of raising six children. You’ll rapidly fall into a routine that ensures you don’t forget anything important. That is, unsurprisingly, what the Busbys have done with the quintuplets. It’s been a big help to the couple – especially Danielle.

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But it’s not without its drawbacks. The main difficulty is that after a while, the pattern begins to look like the fantasy comedy film ‘Groundhog Day.’ She admitted as much to StyleBlueprint, noting that repeating the same thing every day may get a little boring.

The Other Kids Have Developed Quicker Than Hazel

Given the physicians’ fears about Danielle giving birth to quintuplets, the parents presumably expected one or more children to have problems growing up. As it turns out, one hasn’t developed at the same rate as the others. Hazel has been a slow learner in comparison to her siblings.

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This prompted the Busbys to seek the help of an occupational therapist. The therapist worked with Hazel on hip stability and core muscles, doing whatever they could to assist her in walking. Although she needed more help, the therapist was optimistic that Hazel would soon catch up to her sisters.

Hazel Has Eye Surgery to Fight Nystagmus

Hazel’s developmental problems are caused by a disorder called nystagmus. She’s had it from birth, and it could be the result of Danielle and Adam having five children simultaneously. The inability to control one’s eye movements is one of the negative effects of nystagmus.

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As a result, doctors advised Hazel to have surgery. Her parents were concerned that doing this would end in their daughter being blind. They had to consider whether the doctor’s recommendation was the best option for their family once again. This time, though, they chose to accept the suggestion.

The Busby Girls Have a Great Relationship With Their Cousins

When Adam and Danielle conceived their quintuplets, it was to provide Blayke with a friend and companion. Fortunately, they got more than they bargained for here, with over a half-dozen siblings to keep their daughter company. This has ensured that their children are always entertained.

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That’s because they always have someone to play games with. But this will still be the case if they didn’t know quintuplets because their relationship with their extended relatives is great. The girls appear to have many cousins with whom they all appear to get along.

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed Danielle’s Mom’s Home in 2017

There have been some terrible natural disasters in the past, like Hurricane Harvey in recent years. It wreaked havoc on many people’s lives, especially Texas and Louisiana. Unfortunately, Mimi, Danielle’s mother, was one of those affected by the incident. When the hurricane struck, her home was flooded.

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And she had to flee when the property was submerged in water. Thankfully, she escaped unscathed. But the same cannot be said about her home and belongings. Mimi had lost so much in such a short period that it significantly impacted her and the Busbys.

The First Big Hurricane Since Adam and Danielle Became Parents

Thankfully, the Busby family’s home and belongings did not suffer the same fate as Mimi’s. Since they both grew up in Louisiana, Adam and Danielle are familiar with the devastation that hurricanes can cause. So, they should have been prepared for what Hurricane Harvey would bring in some ways.

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This natural disaster, however, was unlike all the others. It was the first major hurricane they’d experienced since becoming parents. With so many lives to watch, the parents were understandably worried about what could go wrong. However, neither they nor any of their children were harmed.

Mimi Overstayed Her Welcome, and the Busby’s Wanted Her Out

Having her mother nearby has been beneficial to Danielle. After the hurricane, Mimi moved into the family’s house, making it easier for Danielle to rely on her for assistance. Although Mimi provided much-needed assistance, the Busbys did not want her to stay for long.

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She had overstayed her welcome as Adam asked if she wanted to leave. Mimi was already considering it, but she was still caught off guard when the couple announced they’d found some good places for her. It didn’t go over well with everyone watching at home, either.

There’s a Theory Amongst Fans That Adam Is a Member of the LGBTQ Community

The more popular you become, the quicker rumors spread. Regardless of whether a rumor is true or not, once you’re in the public spotlight, you’ll be its subject. Adam has been the subject of this for years. It started with claims that he was unfaithful.

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Now there are claims that he’s a member of the LGBTQ community. It’s something that’s been popping up a lot in the show’s chat rooms. Adam has never presented any concrete evidence that he is LGBTQ, and he claims that while he is with Danielle, his heart still “flutters.”

Danielle Has Made Her Workout Routine Suit Seamlessly With Her Busy Lifestyle

Pregnancy can change your body dramatically, so exercising is a way for women to regain control. It also helps you spend some time alone and do something unrelated to the family. However, it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if you have a large family.

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Danielle has found it difficult to exercise due to her family responsibilities. Fortunately, she’s been able to overcome this by tailoring her routine. Pushups and stair workouts are things she does because they’re quick to do, and she can fit them in no matter how hectic her schedule is.

Some Viewers Think Danielle Has Gone Under the Knife

Danielle is such a fitness fanatic that she didn’t spend any time slimming down after welcoming the quintuplets. She swiftly lost the weight she gained during pregnancy by combining healthy nutrition and exercise. It’s a fantastic promotion for her and Adam’s Rush Cycle company. However, not everyone is convinced.

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Many believe that Danielle naturally lost weight. Some have claimed that the mother has undergone cosmetic surgery in recent years. Danielle has vehemently refuted the allegations, but the rumors persist. The fact that she’s been so defensive about it has raised red flags for other viewers.

Adam and Danielle Have Put a Stop to Having Kids

Some parents have expectations when it comes to raising a family. If Adam and Danielle had any expectations, they were quickly dashed when they found out they were expecting quintuplets. Given their fertility struggles, the couple certainly never imagined they’d end up with six children.

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Unsurprisingly, the Busbys don’t plan to expand their family any further. Some have asked if they will try for another child to have a son. Adam has dismissed the idea, claiming that they’d most likely end up with another daughter if they tried for a son.

Fans Fear the Show Might be Canceled After Adam’s Comment

After Adam Busby hinted that the show might be canceled permanently, fans became worried. The creators of ‘Outdaughtered’ and the TLC network have yet to respond, although there have been rumblings about the show’s future. The final episode of season 8 aired in May 2021.

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And no fresh episodes have aired since. When a fan asked if a new season would be made, Adam Busby merely replied, we need to make a video about this soon just to give our fans our thought process.” Fans are hoping this isn’t true, but only time will tell.

The Social Media Comment From Adam That Made Fans Concerned

Since 2016, one to two seasons of ‘Outdaughtered’ have been released. Some fans are puzzled that the new episodes have yet to air, given the show’s regular timetable. As a result, worried fans have turned to Adam and Danielle’s social media accounts for answers.

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Unfortunately, when Adam replied to comments, his replies offered little comfort. He told one fan that the family needed to shoot a film detailing their “thought process” because expressing their sentiments through text was “too difficult.” He promised that the video would be released shortly and that it would be everything.

Is Adam Implying There Won’t be Any New Episodes of Outdaughtered?

Fans are usually happy when the Busbys reply. But Adam’s response didn’t excite them. Surely, if the show was returning, he would have mentioned that in his response? Instead, he talked about deciding the best interests of the children and the family.

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For some, the fact that the response required a video because it was too difficult to write down just proved that ‘Outdaughtered’ was finished. Fans are heartbroken at the prospect of ‘Outdaughtered’ ending after all these years. Thankfully, not everything was as it seemed. There was more to it.

Adam’s Other Comment That Denied There Would Never be Another Season

It’s easy to see how people mistook Adam’s comment as a sign that ‘Outdaughtered’ was done. However, he realized his remark provided the wrong impression to supporters. He left another message on Danielle’s social media profile the next day, implying that all was not lost.

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He explained that the family would be taking a year off from the show to focus on themselves. Adam further underlined that no final decision had been taken about the future. When the pair finally gets around to recording the video, hopefully, they’ll be able to provide some concrete answers.