Real-Life Partners of Your Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Cast

American medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy premiered on ABC on March 27, 2005. The series has become a part of a million families, shaping its hook in their hearts. Its concepts revolve around the personal life and career atmosphere of Meredith Grey and the medical staff.

The cast of Grey's Anatomy walks the red carpet.
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Loyal and dedicated fans who have invested time and interest in the series find it equally proper to know our favorite cast’s lifestyle and status, as it brings into a warmer closure of our most loving cast.

Ellen Pompeo’s Love at First Sight.

Ellen portrayed the fictional character Meredith Grey, who turned her pains and loss to drives to save people. Before getting her big break in Grey’s Anatomy, she appeared on an episode of FRIENDS as Miss Goldberg. Her character is one of the main ones that hasn’t been killed

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery arrive at an event.
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One grocery shopping in 2003 in Los Angeles, Pompeo had a cherry on her shopping list as she met the man who now is her husband. Chris Ivery, a music producer, and Pompeo started dating six months after their first encounter, married in 2007, and are blessed with three children.

Justin Chamber Ironical Love Life

Chambers, who portrayed the fictional character, Alex Karev, approached the series as an intern, a resident doctor, and rival medical personnel. He’s best known to be very rude and dismissive with everyone, including his patients. As fiction would rather have us deceived, reality didn’t.

Justin Chambers and wife Keisha are arriving at an event.
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Unlike Alex Karev, Chambers has had a solid and romantic relationship with his beautiful wife, Keisha Chambers, since they married in 1993. They met while Justin was a model for Calvin Klein Ad Company and Keisha, a model agency, in 1992. They’re happily married with five children.

Uncovered Love Life of Chandra Wilson

Introduced an intern as “The Nazi” because of her challenging personality trait. Miranda has a pretty perfect and solid up-and-down married relationship with Ben Warren in the series. Asides the Grey’s Anatomy, Chandra appears in two other spin-offs, with her on-screen husband in one of them, Station 19.

Chandra Wilson and her family.
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Chandra is one of many few who choose to keep their personal lives off the ears of public bodies. Back on the series, she’s most notable for her dramatic personality and motherly figure, protective over her patients, colleagues, and interns. This reflects on her only personal life as a mother of three, the internet has.