Chilling Scenes in Disney Animations That’ll Creep You Out

Did you think Disney movies were all about good, harmless entertainment for the whole family? Well, it’s time to think again, people. There’s a far darker side to Disney than most thought, from weird subliminal hints and horror movie references to startlingly nasty innuendos.

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We’re not trying to ruin your childhood memories or anything like that. But we think there are things that you might have missed while watching a Disney film. And that you shouldn’t have. Here are some of the creepiest innuendos from your favorite Disney animations.

The Illuminati Is Everywhere

Even though we’re certainly more aware of this phenomenon today because of the internet, hiding unsettling things in the background of Disney animations is nothing new. So, now that we have our Easter eggs glasses on, it’s very intriguing to go back and look at some of the old classics.

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This is the most strange and disturbing detail we’ve ever seen in a DuckTales episode’s background. Even though DuckTales is not a horror series, the eye test chart in the background offers a very unsettling message.

Doesn’t Seem Appropriate for Kids

It’s time for another nasty Disney film poster! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to disagree with all the eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists who see hidden meanings in everything and anything. Don’t blame us. But we can’t help but wonder what if some of them are right.

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Okay, here’s what we mean. A genuine question: in what world does that resemble a lion’s regular nose? Given how brilliant an animator must be to get recruited by Disney, we doubt that this thong-wearing semi-naked lady was created by mistake. But oh well, what do we know?

Did You See the Body?

Tarzan is one of our favorite Disney animations of all time. And we’re sure we aren’t the only ones. But do you recall Tarzan’s and Clayton’s epic battle? Tarzan quickly has the upper hand, and Clayton’s fate is sealed when he frantically tries to cut himself free from the vines.

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This means he unknowingly causes his fall. The only clear indicator of his death is his scream but pay close attention to the split-second lighting strikes in the bottom picture. The creepy shadow of Clayton’s body, hanging from a vine noose, can be seen to the left.

Beauty and the Beast…or Murderer

As if we needed more reasons to find Beauty And The Beast’s Stockholm syndrome love plot disturbing. But this turns the film from uncomfortable to horrifying. When Belle walks into the forbidden West Wing, where she finds the enchanted rose, we see the untidy room strewn with shattered furniture.

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Remember how the Enchantress’ spell entailed turning every staff member into inanimate objects? We’re pretty sure we’re not reaching when we say this implies Beast became so upset that he slaughtered many of his servants…Thankfully, it was subtle enough for kids not to realize.

Why Not Slip a Naked Woman in the Window?

Firstly, this is supposed to be a children’s movie. So, it’s appalling that we’re even talking about this. You’re wrong if you think Disney isn’t likely to be implicated in a nudity scandal. In 1999, 3.4 million copies of The Rescuers DVDs had to be recalled.

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You might ask why. Someone felt it would be amusing to smuggle a picture of a naked woman into the scene. The image, however, could not be seen at a regular viewing speed. It makes you wonder what kind of twisted ‘humor’ would make anyone think this is funny.

The Debate About Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit isn’t your typical Disney film, but it needs to be on this list since it features the most scandalous “hidden” tidbit in the history of animated films. Jessica Rabbit is one of Disney’s most sensuous characters, and some fans thought she wore no underwear.

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To be honest, it’s difficult to tell because the sequence in the cab where her dress is hiked up lasts only 24 seconds. It’s difficult to see if she went commando even after pausing it. After management learned about it, Jessica was covered up for future video releases.

Mr. Adolf Scar Hitler

We recall finding this scene in The Lion King terrifying. There was something hugely disturbing about it, but we couldn’t figure out why… As adults, we can see why the WWII picture made us uneasy. The animators were inspired by something in the war…

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…how Hitler used to speak to his supporters and pump up the crowds at huge, militaristic rallies. This is depicted when Scar gives a speech to his hyena army. The hyenas moving in unison are reminiscent of how German soldiers also marched at these rallies.

The Genie’s Dirty Joke

Here’s another entry from Aladdin. Robin Williams playing the Genie was a perfect match. Williams transformed the Genie into the most endearing and funniest sidekick ever. RIP, Robin. He keeps us laughing throughout the film, and he’s not afraid to be a little naughty in the process.

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However, in the direct-to-video sequel to Aladdin, he makes the most blatant provocative remark. It’s in the moment where the villain Sa’Luk produces an elephant stampede, and Genie says this filthy line, again proving that Disney animators’ minds are in the gutter.

The True Color of Evil

While other animations and society attribute black and red to danger or evil, Disney preaches something different. If there’s one thing Disney has taught us, lime green is the actual color of evil. We have no idea why this subliminal message became etched into our brains.

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But just look at the four images below and try to convince us otherwise. Every Disney villain will appear in a lime green cloud or aura at some time, and this is a clear sign that they’ve reached the pinnacle of their deviousness.

Scar Became a Throw Rug

Zazu and Scar are two of the Lion King’s best comedy relief characters, and they aren’t afraid to show how much they hate each other. One of the many brilliant Scar insults in the film is Zazu’s suggestion that Scar is made into a throw rug.

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But who would have thought his proposal would come true? It came three years after The Lion King when Hercules was released. We see a lion rug like Scar in the animated movie. It’s a little spooky, but we’re sure everyone agrees he deserved it.

A Picture of Dad on the Wall

Disney animators are not only skilled at their jobs, but they also have a naughty, if not twisted, sense of humor. And it seems like it’s not something new. This disturbing yet humorous detail can be spotted in the background of several scenes in the 1933 animation, Three Little Pigs.

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In this and subsequent films about the tiny pigs, their destitute father is always depicted as pork or sausages in framed photos. In other words, their dad is dead and has been made into meat. We’ve mixed feelings; do we laugh or say sorry to these poor guys?

The Skull in Gaston’s Eyes

Skulls are universal connotations of death or disaster, and Disney cleverly incorporated them in this dramatic scene. Not only is the terrifying Gaston of Beauty And The Beast plummeting to his death proof that his life is about to end (though it’s sort of enough).

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But there is also one extra addition used to confirm. The animators added small skulls mirrored in the pupils of his wide, frightened eyes to hammer the message home properly. So, if there was ever any doubt regarding Gaston’s death, this should put them to bed.

A Nod to Finding Nemo

Both Brother Bear and Finding Nemo were released in 2003, with the latter smashing it at the box office and winning an Oscar. Brother Bear did, however, refer to Finding Nemo, which you’ll have to look for closely. We noticed a little clownfish that looked like Nemo.

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This happened during the song “Great Spirits.” It’s the only appearance of a Pixar character outside of a Pixar Animated Studios film. We don’t know; you’ll have to draw up your meaning if there’s any. Were they just paying respect, or there’s something more? It’s your call.

Someone Lurking in the Shadows

The Nightmare Before Christmas, a cult masterpiece by Tim Burton, is a big part of popular culture. Even those who haven’t watched the film will likely recognize Jack Skellington, popularly known as the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. But there’s a place you may not have recognized him.

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Those paying attention during this scene in The Princess And The Frog were likely pleased with this brief horror appearance. One of the ghostly shadows during the scene where the witch doctor Dr. Facilier is communicating with his friends from the other side looks just like Jack Skellington.

A Dirty Joke in Frozen

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit maybe this isn’t as creepy as it’s dirty. But we could still argue that it’s still odd to put a dirty joke in a children’s animation. Right? Look at this moment in the all-time favorite Frozen.

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Many parents yelp in astonishment (and hope their little ones completely missed the innuendo). Anna and Kristof are here debating how well Anna knows Hans (spoiler alert: she doesn’t), and when Kristof asks questions about his foot size, this is what happens. You get the point.

Cinderella Might be Worse Than You Thought

Cinderella may have a happy ending, but the film’s beginning (and core storyline) is so problematic that we doubt it would be filmed today. Cinderella is practically treated as an enslaved person by her stepmother, her own family, and her stepsisters, who regularly torment and bully her.

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Now, that plot would still seem okay in certain movies today. So, yeah, that might still get made. But it gets darker than that. This scene, in which we catch a peek of Cinderella’s cruel stepmother in her gigantic bed, perfectly captures the terrifying reality of Cinderella’s situation.

The Parents Always Die

Parental characters, particularly moms, are often killed off in Disney films. We mean no disrespect, but it’s no coincidence that Walt’s mother died as soon as Bambi was released. She died because of a furnace leak in the house Walt bought for his parents.

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He blamed himself for the unfortunate occurrence because he had bought them the property after becoming incredibly rich. We can only guess the impact this tragedy in his life must have had on him and his films too. Are we beginning to sound like conspiracy theorists? Wait a minute…

We Can See the Letters

We’re not sure if it’s Disney fans or animators, but some people are too obsessed with finding (or hiding) dirty words in the most unexpected areas in Disney films. Now it’s Tangled’s turn, and we deeply apologize if we’re about to destroy this adorable movie poster for you.

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It could be a coincidence, but considering how often we’ve caught Disney adding strange innuendos in the most unlikely places, it’s equally possible that it’s not. Still, there’s no doubting that the letters S, E, X can be seen in Rapunzel’s long hair… We know you can’t unsee it again.

The Toilet Seat Looks Familiar

This has to be the wackiest but bear with us. It’s a fan theory about the Disney character Sully from Monsters, Inc. The monsters in the film are equally as scared of people as humans are of monsters. This Tumblr user called rantingrandall pointed something out in Partysaurus Rex.

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According to the user, Bonnie’s toilet seat cover used in the Toy Story animated shorts seems quite familiar—the fur looks just like Sully! What are your thoughts on this startling discovery? Do you believe the monsters were skinned and transformed into toilet seats by humans?

What Happened to Anna and Elsa’s Parents

This sounds like something a 12-year-old would just sit and cook up. It is a rather grim and far-fetched Frozen/Tarzan idea, but it’s one that Frozen director Chris Buck has approved! The theory goes like this: Anna and Elsa’s parents did not die on the sinking ship.

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But instead washed up on the shore of a remote forest and began a new life there. They had a newborn boy but were attacked by a leopard soon after and killed. So, in conclusion, Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s younger brother. Strangely, this makes sense!

Toy Story 3’s Nod to Horror Movies

We doubt anyone who has never heard of Toy Story would guess it is a children’s film based on these pictures. One of the Toy Story directors, Lee Unkrich, is believed to be the driving force behind the horror movie themes that appeared on and off throughout the franchise.

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Here are a couple of such examples: the creepy Big Baby in the scene where he’s sitting and swinging while his head rotates 180 degrees is a nod to The Exorcist. There’s also another nod to The Shining with the number 237 on the garbage truck and CCTV camera.

A Nod to the SFX Team

Disney has been chastised for hiding foul language in films marketed as family-friendly or suitable for kids. However, their guilt, in this case, is debatable. In this scene from The Lion King, many moviegoers say they spotted the letters s,e,x in the movie.

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According to them, it was spelled out in the dust cloud. On the other hand, Disney flatly disputed the claim, explaining that the letters are s,f,x, a credit to their great special effects team. We’ll allow you to draw your conclusions, but we think we believe them.

The Singing Busts in Hercules

This one has nothing to do with creepy innuendos. The singing busts in Disney World’s Haunted Mansion are a popular attraction. People were delighted by this scene in Hercules. The muses referenced the renowned Disney World attraction during the song “I Won’t Say I’m In Love.”

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They appeared as singing busts. Their heads are positioned just like the original busts, as you can see. This is simply another illustration of the amount of thought and imagination into every Disney film to ensure that they’re all tied to the Disney universe.

Did Hook Kill Ariel’s Mom?

There are a few mermaids in Peter Pan. One of them is a redhead who looks strangely like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Some Disney fans assumed she was Ariel’s mother. At first, this fan theory may seem far-fetched, but just hear us out. Pirates killed Ariel’s mother.

Source: Tumblr

Who is the main antagonist in Peter Pan? Yep, Hook. Peter Pan was released over three decades before The Little Mermaid, so this wasn’t planned. However, it’s possible that the animators of The Little Mermaid were aware of Peter Pan’s red-haired mermaid and thought it would be a brilliant connection.

Aladdin Has Been Around

Yep, that’s right; those gorgeous ladies aren’t just Aladdin’s friends; they work in a brothel. But you’ve got to ask why Aladdin is there and why is he kicked out? We don’t need to explain why someone would go to a brothel, but why was he kicked out?

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One would assume it was because he couldn’t afford the services of these stunning harem girls… Fortunately, as children, we were completely unaware because the fact that Aladdin regards women as goods to be bought doesn’t seem to match with the otherwise great plot that gave us good memories.

That’s Where They Got Mr. Tony From

It’s no secret that the Toy Story creators are all avid followers of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick, as evidenced by the numerous references to The Shining strewn throughout the animation franchise. This one is pretty difficult to piece together, so you might not have noticed.

Source: Reddit

In Toy Story 3, we see Mr.Tony, the janitor, when Woody tries to get out of Sunnyside Daycare. His name might sound random, but it’s a nod to Stephen King’s The Shining. Danny Torrance, Jack Torrance’s kid, talks creepily to his finger, which he refers to as Tony.

Shere Khan’s Attempt to Eat Bambi’s Mom

Bambi’s mother’s death is a popular episode in the animated classics and is widely referred to as one of Disney’s darkest moments. Bambi and his mother are being pursued by an unknown force trying to kill them. We bet you cried when a hunter shoots Bambi’s mother.

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That’s because it left them vulnerable to Bambi alone in the world. And it was sad. But we’re willing to bet you didn’t realize she appeared in The Jungle Book. Shere Khan attempted to stalk a deer that looked exactly like her in the meadows, but he was unsuccessful.

The Suspect List Keeps Growing

This is yet another fan theory about who killed Bambi’s mother (people just can’t seem to let this one go, and we don’t blame them). Since we know, she was killed by a hunter, it’s only natural to investigate hunter characters all through the Disney universe.

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After all, lists like this demonstrate the connection of all Disney characters. And who is the most well-known hunter who is also a bad person? Gaston! Just look at his collection of hunting trophies on his wall… We won’t be surprised if Bambi’s mother is on that wall.

The Shining Reference in Toy Story

Earlier, we mentioned that the creators of Toy Story were big fans of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick. If you were in doubt, here’s another piece of evidence. If you ever felt that the carpet in Sid’s house in Toy Story looked strangely familiar, you weren’t wrong.

Source: Imgur

It’s an identical carpet reproduction from The Shining’s cursed hotel, and it’s another nod to the horror film. Few films have as little in common as The Shining and the Toy Story franchise, but the two are permanently linked thanks to several obvious and subtle hints and references.

Subtle references to The Shining

We’re beginning to wonder if the Toy Story’s creators are obsessed with The Shining. The references are becoming too much for an animation that’s not even horror. Here are some more subtle The Shining connections that you might have missed. Notice what’s going on around the cymbal-banging chimp Jolly Chimp.

Source: Reddit

He’s keeping an eye on all the surveillance cameras at Sunnyside Daycare in Toy Story 3. The microphone to his left is the same one Wendy is instructed to use during an emergency. The tissue box is decorated in the same pattern as the carpet at the Overlook Hotel.

What Did Alice Become?

We’ve already noted that Who Framed Roger Rabbit contains some surprisingly adult themes and moments for a Disney film, and here’s another. There is some pretty suggestive graffiti behind Valiant in this picture, which is a play on the title of Lewis Carroll’s book Alice In Wonderland.

Source: Tumblr

A certain “Allyson Wonderland” promises “a nice time” to anyone who calls her. Is it just us, or does the thought of our darling Alice growing up to become a Toontown call gal seem a little disturbing…? Hopefully not. But quite frankly, you wonder if this was necessary.

Freeze! Do Not Move!

Besides Gaston, we’re not sure there’s been a more irritating suitor/antagonist. Fortunately, Anna finally realized he wasn’t the dreamy man she’d been duped into believing, and he was banished to his homeland shamefully. But, a year after Frozen, we got a brief sight of him in Big Hero 6.

Source: Disney

This was released the same year as Frozen. Hans has supposedly escaped and is currently on the loose in the Disney universe. Look, you can’t blame us. We don’t make the rules. Disney already gave the impression that all their characters are connected somehow. So, who knows?

An Interesting Name for a Toy Like That

Sid, the mischievous oy from Toy Story, has a twisted collection of toys made up of various pieces from toys he’s “dissected.” This invention, created from a set of Barbie doll legs and a fishing rod/hook in place of a torso, is one of them.

Source: Reddit

Along with the spider-baby and the walking car, this might look like just another odd, twisted toy freak. However, when you think about it, it’s a great pun for a hooker hiding in plain sight…You put two and two together, and you know what this toy means.

Hiding Mickey Mouse in Every Disney Film

Did you think the Disney universe was limited to Disney/Pixar films and theme parks? Think again! Disney has had a major influence on pop culture for almost a century and now influences almost every movie genre. And it appears they’ve influenced sci-fi too.

Source: Disney

There’s a well-known running joke about hiding Mickey Mouse in every Disney film. But this isn’t Disney. And that is Mickey Mouse in the middle of a dramatic moment in The Empire Strikes Back. The cameo comes just before Vader sends Luke flying out of the window at Cloud City.

A Superstar in the Sky

If you know a little bit of film history, you’ll be familiar with this masterpiece from Disney’s animators. Marilyn Monroe, one of the most iconic actresses, steps onto a subway grate and pushes down her skirt as the wind raises it in an iconic moment in film history.

Source: Tumblr

It’s a well-known image, and it was blended into the night sky in this scene in Hercules. This scene can be seen during Zero To Hero (arguably the most captivating song of the movie). One of the constellations resembles Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress moment.

She Loves the Hair

Rapunzel from Tangled is a sweet girl, but is it just us, or is she also a little…dumb? We’re pretty sure you noticed it too. Because really, how does Mother Goethel have to be for Rapunzel to see her evil nature? She wasn’t clear enough.

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This is only one of the many obvious ways Mother Goethel has shown she has a hidden purpose. And the dumb girl still didn’t realize. She always strokes Rapunzel’s hair when she says she “loves her the most.” In other words, it’s the hair she loves and not her “daughter.”

The Criminals They Made Us Love

We love it when Disney casts morally dubious characters as heroes, and we’re here for it! Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like Nick from Zootopia? This fox earns a living as a low-life criminal and is sly, smart, and occasionally annoying yet entertaining – until he meets Lt. Judy Hopps.

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And then he joins the good side. When he applies to the Zootopia Police Department at the end of the film, though, we find that he hasn’t entirely shaken his deceitful past. For his sake, we hope the department lets bygones be bygones and concentrate more on his investigative abilities.