Actors Who Appeared in Both Seinfeld and Friends

There are tons of sitcoms on television. However, two of the most popular and loved shows were Seinfeld and Friends. These were considered the best in television history. While they were on in a similar era, not that many actors appeared on both shows.

Cast members from both Friends and Seinfeld.
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However, did you ever notice any notable actresses and actors who guest-starred on both shows? Before we take a look at those famous names, let’s look back at what these sitcoms were all about, as they are simply two of the best comedies ever made.

Comparing Seinfeld and Friends

Seinfeld is an American sitcom created by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld. It stars Seinfeld, who acts as a fictional version of himself. The story focuses on his personal life with his friends. And it’s primarily set in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in NYC. It’s basically about the minutiae of daily life and is described as “a show about nothing.”

The cast of Seinfeld / The form of Friends
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Friends is another American sitcom produced by David Crane & Marta Kauffman. It’s a show revolving around six friends in their twenties and thirties. Like Seinfeld, the show’s setting is also based in Manhattan, NYC. Friends received acclaim throughout its entire run, thus, becoming one of the best and most popular shows of all time.

Courtney Cox

In 1994, Cox started her role as Monica Geller on Friends. In the same year, she also appeared as one of Jerry’s girlfriends on Seinfeld. While her time on Seinfeld only lasted one episode, she’d go on to star in 235 episodes as the legendary character of Monica Geller.

Courtney Cox guest stars in an episode of Seinfeld.
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As Meryl in Seinfeld, she was mistaken for Jerry’s wife, something he didn’t mind since he could get dry cleaning discounts. Eventually, the charade went out of hand when Jerry got tired of Meryl’s reliance on these discounts. Instead, he finally shared his newfound savings with another woman.

Jennifer Coolidge and Jason Alexander

In Seinfeld, Coolidge was Jerry’s masseuse girlfriend. She didn’t want to mix business with pleasure despite him wanting a massage. Then, his best friend, George, was obsessed with the fact that she didn’t like him as a friend. In Friends, Coolidge co-starred as an old friend of Phoebe and Monica, Amanda Buffamonteezi. She amusingly annoyed the two with her lifestyle and poor British accent after living in the UK.

Seinfeld and Coolidge / Alexander and Kudrow
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Jason Alexander – His role in Seinfeld was Jerry’s balding and neurotic best friend, George. Aside from Seinfeld, he also appeared in Friends’ 7th season as Earl, a sad and aggrieved office worker. Earl’s outlook and attitude on life was darker than George’s. But despite that, he gave good laughs during the show.

Bob Balaban and Denise Richards

Bob Balaban was unforgettable as the Elaine-obsessed NBC president, Russell Dalrymple in Seinfeld. People also remembered his character for loving his pasta primavera. On Friends, he played Phoebe’s father, Frank Buffay Sr. He was introverted and appeared quite unkempt with his long hair. In the show, everyone learned that Frank would sing a lullaby for baby Phoebe to the tune of her famous “Smelly Cat.”

Bob Balaban in Friends / Denise Richards in Seinfeld
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Denise Richards – She’s a prominent name who appeared on both sitcoms. In Seinfeld, she played Molly Dalrymple, daughter of NBC President Russell. In Friends, she was Cassie, Monica, and Ross’ attractive cousin. She was known to have sent Chandler and others into a quiver with her stunning looks.