15 Years After 7th Heaven Ended, Where Are the Stars Now?

It doesn’t matter how old you were when “7th-Heaven” premiered, there was something special about the Camdens, and we loved them. The CW’s hour-long drama was the network’s staple. Reverend Eric Camden, his wife Annie, and their seven children were the show’s focus.

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Although “7th-Heaven” had a religious tone, it did not shy away from topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and racism. The show ended in 2007, and the cast members moved on. So, where have the Camdens gone to? And what are they doing these days?

Beverly Mitchell as Lucy Camden

Beverly Mitchell’s talents were discovered at the most unsuspecting. She was making a scene. Beverly was only four years old and was at the mom with her mom when she started throwing an epic temper tantrum. A talent scout saw her tantrums and concluded she had a flair for melodrama.

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And that was the beginning. Before landing her first film role, the rising actress made her television debut in “Big Brother Jake.” Soon after, she captivated us by portraying tiny Lucy Camden on “7th Heaven,” where we watched earnestly as she grew up and married a Kinkirk brother.

What’s Beverly Mitchell Doing These Days?

It’s been over a decade since 7th Heaven, and unsurprisingly, the cast has moved on to many other things. Beverly Mitchell is no different. But she hasn’t been on screen. She is now a mother of three, raising her children with her loving husband, Michael Cameron.

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She’s in seventh Heaven now that baby number three has arrived. In 2001, she starred in “Mean People Suck,” and in 2010, she joined the cast of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” With the popular song “Angel,” she made her country music breakthrough in 2006.

David Gallagher as Simon Camden

David Gallagher began acting at the age of two. He played Mikey on “Look Who’s Talking Now” with John Travolta before landing on “7th Heaven,” and he also appeared in “Phenomenon” and “Summer of Fear.” He’s also known for his role as Riku in the popular video game “Kingdom Hearts.”

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Simon is the charming younger Camden brother who asked God for a puppy. By the end of the first episode, his plea has been answered. Nonetheless, we know Simon develops into one of the darker characters, particularly after he struggles with accidentally killing a little boy in a car accident.

David Gallagher – Life and Career Now

What has the winner of the Teen Choice Award winner been up to? Gallagher earned a bachelor’s degree in film and television from USC in 2007. He played a serial killer in “Numb3res” after appearing in all 11 seasons of “7th Heaven.” Gallagher played the possible killer on “CSI: Miami.”

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He kept up with a popular murder suspect role in “Bones,” “Without a Trace,” and “The Deep End.” Between 1994 and 2002, he was nominated five times for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance. Gallagher became a spokesperson for Cure Autism after his younger brother was diagnosed with autism.

Geoff Stults as Ben Kinkirk

Geoff Stults was a child actor who moved to Australia to pursue a career in professional football. He was a wide receiver in the Austrian Football League with the Klosterneuburg Mercenaries (now known as the Danube Dragon). “7th Heaven,” WB’s longest-running show, was one of his most important roles.

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And he played Glen Oak firefighter Ben Kinkirk. On the WB show “7th Heaven,” Geoff grew up acting alongside his real-life brother George Stults, who played Ben Kinkirk’s brother Kevin. Geoff had appeared on “Spin City” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” before starring in The WB drama series.

What Geoff Stults Has Been up to

As some people may have expected, Geoff Stults may not have become a household name in the movie industry, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a decent career. He has starred in a handful of films and television shows. He’s recognized for “October Road” and “Happy Town” on television.

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He played Mitch in the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie.” “12 Strong” is his most recent film role (2018). He is most known for his roles in the films “Wedding Crashers” and “She’s Out of My League.” He most recently appeared in the DC Comics-inspired television series “Stargirl.”

Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie Camden

After individually greeting everyone in the room with a handshake during her audition, Mackenzie Rosman was cast to portray the role of Ruthie Camden on 7th Heaven. Ruthie is the youngest sibling until the Camden twins are born. She is that gorgeous sweetheart with a full crop of curls.

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Considering how long the show went on, we watched her grow just like everyone else! Mackenzie’s first commercial came when she was four years old. Since then, she has been in various television commercials, including a Tuff’s Diaper commercial and a Nike shoe campaign. She was a budding star.

The Latest on Mackenzie Rosman

Mackenzie is now a big girl. She gave us a glimpse of her sensual side in a 2013 photoshoot for “MAXIM.” She starred as Loreli in the film, The Tomb and then as Jill in the 2008 horror film Fading of the Cries. But her real passion is riding horses.

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Her horse is named Mentos. Mackenzie is an equestrian rider that participates in competitions like show jumping. Katelyn, her real-life sister, appeared in an episode of “7th Heaven” on cystic fibrosis. Sadly, she died of the disease in 2008. Mackenzie has been a staunch supporter of the cause since then.

Tyler Hoechlin as Martin Brewer

Martin Brewer is, without a doubt, the character with the saddest backstory. If this man’s story didn’t move you, you should get your heart checked to make sure you still have one! Tyler Hoechlin played Brewer. He made his debut in the seventh season.

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And he stayed on the show until the finale. The young man’s mother died while he was young, and his father was deployed to Iraq. As a result, the Camdens adopted Martin and raised him as their own until he could live independently.

Tyler Hoechlin These Days

Since the end of “7th Heaven,” Hoechlin’s career has been busy. He had minor appearances in several TV series after 7th Heaven stopped in 2007, including CSI: Miami, My Boys, and Castle. He’s landed roles in films such as “Everybody Wants Some!!”

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He also appeared in “Fifty Shades Freed,” and he’s well on his way to becoming a true Hollywood icon. He’s also had a successful career in television, starring in shows including MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” He earned the Teen Choice Award for Male Scene Stealer in 2014.

George Stults as Kevin Kinkirk

George was cast in the role of Ben’s older brother Kevin after initially auditioning for the role of a child who forces people to drink. George joined “7th Heaven” after his brother Geoff had already established himself as Mary Camden’s beau, Ben. He played Kevin Kinkirk, Ben’s older brother.

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Kevin is a cop who has feelings for Lucy Camden. George, an athlete, got a wrestling scholarship at USC before breaking into show business as a model. In Season 7, he appeared as a guest star on “Friends.” He also starred in the independent psycho-thriller “Necrosis.”

George Stults’ Life and Career After 7th Heaven Ended

He went on to play the love interest in other Christmas TV movies after “7th Heaven.” “Borderline Murder,” “What Lies Above,” and “Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion” are among his other works. The Stults brothers became fairly big names in Hollywood.

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This was all thanks to 7th Heaven, the d. In 2007, he starred in the film Night Skies. He co-starred with James Kyson Lee and Tiffany in the 2010 psychological thriller Necrosis. Stults began acting in television movies in the mid-2010s, primarily as the male lead in romantic Christmas-themed films.

Jessica Biel as Mary Camden

Jessica Biel had been trained as a vocalist and worked as a model when she joined the cast of “7th Heaven” at the age of 14. However, as a rebellious real-life adolescent, she came close to losing her job. She shaved her head and colored her hair blonde.

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Producers, including Aaron Spelling, were shocked, and she was forced to apologize. She posed topless in “Gear” magazine to irritate them. Around that time, Mary Camden’s story took a gloomy turn when a plot twist led to her being involved in a serious car accident, permanently injuring her leg.

What’s Jessica Biel Doing Now?

Biel went on to produce and star in films like “Total Recall” and “The Book of Love.” As of 2012, Biel became Mrs. Jessica Timberlake. Yep, the same Timberlake. They are the parents of two children. Jessica’s talents were showcased in an eight-episode miniseries for USA Network called “The Sinner.”

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She was both the executive producer and the lead actress in the film. According to the actress, she decided to become a producer to bring the complicated projects she wanted to work on to life. Jessica has two children with Justin – Silas (2015) and Phineas (2020).

Stephen Collins as Rev. Eric Camden

Stephen Collins had a notable acting career before 7th Heaven, featuring in films like “All the President’s Men” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and television shows such as “The Waltons” and “Charlie’s Angels.” He was nominated for an Emmy for his performance alongside Ann-Margret in The Two Mrs’s miniseries.

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Grenvilles, and he played John F. Kennedy in the Emmy-winning miniseries A Woman Named Jackie. However, he is best known as the father of the Camden family, who is also a church minister. His children must live with the “PK” label. It’s not easy being a “Preacher’s Kid.”

Stephen Collins After 7th Heaven

After 7th Heaven, Collins starred in several movies and television shows from 2007 to 2014. Collins’ career ended abruptly in 2014 when he admitted to “People” magazine about a public scandal. Collins admitted to engaging in “inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors.”

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This allegedly happened in 1973, 1982, and 1994. Catherine Hicks, who plays his wife Annie, contemplated how producers may approach a reunion event or other production when there was no other way to pull audiences. “You know, I don’t know. We’d have to open with Stephen’s coffin,” she said.

Christopher Michael as Chief Michaels

Christopher Michael is well known for his role on 7th Heaven as Sergeant/Detective/Captain/Chief Michaels. During the show’s 243-episode run, he appeared in over 45 episodes. In the imaginary town of Glen Oak, Chief Michaels is the head of the local precinct and a detective.

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He’s a respected community member brought in to ensure justice and fairness. When middle “PK” Simon killed a kid on a bike by mistake, Chief Michaels assured the boy that a thorough investigation revealed no way he could have prevented the collision.

What Christopher Michael Is Doing Now

Christopher Michael began his acting career on daytime television shows in the ’80s. He frequently portrays a cop, military officer, or other law enforcement officer. He appeared on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Family Matters,” and “Baywatch.” He’s also been in over 100 films and appeared on “Melrose Place.”

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His most popular work is “7th Heaven.” After the show ended, he made a cameo as Officer Carl on iCarly (2007, 2009). Later, he played Jail Guard in The Young and the Restless (2009) and football coach/interim guidance counselor in The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2012).

Adam LaVorgna as Robbie Palmer

Adam LaVorgna first appeared on television when he was three years old in the daytime drama “As the World Turns.” In the miniseries “Sinatra,” he played a 10-year-old Frank Sinatra. However, Robbie Palmer is popularly known as Mary Camden’s lover. LaVorgna won the Youth in Film Award for Best Actor.

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It was for his performance in “Brooklyn Bridge” before joining the cast of “7th Heaven.” Lavorgna went to Avon Old Farms in Avon, Connecticut, where he excelled in sports. He also attended Boston College before dropping out after his first year to pursue acting, notably on the show 7th Heaven.

Adam LaVorgna – After 7th Heaven Ended

For two seasons, he played Mary’s troubled on-again, off-again boyfriend. When the producers grew tired of his character, he and the producers mutually terminated his contract because he missed the East coast and his family. He has appeared in “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “Milk Money.”

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He also featured in Monkey Trouble and Blast. He appeared on “CSI: Miami” and “Law & Order.” His other film credits include “Get Happy” and “The House is Burning.” He’s now working on two projects in post-production. In 2011, he graduated from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut, with a bachelor’s degree.

Chaz Lamar Shepherd as John Hamilton

Chaz Lamar Shepherd made his professional debut in the Walnut Street Theatre’s production of Fame. He played Al Bryant in the NBC miniseries The Temptations before joining 7th Heaven. He also starred in the Boys and Me as Artis Tower, the son of Steve Tower (Steve Harvey).

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In the first season, Chaz Lamar Shepherd first appeared on “7th Heaven” as John Hamilton, but he became a major character in Season 4. Before playing John in the Camden family soap opera drama, he had been in various television productions, including “The Nutty Professor.”

Chaz Lamar Shepherd – Now

Chaz Lamar Shepherd is a singer/songwriter who comes from Philadelphia. His debut album, “Love & Truth,” was released in 2010. He’s been in “Touched by an Angel,” “The Division,” and, most importantly, “The Game” since 7th Heaven. Since 2016, he has also played Keith in “Hater’s Back Off!”

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Shepherd played Stevie in the film Set It Off, and he played Billy Flynn in Chicago and Harpo in The Color Purple on Broadway. His other theatrical work includes playing Curtis Taylor, Jr. in the Dreamgirls national tour in 2009–10. It’s safe to say he’s been a little bit busy.

Catherine Hicks as Annie Camden

Annie Camden is the mother of the Camden family and the devoted wife of Rev. Eric Camden. She’s the first person the kids seek counsel from. In 1976, Catherine Hicks got her start with commercials. Before moving on to Broadway, she worked in soap operas.

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She won her first major TV role as newly recovered pediatrician Dr. Faith Coleridge on the ABC soap opera Ryan’s Hope. She played the junior high school principal in “The Bad News Bears.” She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in “Marylin: The Untold Story.”

How Has Catherine Hicks Been After 7th Heaven?

These days, after starring in the full trilogy of “Child’s Play” and the “Curse of Chucky,” she has some ideas regarding a potential “7th Heaven” remake. She told, “TMZ” that the show may be renamed “Eighth Heaven,” with “a new partner for Annie” (after her husband, Rev. Camden, dies).

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She played Dean Elisabeth Graves in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society in 2008. Catherine is a volunteer for Congressman Schiff’s campaign and part of the LA Homeless Action Committee and the League of Women Voters. She appeared in several PSAs for the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) in 2010.

Jeremy London as Chandler Hampton

Jeremy London got his foot in the showbiz industry with “I’ll Fly Away,” Jeremy London’s. However, during the show’s final episode, his brother Jason filled in for Jeremy. With parts in “The Babysitter” and “Mallrats,” he rose to prominence in 1990s niche comedy.

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Soon after, he landed the role of Griffin Holbrook on Fox’s “Party of Five,” which led to his portrayal as Chandler Hampton, the young preacher we know on “7th Heaven.” Jason, Jeremy’s identical twin brother, is also an actor. They will sometimes audition for roles together.

How Jeremy London Fared After 7th Heaven

Jeremy played the youthful preacher for two seasons, filling in for Rev. Camden when he was hospitalized and appearing in 37 episodes. The actor’s behavior in real life is more like the characters in “Mallrats” than a minister. He has been charged with domestic abuse by two different spouses.

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Later, he discussed his addiction and family ties on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” In 2010, Jeremy claimed he was kidnapped by some men in Palm Springs, California, and made to drive around for 12 hours buying beer and drugs. He’s continued acting and has film credits through 2016.

Scotty Leavenworth as Peter Petrowski

Scotty Leavenworth began acting when he was just a child four. Before becoming Peter Petrowski, Lucy Camden’s middle school boyfriend, he appeared in several notable films, including “Erin Brockovich,” He played the son of Julia Roberts’ character…

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…a woman is fighting and winning an enormous challenge against a dubious company responsible for sickening an entire community. The young actor appeared in Tom Hanks’ “The Green Mile,” “Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story,” as well as voice roles in “Babe: Pig in the City” and “Baby Genius.”

What Scotty Leavenworth Has Been up to

Scotty Leavenworth has grown up and is no longer playing second fiddle to A-list parental figures. Scotty’s most recent work, “Slow Moe,” was released in 2010. He acted as Marvin “Moe” Moebly in the film. He appeared on “Desperate Housewives,” “Bones,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and “Philly” before disappearing from the limelight.

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In “Erin Brockovich,” he also played Matthew. He played Lucy’s faithful beau for two seasons, either sitting out doing homework or taking a punch from the school bully to support Simon. We hope he’s doing well, although we haven’t seen much of him in movies or public appearances since 2010!

Maureen Flannigan as Shana Sullivan

For two seasons, Shana Sullivan played Matt Camden’s girlfriend. Up until the pair called it quits in Season 4, Maureen Flannigan played Shana as an experienced actress. Shana leaves for NYU, and Matt’s long-distance relationship leads him back to his old flame. Shana and Matt finally break up.

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Shana meets another guy named Brett, and Matt confesses his love for Heather. Before joining 7th Heaven, Maureen had guest roles in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Northern Exposure,” and “Out of this World.” She is well recognized for her role as Evie Ethel Garland in the latter.

Maureen Flannigan’s Life and Career Now

Maureen Flannigan is one of the stars in 7th Heaven who faded from the limelight after the show ended. She went on to star in “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Law & Order,” “Special Victims Unit,” “Close to Home,” and “Boston Public.” Flannigan has also appeared in a few films.

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But most of these came before and during her role in 7th Heaven. Some are Teenage Bonnie and Clyde, A Day Without a Mexican, and Homecoming. She co-produced and co-starred in the film Do Not Disturb in 2010. She hasn’t acted in a film or appeared on television since 2011.

Barry Watson as Matt Camden

Barry Watson began his career in show business as a model. Soon after, he began appearing on the daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.” Aaron Spelling gave him his first break when cast in the series “Malibu Shores,” primarily because Spelling had him in sight for “7th Heaven.”

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Watson’s depiction of Matt Camden on The WB’s 7th Heaven earned him widespread attention. Matt Camden, being the older brother, adored his younger Camden brothers. Despite this, he was a self-sufficient guy who was always ready to leave home and had a slew of girlfriend problems.

What Barry Watson Has Been Doing

Matt Camden had the opportunity to leave home when he enrolled in medical school. However, Barry Watson faced Hodgkin’s lymphoma rather than medical school in real life. It was a really difficult time in his career. So, he took a break from the show.

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It was to recover from his illness, and then he returned to complete his role. He was almost going to leave his role as Matt, but the producers allowed him to keep it. Watson is most recognized for his works on “Samantha Who?” “What About Brian,” and “The Loudest Voice.”

Haylie Duff as Sandy Jameson

Haylie Duff is Hilary’s older sister and an actress and singer in her own right. Duff’s early career began with guest appearances on TV shows like The Amanda Show and made-for-television films like True Women. She starred in “Lizzie McGuire,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” and the made-for-TV movie “Love Takes Wing.”

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She also appeared in “Loves Finds a Home” as a child actress. She is well known for playing Sandy Jameson in Seasons 10 and 11 of “7th Heaven.” Sandy is a family friend of the Camden family who becomes pregnant, has a child, and converts to Christianity.

Haylie Duff After 7th Heaven and Now

Duff and her sister have collaborated on several singles for various soundtracks, most of which can be found on the Disneymania discs. Besides her singing career, Haylie Duff’s Real Girl’s Kitchen blog won her a culinary show on the “Cooking Channel” and a book of the same title.

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Haylie has a children’s clothing brand called the Little Moon Society. Her most recent film was “Hacker,” She appeared on television in “Deadly Delusion.” After a year and a half of dating, Duff confirmed her engagement to Matt Rosenberg in April 2014. They have two daughters together.

Ashlee Simpson as Cecilia Smith

Being Simon’s girlfriend in seasons 7 and 8, Cecilia became a member of the Camden family. Everyone adores her, especially the twins, particularly as a babysitter. This only adds to the drama when the pair splits up. Beyond 7th Heaven, Ashlee Simpson is an actress, singer, and composer.

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She’s also Jessica Simpson’s younger sister. Following Jessica’s debut album Sweet Kisses’ commercial success in 1999, Ashlee joined her on tour as one of her backup dancers. She made a minor guest appearance on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle in the hopes of pursuing a career in acting.

What Ashlee Simson is up to Now

After participating in MTV’s “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica,” Ashlee Simpson landed her reality show, “The Ashlee Simpson Show.” Her debut single, “Pieces of Me,” became a smash hit during this time. Her album “Autobiography” followed suit, and it sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

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“I Am Me,” her second album, was certified platinum. She had a high-profile romance with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, which led to marriage and divorce. She had one more child with actor Evan Ross. “Forbes” named her one of the “Richest Young Celebrities” in 2005.

Sarah Thompson as Rosanna “Rose” Taylor

If there is someone the Camden family does not like, it’s got to be Rose. Some fans also didn’t like her character. Rose isn’t one of the Camden household’s favorite people. They think of her as Simon’s controlling girlfriend, and they don’t want their son to marry her.

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Annie finally adopts her as a daughter since she is a dynamic figure who changes her ways. In the end, the two do not marry because they call it quits on their wedding day. Sarah Thompson had roles in “Touched by an Angel” and “The Sopranos” before “7th Heaven.”

Sarah Thompson After 7th Heaven

Thompson’s most recent appearance was in 2016. She starred in the TV pilot “Cruel Intentions,” which was never broadcast. She previously appeared in “Cruel Intentions 2.” She returned to daytime television when she appeared in “All My Children,” and she also appeared in “Without a Trace” and “House.”

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She’s best recognized for her role as Eve in the TV show “Angel.” On July 28, 2007, she married Brad Kane, with whom she has two daughters. Thompson Kane’s filmography includes Malibu’s Most Wanted, Break, Broken Windows, Hansie, Taking Chance, The Pink Conspiracy, Brooklyn’s Finest, and Raajneeti, a Bollywood film.