Mother Assists Her Son in Covering up a Murder Case

Neil Archer was the favorite of four sons’ single mothers, Margaret Archer. He was a son she was willing to do anything for. One of the four, Aaron, claimed that his mother was a fund of Neil because he was street smart and crafty. The two had an undiluted mother-son relationship that he called first after his mistake.

A photo of Neil Archer and his mother, Margaret Archer.
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Neil’s son used a chord from a hoodie to strangle his engaged wife, Jody Meyer, who already had a son for him because he suspected that she was planning to leave him. The son quickly reached out to his mom, who purchased cement to cover up the scene until she came up with her next idea.

Text Message Gone Wrong

Once she was abducted, the two quickly headed for Ms. Meyers’ card to purchase a phone credit to communicate with her family as evidence to assure them that their daughter was alive via a text message. In court, Judge Muscat said that a letter was sent to her mother after buying a $10 phone credit.

The text Jody's mom received.
Source: 7 News

Immediately Jody’s mother, Lucy, received the text; she noticed all the unusual wrong spelling mistakes her daughter wouldn’t commit; they were too many that she wouldn’t have seen to fix. When she couldn’t resist the speculation, she headed straight to the police station to declare her daughter was missing.

Doing everything to clean their trail

The murderous mother and son became TV stars as they took to Jody’s hometown of Mannum, South Australia, to cry out on camera in search of “Jody.” They took to the media with tears and these particular words; “Just come home, Jody. Contact somebody. Let us know you’re OK.” In the primary time, Margaret was taking care of her grandson.

Margaret Archer whips away tears during an interview.
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Though Lucy and Jody’s sisters constantly pestered her to leave her husband, Lucy was sure Jody would never go her baby son to live with another friend. So, a month after she declared her daughter missing, the police found the body in the shed of the Archers’ house; it was all over now.

Days of Deceit Came to an End

Jody Meyers was declared missing from August 2015. Her body was found under a shed covered with concrete in the apartment of Margaret Archer. She immediately pled guilty to avoid attention and publicity following this grievous crime. She only tried to save her son.

Margaret Archer walks into court.
Source: ABC News

Without including her son, she was willing to go to jail. Further investigations were made, and she confessed everything she knew of the crime in an 11-hour confession. The court sentenced Margaret to a six-and-a-half sentence for assisting her son and sentenced Neil Archer to 22 years imprisonment