Why James Spader Is the Strangest Man on TV

James Todd Spader is an American actor/producer who has portrayed several eccentric characters in various films. He rose to fame when showing an arrogant and wealthy playboy named Steff. This was in the movie called Pretty in Pink (1986).

A portrait of James Spader in Pretty in Pink.
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When his fame was growing on the silver screen, James Spader decided to break from his career. His primary reason was to spend more time with his family. He’s an interesting character and one of the strangest men on TV. Here’s why he’s so interesting.

Return of James Spader to TV

When the new millennium arrived, Spader decided to make a comeback and shifted gears towards the television. This was done to resurrect his career as a talented actor, and he sure did a great job!

James Spader and Ed Helms in The Office.
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He appeared as a regular face in Boston Legal and The Office. He received lots of love from his fans and numerous Emmys for his outstanding performances during his comeback. Considering how in-demand he is, there is plenty of respect out there for him as a great actor.

Why is He the Strangest Man on TV?

In 2014, the popular magazine, Rolling Stone, described James Spader as “the strangest man on television.” After interviewing Spader, the author explained why he was considered a unique and unusual individual. Spader himself claimed that he was obsessive-compulsive and had significant issues with it.

James Spader attends an evening with
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He also states, “I rely on specific routines. It is very challenging for me. This makes you very addictive behavior since ritual and routine become entrenched.” Spader also states, “But in work, it manifests in obsessive and great attention to detail & fixation. But it serves my work very well. They don’t slip by, but I’m not that easygoing.”

Interesting Facts About James Spader

Spader’s height is around 5’10”. He has a smooth and rich voice and is nicknamed Jimmy. He often acts as a sneaky and sleazy villain for the roles he plays. But interestingly, he refuses to watch any of the films he appeared in.

James Spader stands over a stove cooking in a still from The Blacklist.
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James Spader is someone who loves cooking. And not only is he a talented actor but an excellent chef too! James Spader’s eyesight is very poor, and he can’t wear contact lenses either. When he doesn’t wear glasses, he says he can barely see the face of his co-actors in the scene.

A Curious Piece of History

He was the first to win three Leading Drama Actor Emmy Awards for playing the same character on two different series. Specifically, Boston Legal (2004) and The Practice (1997). However, he quickly pointed out that compared to the sneaky and sleazy characters he’s known for, he’s different from them. He is a friendly and lovely man in real life.

James Spader poses with his Emmy Award.
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Lastly, he has a photographic memory. Spader can look at a script and then remembers everything on the page. That also includes what each of the pages looks like. The only time he screws up a line is when remarkably similar words like is and are written closely together.