Leonardo DiCaprio Ages Faster Than His GFs

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is an A-list actor starring in movies like The Titanic and Don’t Look Up. Like many A-list celebrities like himself, Leonardo seems to control what details of his personal life get known by the paparazzi or the public space.

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Firstly, is Leonardo married? No! Whatever he has relationship-wise is of no reach to the public knowledge, but this we know, his dating history involves models, more models, actresses, and singers. And by observations, all were blonde and very young. He tries to keep it off the radar, though.

The Rule of the Game

Is Leonardo into 40 plus? No! History tells us that he’s always dating younger models. People gazed at a lower Manhattan Halloween Party when he didn’t approach any of the 40 plus models presumed to be his type. And in 2017, New York Daily gave details of his involvement in the me-too movement.

A chart detailing DiCaprio’s dating history.
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Another strict guideline rumored to the public space is how Leonardo makes his models and dates sign a non-disclosure form to breach their relationship agreement. Its grounds are so strong that they never talk about their life or breakup with Leo.

His First Love, What Happened

As of 1994, Leonardo, Vice, tells us that it was the last time he ever spoke of “being in love.” 1994, Leonardo and supermodel Bridget Hall, according to reports from The London Sun, two had been spotted a countless number of times “canoodling” in NYC.

A photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bridget Hall
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Bridget Hall claimed that their relationship was purely platonic. Though both parties were 20 years of age, rumor has it that they hooked up. This Bridget didn’t debunk. Instead, she came out to tell the public how lousy and disappointing he was, then dumped him.

Who is He currently with?

Leonardo DiCaprio has a place where he meets all his girlfriends, and that’s the Cannes Film festival. The 12-day festival, as legends say, is the best atmosphere to meet any model. In 2019, Leo went to the Cannes festival with someone who appears to be particularly interested in Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone watch a game.
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Her name is Camila Morrone, as expected, she’s in her 20s and 23 years younger than him, to be precise. Though Leo’s rules and tradition forbade him from identifying her as his latest, tabloids have their hands on deck, following them up. The two spend quality time together and the longest he’s ever maintained