How Gary Busey Came Back from Near Death

The Hollywood legend Gary Busey is a jack of all trades who seems to have it all. He’s recently enjoyed featuring on the “Pet Judge,” but his career has been wide and varied. His life has been a roller coaster with the brain damage he suffered. He is also a sobriety champion, a spiritualist, and a reality show winner.

Gary Busey enters the Celebrity Big Brother house.
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Donald Trump, the former US President, met Busey when he was contesting on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and he concluded that Busey was either a genius or a moron. We’ll let you be the judge as we look at his life and how he survived brain surgery.

A Career to Be Proud Of

If you are a Busey fan, you’ll have seen him in almost his featured films. This talented Hollywood actor has featured in over 150 movies. Many know him for playing Buddy in “The Buddy Holly Story, ” perhaps his most memorable role. Many TV appearances have, too, especially in the last few years.

Gary Busey poses for a portrait.
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He has also acted in “Big Wednesday,” “Lethal Weapon,” and “Point Break,” among many others. He’s received many awards and nominations over his career. That includes an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in “The Buddy Holly Story.”

Busey’s Serious Brain Accident

It has been many years since the brain accident happened, and Busey is still healthy and living well. In 1988, he had a motorcycle accident when he wasn’t wearing a helmet. It meant he suffered brain damage which still affects him today.

Gary Busey stands atop a motorcycle.
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Those head troubles were added to in 1997 when he needed to have a tumor removed from his sinus, which was spotted after he had nosebleeds. It was remarkable how he survived both incidents, but now, in his late 70s, Busey has been able to continue a rich and fulfilling life.

Gary Busey’s Life Today

Busey is at his Malibu home in California. He lives with his wife Steffanie, and the two had a child together back in 2010. Busey also has two children from previous relationships. His wife is a hypnotherapist, actress, and stand-up comedian who highly supports him.

Gary Busey during a Celebrity Pro-Am Poker Tournament.
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Despite recently having a show about pets, Busey’s, he only has one at home. He seems to be very close to his Greenie, the budgie who flies and lands on his head when Steffanie opens the cage. Although he deals with many pets in his show, he is unsure if Greenie will appear in one of the shows.

Still Active in the Industry

Many love Busey for his quirks, including his acronyms, with one of his favorite ones being FAITH. To Busey, FAITH is an acronym of Fantastic, Adventurous in Trusting Him, while HOPE stands for Heavenly Offerings Prevail Eternally.

Gary Busey attends a lunch event as he joins
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He’s still getting plenty of work, including voice work, reality shows, and documentaries. Retirement would be the easy option at his age, but he must still love what he does. He’s made the most of his life, especially after those head injuries, which almost ended it far too soon.