Celebrities That Look Incredible Without Makeup, Reveal Their Skincare Routines

Celebrities are generally known to dazzle and have exotic face beats. But some of Hollywood’s major stars have recently begun revealing their bare faces on the red carpet and social media. These women have chosen to forego cosmetics to let their natural beauty shine through.

Heidi Klum / Kourtney Kardashian / Lady Gaga / Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps / Tyra Banks / Chrissy Teigan / Cara Delevingne
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The ‘no makeup’ movement enables people, famous and not, to feel more at ease and confident in their skin. Check out how some of your favorite celebs appear without makeup and what they have to say about the trend. Prepare to have your minds blown away!

Alicia Has the Keys!

Alicia Keys, the unofficial ambassador for the no-makeup movement, has been wearing no makeup since 2016, and she has never been happier. In an open letter to her fans, the singer stated that accepting her natural beauty began with a single photo. Keys and the photographer agreed on something life-changing.

Alicia Keys attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards.
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Her album “Here” photography should be done without makeup, leaving the singer looking and feeling as natural as the music. She described the experience as “the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful” she had ever felt in her life. And that marked the turning point.

Jennifer Lopez’s Good Genes

Sit in a beauty salon the entire day, and you’re likely to find someone saying they want glowing skin like J-Lo’s. Well, who wouldn’t? Jennifer Lopez has clear skin, as shown by this makeup-free picture. It turns out that her beautiful skin is something people notice the most about her.

A selfie of Jennifer Lopez.
Source: Instagram/@jlo

Lopez told the Today Show that her skincare routine is the most often asked question. Unfortunately, her response will not help the rest of us because it is all about something we cannot buy — good genes. She said, “My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin.” We’re a bit envious.

Bella Hadid – Sick, but the Skin Still Cares

Everyone gets sick at some point, and supermodels are no exception with their hectic schedules. Bella Hadid posted this photo on Instagram while on a sick day and yet managed to look stunning. So, how does Hadid maintain her skin to look flawless even when she’s sick?

Bella Hadid takes a selfie in bed.
Source: Instagram/@bellahadid

She washes her face before every flight (it must be a private plane). After that, she applies serums and night creams. She goes through the entire procedure again before landing. The serums she promotes are nearly as expensive as a plane ticket, so we’re relieved that they seem to be effective.

The Ageless Salma Hayek

Good light is undoubtedly important for great selfies. Salma Hayek captioned this photo on Instagram, “Wet hair, no makeup, no filter, no retouch, but very good light.” The lighting is excellent in this photo, but Hayek’s innate beauty and beautiful skin stand out. Hayek’s skin looks ageless!

A selfie of Salma in the pool.
Source: Instagram/@salmahayek

And she has revealed an interesting beauty secret. She claims that, contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t wash her face in the morning. Her grandma taught her that it is unnecessary because the skin heals itself overnight. She’s good to go with a spritz of rosewater and a dab of moisturizer!

Gwyneth Paltrow Looks Good Without Makeup Too

For years, this stunning actress has been spotted on the red carpet with exquisite makeup, where professional makeup experts meticulously make her up. At 44, she decided to make a shift and give her followers a peek behind the mask. She captioned this photo “#nomakeup.”

A selfie of Gwyneth sitting in a lawn chair.
Source: Instagram/@gwynethpaltro

She then went on to promote her lifestyle company, Goop. If you can’t believe how fantastic her hair and makeup look for her age, she’s not hiding her secrets. On the Goop website, you can acquire her products and read all her hair and skincare secrets.

Jennifer Garner Prefers Minimal Makeup

People often think that daily makeup appointments with makeup artists and hairstylists are part of a celebrity’s routine. That is not the case for actress Jennifer Garner. Check out her Instagram, and you’ll see she prefers to wear minimal makeup even when she has a photo shoot or another special occasion.

A selfie of Jennifer Garner on the beach.
Source: Instagram/@jennifer.garner

These usually necessitate using makeup, but she is meticulous about removing it before going to bed. This technique appears to be a celebrity favorite; according to them, no matter how exhausted you are, be sure to remove all traces of concealer before calling it a day.

Flawless Skin Like Cindy Crawford

Although the supermodel is in her 50s, she has recently been sharing more makeup-free photos, and we can see why. Cindy Crawford looks gorgeous in this selfie, despite having had a wild night out. “I exercise, eat healthily, and take really good care of my skin,” she told New Beauty.

Cindy Crawford takes a selfie in bed.
Source: Instagram/@cindycrawford

Crawford has her beauty brand, Meaningful Beauty. According to CR Fashion Book, she uses Meaningful Beauty Triple Exfoliating Treatment twice or thrice weekly and a rejuvenating retinol cream every night. She also uses SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily and sleeps on a silk pillowcase to prevent wrinkles.

Jessica Alba Never Misses

Jessica Alba, the actress, and owner of the natural baby and beauty brand Honest Company show us her natural face in this photo, and it’s stunning. She has spoken openly about her acne difficulties over the years. Alba has also discussed how she overcame her skin problems.

Jessica Alba takes a selfie during her workout.
Source: Instagram/@jessicaalba

She claimed it was by establishing a consistent skincare routine. It’s not surprising that this involves her products. Alba frequently shares photos of her skincare routine, particularly Honest Company’s Vitamin C serum. She is also not afraid to show off her self-care regimens, including mud baths and masks.

The Friendship of Perfect Skin

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps have been best friends since starring as co-stars on “Dawson’s Creek.” They enjoyed a fun-filled day together in Los Angeles and shared a series of makeup-free selfies. We’re not sure if it’s because of their friendship or skincare, but they both look amazing.

A selfie of Michelle and Busy together.
Source: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Williams uses face scrubs to keep her skin nice. You can find all of Philipps’ beauty secrets in her video tutorials. She has also collaborated with Olay. Her most crucial advice is to drink plenty of water and remove all makeup before going to bed. Sounds familiar, right?

Yara Shahidi’s Baby-ish Face

You’ll know Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish with her radiant face. The young actress, Harvard student, and activist is well known for posting pictures of herself without makeup on social media. Her face looks fantastic in this photo, even with some blemishes, and she understands how to grab the light.

A selfie of Yara at home.
Source: Instagram/@yarashahidi

Shahidi, half Iranian American and half African American, told Byrdie that she learned about skincare from her ancestry (her mother and grandmother), which includes eating well. So, what do we eat? Adding cardamom and turmeric to your diet, according to Shahidi, will do wonders for your skin.

Going Gaga For Her Skin

Lady Gaga, a singer and Oscar nominee for her role in ‘A Star are Born,” celebrated her birthday in 2017 with a huge slice of cake and a makeup-free face. Later that year, while shooting the critically acclaimed film with co-star Bradley Cooper, she reached another no-makeup milestone.

A selfie of Lady Gaga in bed.
Source: Instagram/@ladygaga

Cooper and Gaga told the LA Times that they were getting set to read scripts in her home when she went downstairs with her face covered in makeup. “Take it off,” Cooper, who also directed the film, told her. He wiped it off, asking her to be “completely open” with “no artifice.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Radiating Skin

We all agree that you don’t need makeup when working out, right? Sarah Michelle Gellar did just that in her post-workout Instagram post. The actress is clearly on an endorphin high, as seen by her radiant skin. Gellar has been in the showbiz industry since she was a teenager.

A selfie of Sarah at the beach.
Source: Instagram/@sarahmgellar

And she knows a thing or two about skincare. “Don’t go to sleep with makeup on; cleanse and moisturize before bed,” she told Us. She also drinks plenty of water and wipes her face before and after stepping off a flight and during her lunch break on set.

Britney Spears Without Makeup? Yep

Britney Spears accompanies her charming picture with an adorable caption that tells us this is the “real unglammed me.” Although Britney acknowledged having some mascara leftover from the night before under her right eye, we will accept this photo as no makeup. It’s unusual to see Britney Spears without makeup.

Britney Spears takes a selfie during a tea break.
Source: Instagram/@britneyspears

That’s considering she performs a show in Vegas virtually every night. So, how does the pop star keep her skin in immaculate condition? She appears to be a great lover of toners. She believes that using a good astringent toner before moisturizing is extremely crucial.

We Love Ke$ha’s Perfect Imperfections

Simply putting yourself out there without makeup might sometimes be enough to make someone feel good about themselves. That appears to be the case with Kesha. The singer experienced a difficult period in the public eye and has learned to embrace herself and her face, especially her freckles.

A selfie of Kesha.
Source: Instagram/@iiswhoiis

Kesha announced her 2019 resolutions with her followers, noting that she wants to love me… just as I am… And to let my freckles liiiiiiive.” She told the Vogue in 2015 that she hoped to appreciate every inch of her body one day and “not try to cover up with makeup.”

Gabrielle Union Epitomizes “Black Don’t Crack.”

While the rest of the world grows older, Gabrielle Union looks like she just stepped off the set of “Bring It On.” She even recently posted a photo of herself with her daughter, confirming she still looks terrific in her uniform. It’s hard to believe that 19 years have passed.

A selfie of Gabrielle
Source: Instagram/@gabunion

Everyone in the beauty industry has been talking about Union’s flawless skin and how others could get her perfect look. According to the actress, glowing skin starts with drinking plenty of water. She consumes at least a gallon of water per day. Wow! Start refilling your water bottles, women!

Drawing From Drew Barrymore’s Skincare Routine

There are countless ways to celebrate becoming a year older. The actress Drew Barrymore began her 44th year by posting a makeup-free selfie on Instagram. We’d do the same if we could look as good without makeup. So, how does Drew maintain her youthful appearance? According to her, it’s simple.

A selfie of Drew at home.
Source: Instagram/@drewbarrymore

The actress, who just unveiled a new home styling range, believes that the most essential thing is to accept your age rather than try to hide it. A reliable cleanser and sunscreen are the best way to start. And not tanning is a small price to pay for radiant skin.

The Real Madonna Without Makeup

The music icon took this photo with a fresh face, and she looks gorgeous but also angry. She blames her disgruntled countenance for having to deal with never-ending bureaucracy. The singer resorted to social media to express her displeasure with her argument while trying to get a package.

Madonna takes a selfie at home.
Source: Twitter

You’d think she’d have someone do it for her. The customs agents couldn’t believe they were speaking with Madonna. “When you’ve been arguing with customs all week that you are Madonna, they still won’t release your package,” she wrote. Maybe they expected to see the superstar dazzling with makeup!

The Gorgeous Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato recently returned to social media after nearly a four-month absence during which she took care of her health. One of their posts featured a very fit Lovato taking a break from what appeared to be a tough jiu-jitsu training. Lovato’s skin looked flawless and beautiful in the photo.

Demi Takes a selfie.
Source: Instagram/@ddlovato

Lovato may like solitude in some areas, but the singer is open about their beauty routine. Lovato has given numerous beauty tips, such as never using drugstore makeup, getting a facial once a month, and not trusting anybody, and we mean anyone, with their brows since the age of 15.

Lilly Collins Without the Glam

Lily Collins is known for her love of glitz, but she recently uploaded a clean-faced selfie in which she looked beautiful. Collins shared the photo to commemorate Ciara’s album “Beauty Marks,” She encourages people to accept themselves and embrace their #BeautyMarks in a lovely caption.

A selfie of Lilly Collins
Source: Instagram/@lilyjcollins

Collins’ skin is as beautiful as the message. She revealed her beauty routine to the New York Times on how she maintains her skin. She is a Lancôme brand ambassador, and she starts her day with their facial cleanser, toner gel, and cream before finishing with, you guessed it, sunscreen.

Amy Schumer’s Commendable Makeup Choices

The makeup-free look is all the rave now, and major cosmetics brands are jumping on board. Another significant trend in recent years is people’s preference to wear natural and organic makeup. Amy Schumer is a great fan of each of these trends. The comedian revealed her pregnancy caused the change.

A selfie of Amy.
Source: Instagram/@amyschumer

According to her, she began scrutinizing what she puts in and on her body, prompting her to support the clean beauty brand Beautycounter. She had praised their toxin-free lotions since their fragrance-free recipe allowed her to continue using them during morning sickness when she was sensitive to scents.

Never Change, Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes is one of the few celebrities that is authentic and down-to-earth. She is real and not afraid to be herself. Also, Nene’s Instagram is a great place to find someone willing to take on the critics who have a lot to say about her lack of makeup.

Nene takes a selfie in her hotel room.
Source: Instagram/@neneleakes

Leakes released a video in which she revealed that she was expanding the number of stops and towns on her nationwide tour and thanked her family and management. She also acknowledged her simple appearance, telling her followers that she was “coming at you live from my bed, no hair and no makeup.”

The Always Real Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, a model, mother, and influencer known for telling it like it is, uploaded this clean-faced photo on Instagram with the caption: “Movies in bed with my puddy buddy. And before a dog in bed gets you all riled up, just know that we stink equally.”

Chrissy takes a selfie in bed with her dog.
Source: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

They say parenting changes you, but we’re delighted Teigen’s snarky personality hasn’t changed; however, she claims it has transformed her skin. She told Refinery29 that the change in her skin is “unexplainable” and has become much more sensitive post-pregnancy. We need more info on this!

Heidi Klum’s Simple Skincare Routine

Heidi Klum ditched her usual makeup in a stunning selfie on her Instagram story. We believe Klum should do it more regularly because she looks incredible, and her skin has a lovely glow. Her beauty routine is both straightforward and fascinating. She washes her face with baby shampoo.

A selfie of Heidi.
Source: Instagram/@heidiklum

She feels that if it’s safe for a baby, it should be OK for her. Klum claims that the baby wash removes her TV makeup and false eyelashes. She doesn’t use toners since she believes they suck all the good stuff out, and she finishes with a Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Face

Wonder Woman has become a celebrity, but she is determined to show that she, too, is a human being. Although many of us hope we could look as stunning as she does without makeup, Gadot’s Instagram photo provided an inside glimpse at her daily life and casual style.

A photo of Gal Gadot.
Source: Instagram/@gal_gadot

She captioned the photo, “Sleepless night, colic three months old baby, and an early wake up by my 5-year-old.” It’s difficult to think that the actress didn’t get any sleep after looking so gorgeous in this photo. Gadot attributes her beautiful skin to her high-water consumption.

Sarah Hyland’s Commitment to Great Skin

Some celebrities want to act as if they were born with flawlessly clear and healthy skin and don’t need to do anything to keep it that way. Sarah Hyland is not one of those celebrities, and the “Modern Family” actress has always been frank with her fans.

A selfie of Sarah at home.
Source: Instagram/@sarahhyland

She makes them understand that perfect skin requires dedication and hard work. She’s not afraid to share selfies of herself practically covered in sheet masks, such as a firming forehead mask, gold under-eye patches, and frown line masks. She appears to prefer Peter Thomas Roth beauty products.

No Kardashian, No Party

Kourtney Kardashian is the poster sister for healthy lifestyles. She eats healthily and only uses natural skincare products. On her Poosh blog, Kourtney stated that only chemical-free products should be used in a skin care program. She has emphasized the importance of products that do not contain toxic chemicals.

A selfie of Kourtney in bed.
Source: Instagram/@kourtneykardash

They’re eco-friendly and great for your skin. Her goals may be lofty, but replicating her skincare routine will be difficult for some of us. The lip balm she uses from Free People is about $8, but the hyaluronic serum costs $300. It turns out that looking that beautiful doesn’t come cheap.

Kylie’s First Thing in the Morning

Kylie Jenner, the successful businesswoman, known for her cosmetics label Kylie Cosmetics, announced the introduction of a new skincare line. People were doubtful at first because Jenner is known for her polished appearance, but when the reality star took to social media with multiple makeup-free images, she proved doubters wrong.

A selfie of Kylie.
Source: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Kylie’s ‘first thing in the morning’ natural look picture revealed what she truly looks like beneath her Kylie lip kits and layers of concealer. Her flawless skin inspired her Instagram followers to stock up on her special face scrubs, toners, face washes, and serums, and we can see why.

Hilary Duff’s Forever Young Skin

The “Lizzy McGuire” actress is grown and still looks as young as ever. The mother of two recently posted a make-up-free photo on Instagram. What a stunning picture. Hillary Duff’s skin is flawless; how does she do it? Duff is a product fanatic who constantly changes her beauty routine.

Hilary takes a selfie with her baby on an airplane.
Source: Instagram/@hilaryduff

But her two current favorites are calendula oil to hydrate her face and all-natural soothing eye balm. She puts both on before applying her makeup. Like many other celebrities, she washes her face well before bed and then applies polish to keep her skin fresh.

Emmy Rossum Is Not Synthetic

While on vacation in the Philippines, actress Emmy Rossum takes a break from her life and cosmetics and makes it look good. Her natural appearance, especially her scruffy brows, enhance her skin. It’s no surprise that she has no qualms about presenting clean-faced photos of herself, both on and off-screen.

A mirror selfie of Emmy.
Source: Instagram/@emmy

Rossum is a Burt’s Bees cosmetics brand ambassador, and the face of the company’s “I Am Not Synthetic” campaign. She prefers not to wear foundation during the day, and when she does, she favors Burt’s Bees foundation. She said it is very light and adheres to the skin.

As Effortless as Zendaya

Zendaya has discovered her light, emphasizing how beautiful her skin looks. Do you want your skin to be smooth and fresh like hers? It’s not that difficult or expensive. It just takes five products, all of which are natural, to make her skin radiate like this.

A selfie of Zendaya in the car.
Source: Instagram/@zendaya

She uses African black soap, rose water, witch hazel, vitamin E, and tea tree oil. The soap removes pollutants, rose water contains antioxidants, witch hazel is antibacterial, and tea tree oil is an essential oil with antibacterial properties. It’s healthy for your skin and eco-friendly too.

Glow Like Lea Michele

Lea Michele has been honest with her followers about her acne challenges, so it’s fantastic to see her share this raw photo with the public. The actress discussed her PCOS, which can produce acne difficult to cure, and her incredibly aggressive acne treatments.

Lea Michele takes a selfie in her car.
Source: Instagram/@leamichele

Her skin seems immaculate in this photo, so what’s her secret? Michele attributes her flawless skin to her facialist, drinking enough water, and washing her face before bedtime. She has also shared Instagram stories of herself using Tata Harper face masks. This routine appears to be working well for her.

Gigi Hadid’s Strange but Effective Skincare

Models must always look beautiful, which is difficult. Their skin has to be put up with makeup, hectic photo shoots, and traveling. Gigi has revealed her secret to acne-free skin, which involves using a lotion that we all have at home or should have.

Gigi takes a selfie in bed.
Source: Instagram/@gigihadid

You’d assume that such a well-known model would use the most expensive and cutting-edge anti-breakout technology available, but you’d be wrong! Hadid swears on applying toothpaste to her pimples, according to Byrdie Magazine. She simply applies some before going to bed, and they are considerably better in the morning.

Carrie Underwood’s Grocery Store Routine

Carrie Underwood posted a selfie on Instagram. But many didn’t agree with the caption because there was nothing “messy” about her skin. It looked flawless. Don’t worry if you want to try Underwood’s skincare secret; it won’t cost you an arm and a leg because it’s relatively cheap.

Carrie takes a selfie during a workout.
Source: Instagram/@carrieunderwood

She believes that her skin improved substantially when she stopped using expensive moisturizers and began using something she could find in any grocery store. Carrie Underwood claims that coconut oil absorbs better and doesn’t clog her pores. Whatever is good enough for Carrie, we say, is good enough for us.

Shakira Takes Her Vitamins Seriously

It’s easy to post makeup-free selfies when you have Shakira’s gorgeous skin. The famous singer has numerous photos on social media which show off her perfect skin. Shakira gave some typical motherly advice when asked how she keeps her skin so smooth. She just recommends that you take your vitamins.

Shakira takes a selfie in her car.
Source: Instagram/@shakira

She takes vitamin C to brighten her complexion and vitamin E to prevent wrinkles. These vitamins are available at any pharmacy for a reasonable price, but Shakira advises that you never go to bed without first removing your makeup and applying sunscreen. See, moms know best!

Christina Aguilera’s Natural Face

Popstar Christina Aguilera participated in a makeup-free photo shoot for Paper magazine. She looked great and was virtually unrecognizable. “I’m at the place, even musically, where it’s a liberating feeling to strip it all back and appreciate who you are and your raw beauty,” she said.

A portrait of Christina Aguilera.
Source: Instagram/@xtina

But don’t expect to see Aguilera without her face on. She made it clear that she still enjoys glamming up. Her top beauty ideas for clear skin are Cetaphil cleanser and Mac Makeup Wipes to efficiently remove her makeup after a long day.

As Ageless as Sharon Stone

Another ageless celebrity. Sharon Stone has been flaunting her beautiful face for decades, and if anyone questioned that she was concealing her wrinkles beneath layers of makeup, Stone disproved them with this makeup-free picture. We can’t decide who looks better: Stone or Joe, her lovely French bulldog.

A photo of Sharon Stone cooking at home.
Source: Instagram/@sharonstone

And while none of us are going to bed and waking up looking like Sharon Stone, she has offered several cosmetic secrets that can help us. One of her best tips is that she never leaves the house without hand sanitizer to remove impurities from her face.

Lana Del Rey Without Makeup

Lana Del Rey, known for her retro style and dramatic cat-eye, took a break from her makeup and posted a makeup-free photo on Instagram. Fans were ecstatic about the photo and how beautiful she looked without makeup. We’re not sure how Del Rey keeps her skin looking this good.

A selfie of Lana in her car.
Source: Instagram/@honeymoon

That’s because she doesn’t talk about it, but if you want to mimic her throwback look, she released step-by-step instructions on Instagram on how to create her distinctive bold brows and lined eyes, as well as a bit of tiny advice on how to hide pimples.

Cara Delevingne Loves Her Skin

Cara Delevingne devotes her valuable free time to advocating for self-acceptance and self-confidence. On the other hand, feeling good about herself did not happen immediately for Delevingne. In interviews, she has often discussed her efforts to conform to the beauty standards of the fashion business.

A selfie of Cara in bed.
Source: Instagram/@caradelevingne

That, and her need for validation. Projecting the perfect image involves always wearing the right clothes and cosmetics, but lately, Delevingne has been trying to embrace her skin. If she wants to put on some cosmetics, she can always go with Rimmel London, a company she has previously represented.

Julianne Hough Looking Fresh and Clean

Julianne Hough, a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” posted a photo of herself looking as fresh and clean as a sunny day. Her skin looks awesome in this photo, which is especially impressive given that she has openly discussed her acne issues. But she seems to be passed that now.

Julianne takes a selfie.
Source: Instagram/@juliannehough

“I like to feel fresh, so I’ll wash my face with cold water first thing out of bed.” Hough, who used to be the face of Proactiv, told Byrdie. She then applies a Proactiv moisturizer before heading out to enjoy her day. It sounds quite straightforward.

You Can Bank on Tyra’s Skincare Routine

Tyra Banks, model, businesswoman, and creator of the ‘smize,’ knows that a nice makeup-free selfie is all in the mood, but having amazingly flawless skin doesn’t hurt. She shared this photo from a glamping trip in Montana, where she was able to show off her glowing skin.

A selfie of Tyra.
Source: Instagram/@tyrabanks

Banks believes that taking care of her skin is critical, so she developed her skincare routine. Her skincare secrets include daily exfoliation, getting enough sleep, and sticking to a routine. Banks recommends substituting foundation with a tinted moisturizer before applying makeup for lighter, healthier coverage that still looks beautiful.