Alicia Silverstone’s Unique Parenting Methods Have Got Everyone Talking

We can’t help but like Alicia Silverstone, an all-American actress. She shot to stardom because of her memorable appearance in 1995 classic Clueless, and she’s stayed in the spotlight ever since. But did you know that she is also a mother and the author of parenting books, in addition to being an actor? In 2011, she gave birth to her son, Bear Blu Jarecki.

Alicia Silverstone and her son Bear Blu Jarecki appear at the premiere of Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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Alicia Silverstone has fought against the idea of “normal” parenting since becoming a mother. She also understands that some people think she’s “weird” for the way she raises her child, but she’s fine with it since she believes her unconventional parenting practices work for her and her family. So, what exactly are Alicia Silverstone’s contentious regulations, and why are they causing such a stir?

Like a Baby Bird, Alicia Feeds Her Son Pre-Chewed Food

It may be challenging for parents to wean their children into solid foods. Some families succeed, while others struggle, but in the end, each family finds a solution that works for them. Pre-chewing the food in her mouth before placing it in Bear’s mouth worked for Alicia and her kid. In 2012, she controversially published a video of herself performing this.

Alicia Silverstone takes her son to Coachella.
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Bear liked this regurgitation approach so much that when he saw that his mother had food, he “crawled across the room to assault her,” and Alicia enjoyed it. “I can understand why that might make some people uncomfortable, probably because it’s all new to them,” she said. But I’d want to point out that this has been going on for thousands of years, and it’s still going on all across the world, and it’s completely natural. ”

The Actress Refuses to Administer Modern Medicine to Her Son

Alicia Silverstone is not a believer in contemporary medicine. She is the co-founder of an organic, vegan supplement and vitamin line, and she prefers to make her home as natural as possible. This includes her kid, who, she admitted in 2002, has “never needed any form of medical assistance” and has “never needed antibiotics in nine years.”

Alicia and her son pet a turkey.
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Bear is said to be “such a model of health” and seldom gets sick. He can get sniffles and a running nose,” Alicia told Good Housekeeping, “But he’s not depressed; he still goes to school. “He’s only said, ‘Mummy, I don’t feel well,’ twice in his life, and both times it was just for a few hours before he was back running about.”

The Actress Won’t Let Her Child Follow Gender Roles

Alicia’s Instagram comments section has been flooded with messages from strangers advising her to cut her son’s hair over the years. Many people told her that Bear didn’t look like a boy and that he looked like a girl. Alicia was irritated by these remarks, and in September 2020, she expressed her feelings about Bear’s locks.

Bear is sitting on the kitchen counter.
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“He’s lovely, and we adore his hair!” she wrote. We would never impose any societal standards on how a boy or a girl’s hair should be styled. We should all attempt to accept our children for who they are and not pass judgment on them. ” Although many people continued to attack her after that, her followers applauded her for speaking out against outmoded gender conventions.

Alicia and Her 10-Year-Old Son Still Bathe Together

When their children are newborns or toddlers, it’s not uncommon for parents to join them in the bath. Almost every parent has done it at some point. However, in May 2020, Alicia Silverstone raised eyebrows when she told The New York Times that she still bathed with her son. At the moment, he was nine years old.

Alicia and Bear and having fun in the pool.
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“My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath, and it truly feels nourishing and comfortable,” she told the outlet. Her remarks generated outrage throughout the world, with many readers believing that her youngster was far too mature to be bathing with his mother. However, it is a solution that works for them.

She Does Not Discipline Her Child in Any Way

Many parents use different punishments to keep their children in line, including yelling and time-outs. On the other hand, Alicia Silverstone does not believe it is conducive to a happy and healthy child. As a result, she never uses any discipline on Bear and has never had any issues with his conduct.

A selfie of Alicia and Bear.
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Alicia told Us Weekly that she has never felt comfortable with harsh treatment. “All I have to say is, ‘Oh, Bear, no thank you,’ and he goes, “‘Ok, mom,'” she explained. He figured it out. We can only talk like this because he isn’t insane. They don’t act nice when they don’t feel good, when they consume unhealthy food, or when they don’t feel good. “We’re the same.”

Alicia Isn’t a Fan of the “Cry It Out” Approach

A sobbing child may break a parent’s heart. Many individuals feel compelled to visit their infants to comfort and calm them down, but they frequently halt themselves in their tracks. Instead, they choose to let their children “cry it out” so that they learn that their pleas are not always heard. Alicia, on the other hand, isn’t the same.

Bear is asleep in bed.
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Alicia does not believe in allowing your child to cry incessantly until they cease. She says, “You’re damaging your parent-child bond if you let your kids scream it out or self-soothe.” As a result, the baby misses out on the key trust-building phase of newborn development. When Bear was younger, she would rush to his rescue whenever he screamed.

Animal Products Are Not Allowed in the Actress’s Home

You might be surprised to learn that Alicia Silverstone is a vegan. Her reasons for being vegan are largely ethical, but she also believes that a plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle you can have as animal rights and environmental champion. Bear, who is ten years old, has been a vegan since infancy.

Bear is holding a large zucchini.
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Over the years, the little boy’s completely vegan diet has drawn criticism, with many detractors claiming that vegan diets are unhealthy for developing children. Alicia, on the other hand, does not agree. Bear enjoys being vegan, according to the actress, and “he’s not missing out on anything.” Having wonderful fruit is like candy to him.”

She Believes Vaccinations Can Have Negative Consequences

Celebrities seldom express their opinions on vaccines because they are afraid of causing a stir. Alicia Silverstone, on the other hand, has made her feelings known. She authored a whole parenting book about vaccines and has claimed that she feels vaccinations might be detrimental. Bear’s position implies that he hasn’t had as many immunizations as his colleagues.

Bear and Alicia embrace in the park.
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In her book, Alicia writes, “There has not been a conclusive examination of the detrimental impacts of such a strict one-size-fits-all, shoot-’em-up regimen,” Anecdotal evidence from doctors who have received panicked phone calls from parents claiming their children were “never the same” after receiving a vaccine is growing. And I have acquaintances whose infants have been severely harmed due to this. ”

Alicia Thinks It’s Irresponsible to Put a Baby in a Crib

Co-sleeping is as straightforward as it sounds. It’s the habit of young children and their parents sharing a bed, but it’s become contentious over time. On the other hand, Alicia Silverstone is all for it, even though many people feel it is incredibly harmful. She considers anything else to be highly careless.

Bear and Alicia cuddle in bed.
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Alicia is a big proponent of co-sleeping, saying that putting a kid in a crib is like putting them in a “barred-in cage alone.” She has said that it is “tantamount to child neglect” since she feels that parents and their children should be together.

The Actress Lives in a House That Is Mostly Tech-Free

Young children nowadays have phones, tablets, video game consoles, and various other technological devices. While this may work for some families, Alicia has stated that she does not want her kids to spend too much time in front of the television. She keeps her house mostly tech-free so that they may be present at all times.

Alicia and Bear are out on a hike in the rain.
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“Bear and I have never encountered boredom,” she says. There is no media when he comes to my house. We’ll watch a movie once a week as a nice treat, but he’s not using any devices or iPads; he’s just hanging out with me. Every day, we walk the dogs, trampoline, and jump rope. I used to fool him into believing we were playing, but all he was doing was assisting me in getting some exercise.

The Actress Is a Staunch Supporter of Breastfeeding

Although the world is slowly but steadily coming around to the concept that a well-fed child is ideal, nursing has long been recommended. In Alicia’s opinion, she is correct. The actress is a big believer in nursing and considers it a critical period in her baby’s growth and their relationship as mother and son.

Alicia walks with Bear in a baby carrier.
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While Alicia recognizes that public nursing might be frowned upon, she believes that “there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give their infants the most fantastic start in life with clean, pure, glorious breastmilk.” I believe we assist and support those moms and infants who need a hand during one of the most critical periods in their lives because we are a community of lovely people who know the value of food as health. ” These statements, of course, have been contested.

Alicia Refuses to Allow Diapers in Her Home, Whether They Are Disposable or Not

Alicia Silverstone is a firm believer in the parenting approaches she espouses, and one of her most divisive decisions is her refusal to let diapers into her home. She refuses to use disposable or environmentally friendly reusable diapers, claiming that the entire notion is “driven by corporate-backed pseudoscience.”

Alicia Silverstone and Bear Blu Jarecki are walking down the street.
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Alicia, to be more explicit, does not believe diapers are required. She believes that newborns are “far happier leaving their business on the grass than having to sleep and eat while being surrounded by their urine and excrement.” As you can expect, her supporters and detractors have had a lot to say about it.

The Actress Is All About the Toilet Training Elimination Method

It might take years to successfully potty train your child, and most parents prefer to go at their own pace. Alicia, of course, does not follow typical parenting guidelines, which is why she used the Elimination Method to potty train her son, Bear Blu. Silverstone claims he was potty trained at the age of six months.

Alicia holds baby Bear.
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It’s all about communicating and learning to interpret your baby’s cues with the elimination method. The goal is to be able to tune into your baby’s indications for when they need to go potty, so you can hold them over the potty instead of letting them dirty themselves. It seems to have worked brilliantly for Alicia.

Alicia Flatly Refused to Put Her Baby in a Stroller

If you look for an image of Alicia Silverstone pushing a stroller on the internet, you won’t find one. That’s because Alicia doesn’t agree with them, and when Bear was a newborn, she flatly refused to use a stroller. Strollers, in her opinion, merely create a separation between the parent and the kid, something she did not want to experience throughout her parenting journey.

Alicia is carrying her baby.
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Alicia, an attachment parenting advocate, feels that skin-to-skin contact is one of the most crucial things that parents and children can have. This is said to build relationships and develop attachments, so she would constantly hold Bear in her arms or wear a sling around her body when he was younger.

She Is Instilling in Her Son the Habit of Questioning What Others Tell Him

Alicia Silverstone has created a name for herself as someone who goes against the grain, and it appears that she’s instilling the same trait in her son, Bear. She says she’s warned him to “don’t trust what they tell you, “And “he’s beginning to question everything.”

Bear and Alicia pose in the backyard.
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Alicia doesn’t want her kid to feel like a sheep, so he sees his mother “questioning things, thinking about things, looking at things through a magnifying glass, and trying to establish harmony for everyone.” On the other hand, his father lives differently, so he gets to see everything. He has the freedom to be anyone he wants to be. The thought of not imprinting on him appeals to me. ”

She Refuses to Have Any Dairy Products in Her House

While many parents offer their children a glass of milk before bed or ice cream as a reward, Bear Blu has never had any dairy product. Because Alicia feels that dairy is extremely poisonous and should be avoided at all costs, she will not let any dairy products into her home.

bear is eating a popsicle.
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The actress feels that her son’s health and happiness prove that youngsters don’t need to consume dairy to flourish, but her remarks have sparked much debate. Many people worry if Bear will continue to live in this manner when he is older and no longer bound by his mother’s regulations.

Alicia Believes That Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Positive Behavior

Alicia Silverstone maintains a healthy lifestyle, which she has handed down to her son by eating a plant-based diet and doing yoga daily. This healthy lifestyle, she believes, is what keeps her baby Bear so peaceful. She told People in January 2020, “He didn’t suffer through terrible twos or terrible threes because of the healthy lifestyle that we lived.”

Bear and Alicia meditate together.
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Maintaining this good behavior, in her opinion, requires a healthy lifestyle. “The meal I prepare for myself and him helps us be calm and focused. That’s my parenting gimmick, my tool. When I eat and sleep well, I can be extremely patient with every detail of his existence. With these monkeys, we only have so much time.” Bear, whose favorite meal is kale, appears to be onto something.

She Makes Every Effort to Spend as Much Time as Possible with Her Son

Although Alicia has created her own set of guidelines for raising her kids, many of her views are based on attachment parenting theories. The fundamental goal is to create an irreplaceable link between parent and kid, which Alicia does by spending as much time as possible with her son. She says that it “reminds [her] to be present, since [she] doesn’t want to miss a moment with him.”

Alicia embraces her son.
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Critics have stated that spending too much time together might be suffocating, but Alicia disagrees. “It’s not like it’s been ruined in any way.” You simply want to take someone in and absorb them when you love them. And many of us were unaware of this. I pay attention if he begins to cry. I’ll stop and talk to him if he’s unhappy about something. You’d be shocked at how much [you] notice that others don’t. ”

Alicia Is Passionate About Immersing Herself and Her Son in the Wonders of Nature

While coming from a life of flash and luxury, Alicia has grown to respect the natural environment as she has grown older. She is fascinated not just by the lives of animals but also by the world’s wonders. As a result, she brings her kids out to appreciate what nature has to offer daily.

Bear and Alicia take a selfie while on a hike.
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When much of the globe was shut down by the coronavirus, Alicia talked about what they used to do when allowed to leave the house. “We would go on nature treks and cook,” she added. We have a lovely home that is both simple and lovely, and we adore it. Whatever happens, we will always be together. Before all of this, I brought him to Bali, where we spent three weeks simply going around the island without any technology. And now we’ve recently returned from a trip to Alaska. ”

She’s Instilling in Her Son the Importance of Being Environmentally Conscious

In today’s world, many parents are choosing to raise their children in an environmentally conscious manner, and they’re passing this knowledge on to their children so that they can grow up to help the globe. Alicia Silverstone is following suit. She not only drives an electric car and eats vegan, but she also has solar panels and grows her fruits and vegetables.

Alicia and Bear are petting a goat.
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“In terms of teaching him about the world, about animals, and about being a decent citizen, I believe he just is,” the actress said. That’s the way we live… It’s simply a part of his daily routine. There isn’t much to learn. He interacts with animals by talking to birds and hugging cows. He’s had that kind of experience with animals, so it’s only natural that he doesn’t want to injure them. ”

Alicia Considers Communicative Co-parenting to Be Essential

Alicia and her former spouse, rock musician Christopher Jarecki, welcomed Bear. They’ve been dating since 1997, married in 2005, and welcomed their first child in 2011. However, the couple divorced in 2018, and their divorce was formalized a few months later, causing chaos in their household. Regardless of their divorce, the couple makes every effort to co-parent their child.

A selfie of Christopher and Bear at home.
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For the benefit of their children, Alicia feels that parents must try extra hard to co-parent. Regarding her present relationship with Jalecki, “We’re wonderful at co-parenting with each other,” she admitted. Unless I’m gone filming something and can’t see him, we both see Bear, but he generally comes with me. We communicate daily.”

Alicia Isn’t in Command… Her Child Is

Many parents rule the roost, but Alicia sees Bear as a small adult, so she ensures that he is in charge of every decision. This was especially evident in November 2020, when Bear opted to trim his lengthy hair. Alicia was distraught.

Bear and Alicia ride in a small plane.
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“I miss his hair!!!!!” she captioned a haircut video. Was it he who made the decision? Yes. Did I cry as I watched him get his hair cut? Maybe… but did I make any attempt to stop him? Not even for a second. He opted to retain it for as long as he did because he adored it!! He simply wanted to try something different. I feel he’ll go back to his long hair at some point in the future. I will always back my wonderful, caring, and the precious little guy in whatever decision he takes, no matter what. ”

The Actress Obtains Her Son’s Permission to Post Pictures of Him on Social Media

Alicia Silverstone is a famous parent, but she does not believe herself to be one. She just views herself as a happy mother who enjoys brag-worthy photos of her son on social media – but she is careful about what she shares. Alicia has begun to ask her kid if she may post his images and videos online as he has grown older.

A selfie of Bear and Alicia.
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The actress isn’t one to hold back when sharing her life and parenting journey with her followers on social media. Her open connection with her son, on the other hand, has raised a lot of questions. More individuals have questioned her parenting tactics because she has been so open and honest on social media.

Alicia Believes That Feminine Products Are to Blame for Infertility

Alicia Silverstone has stated that she would love to have another kid at some point in her life, despite being quite happy with her one child. However, she has some divisive views when it comes to potential moms. She believes female hygiene products might induce infertility in women.

Alicia Silverstone signs copies of her new book,
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“Unfortunately, feminine-care makers aren’t allowed to tell you what’s in their products,” she says, “which means no one’s talking about the probable pesticide residues from non-organic cotton and the ‘fragrances’ that contain hormone-upsetting, fertility-knocking phthalates.” Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions and Alicia’s inclusive. Hopefully, she’s not wrong.

There Are No Bananas at Alicia Silverstone’s Home

We already know that Bear Blu is one of the healthiest kids on the planet regarding his dietary habits. He eats only plant-based foods and no processed foods, and he enjoys fruit as a sweet snack in the same way that other kids like candy. On the other hand, Alicia Silverstone has one fruit that she dislikes in her home.

bear is playing a board game.
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The actress has termed Bananas a “naughty treat,” although it’s unclear why she dislikes this specific fruit. We know that she seldom allows Bear to eat bananas and avoids purchasing them completely. Thankfully, her fruit and vegetable patches appear to be so abundant with other organic products that he probably doesn’t miss bananas.

The Actress Isn’t Against Her Son Kissing Her on the Lips

Celebrity parents like David and Victoria Beckham have been chastised for kissing their children on the lips repeatedly as they get older, but Alicia Silverstone doesn’t get it. She is a great believer in providing attention to your child regardless of their age, and she has admitted that her son still kisses her on the lips now.

Alicia embraces Bear.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

Alicia mentioned in 2018 that Bear had seen Clueless for the first time and had taken something very remarkable from it. “The one thing he took away from [viewing Clueless], apart from all the stuff I was worried about, was that he kept trying to French kiss me afterward, which was extremely lovely,” she told Stephen Colbert. I simply kept my mouth shut. That’s exactly what I did. And all I did was laugh. It’s very lovely. ”

She’s a Firm Believer in Taking the Placenta Pills

Alicia Silverstone’s mind was opened up to a whole new world after welcoming Bear back in 2011. She did a lot of research on natural parenting methods, and she was especially excited about the prospect of eating her placenta. So she had her placenta made into tablets, even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that there are no demonstrable advantages and that they should be avoided.

Bear and Alicia are at the beach.
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On the other hand, Alicia thought they were revolutionary and dubbed them her “happy pills.” “It came to the point where my husband remarked, ‘Did you have your happy pills today?'” she said about these particular placenta drugs in her book. And I was heartbroken when they left. It was quite beneficial to me.”

The Actress Has Stated That She Will Not Purchase Fast Fashion Clothing for Her Son

As someone who cares about the environment and wants to leave an as little footprint as possible, Alicia Silverstone makes every effort to live as environmentally friendly as possible. This is passed down to her kid since the actress refuses to purchase clothing from the fast fashion business for him. She exclusively buys environmentally friendly clothing.

A photo of Bear.
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Aside from that, she enjoys upcycling and recycling old clothing. She not only swapped clothing with other parents when Bear was a newborn but as he’s gotten bigger, she’s concentrated on getting robust, long-lasting garments. If they don’t, and his jeans become shredded, she’ll change them into cut-off shorts instead!

Alicia Dispels the Myth That Vegan Kids Are “Weak”

Despite receiving backlash for her views on the subject, Alicia Silverstone will always support the idea that all children should be raised vegan. She’s raised Bear as a vegan child since the day he was born, and she completely debunks the myth that vegan children are “weak” and deficient in key nutrients.

Bear takes a picture with an avocado.
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Alicia even makes a joke about it. “I often chuckle, like, ‘Oh, my poor vegan baby, he’s so frail,’ because he’s leaping all over the place, and he’s so crazy,” she told Us Weekly. He does, however, have a calm and concentrated demeanor. He’s not out of this world. ” Overall, she believes that other parents would benefit from raising their children vegan.

She Adores the Fact That Her Son Has No Desire to Pursue a Career as an Actor

Many celebrity offspring follow in their parents’ footsteps and become performers, and it’s not uncommon for numerous generations to enter the spotlight. Bear has made it clear to his mother that he does not want to be an actor so that things will be different for the Silverstone/Jarecki family.

Bear is hanging out in Alicia's trailer.
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Bear has “so far, no [interest]” in acting, Alicia told Us Weekly. “He’s content to do various things, so we’ll see.” But it’s not on his mind right now. ” That isn’t to say that Bear doesn’t like seeing his mother work. Bear enjoys hanging out in Alicia’s trailer during takes when she takes him to her rehearsals.

Alicia Silverstone Tells Bear What He Can Do, Not What He Can’t

We already know that Alicia Silverstone avoids punishing her kid in the same manner that many other parents do, and this is partly because she focuses on what Bear can do rather than what he isn’t. According to Alicia, this puts a positive gloss on parenting, and she believes it fosters a healthier link between parent and kid.

Alicia and Bear and riding in the car.
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Instead of instructing her son Bear to stop playing with the ball inside the house, she would say something along the lines of “Balls are for outside.” You may toss the plush animals into the bathtub within. ” She feels that by parenting her kid in this manner, he has learned to respect rather than hate her authority.

Alicia Believes That Laughing May Alter the Chemistry of Your Body

Anyone who follows Alicia Silverstone on social media knows how much she enjoys being a mother and adores her son, Bear. While many people question if what we see online truly represents what this actress goes through as a mom, Alicia insists that it is. There’s a reason she and her kid are usually laughing together.

Alicia and Bear ride on a motorcycle.
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Alicia believes that laughing with your child every day is essential for a happy and healthy child-parent connection. That’s because she believes that laughter alters the body’s chemistry by enhancing bonding hormones and reducing stress hormones. As a result, she feels that laughter is beneficial to your relationship.

Alicia Always Makes Time for Herself During Her Parenting Day

It’s no secret that Alicia Silverstone enjoys nothing more than spending time with her kid. But, even though she could spend every day with Bear, she makes an effort to spend time apart from him. She constantly carves out an hour or two throughout her parenting day to focus on herself and put herself at the top of her priority list.

A photo of Bear and Alicia.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

This line of reasoning implies that you can only be emotionally generous and caring toward others if you take care of yourself. And while it may not be achievable for every parent on the planet, she believes that getting enough sleep and keeping track of your health can improve your happiness and that of your children.

She Is Encouraging Her Son to Participate in Community Service

Bear Blu Jarecki has always held animals and the environment high regard and was raised vegan since birth. He’s always shown them respect and promised to look after them, and he’s frequently volunteered at animal shelters to help keep the animals safe. But that’s not all he’s doing; Alicia urges him to continue volunteering.

Bear and Alicia pet a cow.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

Alicia said on her blog that her tiny kid, Bear, has done so much activism on his own. When he was young, he set up a stall at our local farmers’ market to sell local oranges. He constructed a wonderful messed-up sign out of orange crates, then gave the money he earned to Farm Sanctuary, which was his idea.” “He consistently cleans beaches wherever we travel, of his own accord,” she added. When I see him on a goal, I’m constantly motivated. ”

Alicia Believes That Having a Healthy Body Allows You to Be a Better Parent

This actress isn’t interested in getting “caught up in the latest parenting fads” that appear to be sweeping the globe. Instead, she strives to be as natural and unusual as possible. Her major philosophy is that to be a good parent, one’s body must be excellent.

Alicia and Bear during a hike.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

“The better we fuel our bodies, the better they operate,” she says. The more they work, the more we feel happy and healthier. And the more content and healthy we are, the more content and healthy our children will be. Not simply because their little bodies are doing what they’re designed to do biologically, but also because we moms have the energy to be involved and present.”

She’s Launched Her Breastmilk Sharing Movement

We already know that Alicia Silverstone thinks children should be nursed by their moms whenever feasible. She feels it is the healthiest and most satisfying method to feed a kid, but she recognizes that some individuals cannot do so. She’s created her breastmilk sharing campaign as a result of this.

Bear is drinking a smoothie in the kitchen.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

She started the Kind Mama Milk Share campaign, encouraging nursing mothers to share their surplus milk with others. She says of the effort, “We are a community of beautiful souls that know the value of food as health; I say we support people who need a hand during one of the most critical moments in their lives.” On the other hand, many health professionals have questioned the move to allow nursing women to exchange their milk.

She Wants All Future Mothers to Stay Away From “Toxic Sludge”

Alicia Silverstone’s parenting book devotes a significant chunk of its content to people who want to grow their families but are having difficulty doing so. Getting pregnant and raising a healthy child, in her opinion, boils down to what you consume in your body and avoiding “toxic sludge” that might jeopardize your chances of being pregnant.

Bear is making homemade pizza.
Source: Instagram/@aliciasilverstone

Meat, dairy, and processed meals, in her opinion, are the “toxic sludge.” She says that you shouldn’t eat these foods near your uterus since it’s a “baby home” that “requires care.” “You wouldn’t want to bring your newborn into a junk-filled house with a leaking roof and backed-up plumbing, would you?” She continued.

Post-partum Depression, according to Alicia, Is Caused by Junk Food

Because of her parenting methods—and the title of her book, The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning—Alicia Silverstone has earned the moniker “Kind Mama.” She also believes that individuals who follow her parenting recommendations are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.

Alicia and Bear visit a historic castle.
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According to her, mothers who consume more vegetables and avoid junk food and processed sweets are less likely to have postpartum depression. “Some women feel the blues after giving birth,” she said, “but it’s less prevalent among nice mothers. To avoid terrible postpartum depression, simply avoid specific meals, such as processed sweets, which make us feel imbalanced.

Alicia Keeps Her Son Informed About Her Dating Exploits

Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki appear to have perfected the art of co-parenting, but Alicia is still on the lookout for another partner. She’s stated that she’s very open to dating other people, and she goes on dates hunting for Mr. Right regularly. She miraculously informs Bear about every date she goes on to keep him informed.

Alicia, Bear, and a man are watching a football game.
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Because the dating scene may be difficult, Alicia feels it is critical to connecting with her son. “I go on dates, and I find it extremely exciting to meet interesting, intellectual, and diverse individuals,” she said. I’m ecstatic to be accessible and ready for whatever comes next. Of course, there’s a lot that’s perplexing about it. ”

She’s on the Lookout for Someone Who Reminds Her of Her Son

Alicia Silverstone has acknowledged that she is ready for a new relationship in her life and is actively looking for one, but she has some very high expectations. Alicia has mentioned that she is seeking an “exceptional unicorn” to find the appropriate partner to enter her life. That has something to do with Bear, her son.

Alicia, her date, and Bear are in the pool.
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The actress on Entertainment Tonight discussed this. “I believe the biggest thing is finding someone mostly satisfied with themselves, someone, solid,” she said. My son is remarkable—I’m sure every parent feels the same way about their child—so anybody I bring to play with him has to be extraordinary. It’s not something I’m taking lightly. My heart is wide open, and I’m delighted with whatever fate has in store. “