Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena in the World

When visualized by sight and from astronomy papers, our world and planet have in her an obsessing weight of beauty the natural mind can’t comprehend. The earth has of all galaxies, given her habitat to home a yet unaccounted number of inhabitants, including yourself

Rainbow clouds.
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Humans who occupy a higher scale of intelligence among all other inhabitants still haven’t seen all of this earth. From oceans and rivers to sink in, deserts to get totally lost in, and volcanoes to get frightened. We’re yet scratching her surface, but this article shows you fascinating ones.

The Gateway to Hell

Many places on earth have a legendary reputation for mysteries and hidden secrets. In the heart of the Karakum desert, Turkmenistan, we have a still life frightening impersonation of Hellfire. The burning pit is a natural gas field and a must-see destination

A woman takes a photo of the “Gates of Hell”.
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Accurate details of the fire’s source are lacking, with some hypotheses debunked, but history tells us it has been ignited over half a century by a set of petroleum engineers who didn’t put her to sleep. Since then, the fire’s energy has been multiplied by herself to sustain her existence.

Nacreous Cloud of Antarctica

Earlier, it’s been said that the earth keeps revolving and increasing in disorderliness; it’s phenomenal to find earth’s disorderliness attractive. Due to her course of the revolution, she experiences a temperature drop below the frost point in her stratosphere during winter, which gives birth to this cloud.

looking up at the pink Nacreous clouds.
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This is one of the must-see destinations with a requirement if you wish to see her. She appears alone after sunset, just before dawn. A cherry on the top is heading out of your coven during twilight hours in this polar region, and you’d see beauty ungraspable.

Underwater River of Mexico

Cenote Angelita translated as “little angel,” is an incredible cavern dive found in the Rivera Maya of Mexico. Worshipped as a holy site in ancient Mayan cultures. The underwater river is known to flow through 30 meters below the surface. It’s a must-see destination

Divers explore an underwater river.
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To witness the underwater river in motion, you need efficient oxygen on purchase, and pending the time, we wish to stay underwater, but you dive 35 meters deep. Experts say crocodiles can be seen in it sometimes, but it’s safe for your underwater fantasies.