How to Easily Spot an American Tourist Abroad

Americans have many distinctive qualities which make them stand out in a crowd. No matter what part of the world they are traveling around, certain typical traits can tell you that it is a group of American tourists.

Two women hold up their American passports.
Photo by Spencer Davis/Pexels

Here are some of the most common qualities that give away to Americans in any part of the globe. They aren’t all bad, but it’s just that Americans act differently from most other groups, so they are easy to spot. Here we look at some of the most obvious ways to spot an American abroad.

Americans Are Very Loud Talkers

Americans are a cheerful bunch of people. They don’t mind talking loudly in public places. So, while having dinner at a nice restaurant, if the table next to you has a group chatting away loudly, you can say without a doubt that these people are from America. This trait is particularly annoying for Europeans who enjoy their meals in peaceful environments.

A woman yells into a megaphone.
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However, it is hard to overlook the loud laughter and incessant chattering when a few American tourists are dining at the same food outlet. Other than restaurants, you can also quickly pinpoint them in parks, shops, beeches, or other popular tourist places due to their loud talking.

Casual Dressing with White Socks

You can quickly identify an American tourist from far off simply by how he has dressed up. They are highly casual dressers. Firstly, most of them like wearing shorts. Usually, shorts are worn mainly by the younger age group in places like Europe or Asia.

a man is wearing white socks with his shoes.
Photo by Marcos Rivas/Unsplash

The second most distinctive piece of clothing for Americans is their graphic t-shirts with text on them. You may spot them wearing tees that say “Seattle” or “Love New York,” an obvious giveaway. In Europe, socks that match the pants and compliment the shoes are the proper way of dressing. However, Americans use white socks no matter what they are wearing.

Choice of Food

Although many tourists would love to try the local cuisine, Americans are usually happy eating at Mcdonald’s. Their love for this international fast-food chain is evident. An American tourist would find a McDonald’s dinner anywhere in the world.

A woman eats McDonald's, French Fries.
Source: Pixabay

At the same time, they like their drinks chilled. A soda without ice is a big no for them. So if you spot a tourist demanding lots of ice for his drink, you would know it is an American. However, a significant positive is that Americans are usually the ones leaving a big tip.

Eating on the Go

Most people eat out to enjoy their food and appreciate the ambiance. However, when it comes to American tourists want to waste no time sitting to eat. You would see them walking around while munching on their food. This is because they love to look around as much as possible when they are in a foreign country.

A woman and a man walk with their coffee and food.
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Similarly, they like to sip their coffee on the go in disposable cups instead of sitting and drinking it peacefully. Lastly, it is hard to overlook the way Americans speak. A local can identify American tourists from their particular accent, which they’ve probably heard on TV!