40 Quick Home Repair Hacks That’ll Save You Time and Money

Owning a home might feel like a never-ending project that consumes time and money. We’ve got you covered, from little faults like squeaky doors or a leaking toilet to bigger problems like stains on the wall or noisy wooden floors. Home repairs can put a strain on a family’s budget.

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And they can also be exhausting. But you’d be surprised at how many things you can fix around the house in a short amount of time and with simple household items. We’ve compiled a list of simple hacks for fixing various household issues with items you’d never expect to work.

Fill Nail Holes With a Soap Bar

Virtually everyone reading this would have had problems with holes in the wall. It could be from mounting paintings, pictures, or in some cases, TV, on the wall. Here’s one easy way to cover up those nail holes on your walls. Instead of using a crayon, you can use soap!

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Slowly brush a basic bar of white soap over the hole in a counterclockwise direction. It will quickly patch up the hole. Any soap residue on the wall can be removed with a warm moist towel. And just like that, you’ve got a simple and effective solution to this problem!

How to Unscrew a Broken Lightbulb With a Potato

Have you ever mistakenly shattered a light bulb while still plugged in? Then you understand how frustrating it can be to get rid of it. But a potato will do the trick. Wait, a potato? Yep. We bet you never connected unscrewing a bulb with a potato.

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Here’s how: Cut a potato in half. Push the soft side of one half into the broken bulb until the glass is completely engulfed. Slowly spin it counterclockwise until the bulb comes out, then throw it away carefully. Remember to turn off the electricity and put on your safety gloves!

Use Ice Cubes to Treat Carpet Dents

If you’ve got a carpet that looks past its years, but you’re not ready to get a new one, don’t worry! Overused, damaged carpets can be easily restored to their former beauty. And when we say ‘easily,’ we mean it. All you need is an ice cube.

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Place an ice cube on the carpet’s dented area and allow it to melt. Once the water has been absorbed, the carpet’s hairs will quickly return to their original state. After the dry carpet, comb through the hairs with a hard-bristled brush to even out the carpet and fluff it up.

Use Baby Powder to Silence Squeaky Doors

Are your floors made of wood? And perhaps the floors are now squeaky? It’s because some loose bits of wood are scraping against each other. You don’t have to look too far to solve the problem. If you’ve got baby powder in the house, problem solved!

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Buy a little squeeze bottle (like the one that comes in hair dye kits) and fill it with baby powder to solve this problem. Then, using a makeup brush, rub the baby powder down into the spaces between the boards. Get rid of the clutter and relax in the silence!

How to Stop Your Doors From Slamming or Clattering

We’re always amazed at how much influence the little things can have on our daily lives. As they say, the devil is in the details. This idea is an excellent illustration of this. Here’s an easy way to keep the cabinet door from creaking or slamming.

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Place an inexpensive bumper on it or the door jamb. This is also true with drawers that slam shut. This will also prevent damage to your doors and drawers, prolonging their life span considerably. Bumpers are available in a variety of sizes and materials. And they were also cheap.

Repair Wooden Dents With a Hot Iron

Earlier, we needed something cold (an ice cube) to restore a dented carpet. Now, we need something hot – an iron to repair dents in the wood. We know a cool trick you can try with an iron to fix scratches or dents on your wooden floors or furniture surfaces!

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Remove all dirt from the affected area, then dampen it with a few drops of cold water. Ensure the indentation is wet and cover it with a damp towel. Move the hot iron in a circular motion over the towel. Wait for it to dry and see the magic!

How to Remove Scribbles and Crayon From Your Wall

We know it’s a struggle to keep your walls from crayons or pencil marks if you’ve got kids around your house. This is for all the parents with kids out there who understand how difficult it is to keep the walls clean! We know how difficult that is.

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If your wall paint has a sheen, spray a little WD-40 on it and wipe away the markings from markers or crayons with ease. However, if your wall paint is matte, avoid using WD-40 since it can discolor the walls. Try using a Magic Eraser in this case.

How to Remove Unpleasant Water Stains

Water stains on ceilings are caused by HVAC, plumbing, or roofing problems. But whatever the causes, the best thing is to address them as soon as possible to prevent severe damage. Here’s a way to remove those unsightly water stains on your house’s ceiling.

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This solution will help you clean first before painting over it. Get a basin, mix one cup of bleach and three cups of warm water, then carefully apply to the stain. This DIY solvent will remove mildew, grease, and dirt from the surface, allowing the paint to stick properly.

Find Out if Your Toilet Leaks in 30 Minutes

It’s a frustrating time when you’ve got a leaky toilet. Worst of all, you don’t always know on time. If you’re not sure if your toilet is leaking, a packet of Kool-Air will help you figure it out. Firstly, remove the toilet tank’s cover.

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Then pour the contents of a dark-colored Kool-Aid packet into the tank. Wait 30 minutes, and if the interior of the toilet bowl is the same color as the Kool-Aid when you return, it means the toilet is leaking. Just remember not to flush before the 30 minutes are up.

DIY Tip to Unclog a Drain

A clogged drain is something we’ve all experienced at least once before. It just depends on how serious each person’s case is. But there’s a tested way to solve this problem. With this simple remedy, you can unclog a slow-draining sink, bathtub, or shower. You won’t be using abrasive chemicals.

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So they won’t harm your pipes. Bring some water to a boil and pour it down the drain. Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain, followed by ½ cup pure white vinegar (some people add a ¼ cup of salt). Allow 10 minutes before flushing with hot water again.

Remove Suction by Drilling a Hole in Your Trash Can Liner

This is yet another example of a problem we all face regularly. But like the rest, we’ve got the ideal solution to this issue. If you have a trash can with a liner in your kitchen, you know how difficult it is to remove a full bag.

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It usually rips, and then the waste is spilled all over the place! It’s easy to fix the suction between the bag and the liner. Simply drill a hole in the side of the plastic liner (not the bottom to prevent leaks) and forget about the vacuum effect.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

We have already shown you an easy way of unclogging drains. But what if you don’t need it. They say prevention is better than cure. So, why not save yourself the trouble of unclogging clogged drains by not allowing them to clog in the first place?

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TubShroom is a product made particularly to address this issue. It’s available in your local supermarket or can be ordered on Amazon and delivered to your home. The product is designed in the shape of a mushroom, which catches hair and keeps it hidden until you remove and clean it.

Use Nail Polish to Fix Tear in Mosquito Screen Mesh

While this hack may not seem like a biggie right now, it’ll surely come in handy when mosquitos attack during the hot summer days! With a few drops of transparent nail paint, you can easily repair all the minor tears in your mosquito screen mesh.

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It will work as an undetectable glue once it has dried completely. This is a low-cost method of extending the life of your screen! Instead of spending on a new mosquito screen mesh, you can take your partner’s nail polish and revive the screen. It’ll look just like before.

How to Remove Rust From Chrome

Everyone knows how useful aluminum foil is. It’s important to use for food storage and covering baking surfaces at home. But aluminum foil has many more uses around the house than we thought. One of them is removing rust from any chrome surface quickly and easily.

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First, it’s best to clean such a surface with a microfiber towel and soapy water. Then, carefully rub the rusted areas with your aluminum foil ball dipped in clean water. Any chrome surfaces, such as work tools, bicycles, or automobiles, can be restored.

Rubber Band Prevents Doors From Shutting

Do you see those rubber bands that are always everywhere? Well, they have more uses than you might have thought. For example, when you’re carrying groceries from the car to your home on your own, making several trips with no one to hold the door open for you.

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There is, however, an easy fix to make this typical occurrence more bearable. Make a loop on both sides of the doorknob with a rubber band to keep it from latching and closing. Keeping a rubber band in your handbag or car is always a good idea!

Easily Find Studs With Measuring Tape

Finding studs in your wall is important because they can securely hold screws better. But you can’t look through your wall to know where they are. Here’s how to do it with a measuring tape. Look closely at the numbers on the measuring tape you have at home.

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You’ll find that some are red, and the rest are black. Alternatively, little black diamonds may be seen at intervals instead of red numbers on the tape. It all depends on the brand. These markers will guide you in locating studs and the space between them on your home’s walls.

Using Vinegar on Your Bath Shower Head

As you may be aware, tap water contains various minerals that begin to settle until rust and plaque appear. A simple tip for getting rid of mineral deposits and other filth from your shower head is to soak it overnight in pure white vinegar.

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Rinse and repeat this step as often as necessary. The vinegar’s acids will dissolve the white mineral deposits on the showerhead. Allow 1 hour or overnight for the showerhead to soak in the vinegar. The more soiled the showerhead is, the longer you may have to leave it in the vinegar.

The DIY Garage Wall Bumper

Is your garage space limited, and your vehicle is in danger of scratching the wall? Or perhaps you opened the car door and scraped the paint off the wall? Then keep reading to discover an amazing technique that can save you hundreds of dollars on car paint repairs.

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Carefully cut a foam pool noodle in half, then glue it on the wall at the desired height. This is one home repair tip that many car owners will need. You may not be able to control the size of your garage. But it shouldn’t ruin your ride.

Save Heating and Cooling Costs by Rotating Your Ceiling Fan Correctly

Did you know that altering the direction your ceiling fan rotates can help you save money on heating and cooling? In the winter, turn fans clockwise at a low speed to suck warm air up and distribute it throughout the room. Set it counterclockwise in the summer.

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This will push the chilly air down. While a fan will not change the room’s temperature, it can help you spread cold and warm air effectively. This is a smart way to make the best of the weather while also reducing your spending on heating and cooling bills.

Insulate Windows With Bubble Wraps During Winter

Firstly, this isn’t a permanent solution. So, don’t think you’ve found a way out. But it’s a smart way to solve an urgent need immediately should it come up. Check out this quick, easy, and cost-effective home remedy for a window leaking heat in the winter.

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Spray a small amount of water on the window and then stick a piece of normal bubble wrap to the glass. It’s not the most fashionable answer to this situation, but it’ll keep you out of trouble for now! It’s important to keep the heat in!

You Don’t Have to Scrub Your Microwave

You’ll need to clean your microwave often. Sometimes, up to once weekly, especially for those who heat many messy foods like sauces. But you don’t have to scrub your microwave that often. An easy home remedy to do this is by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water.

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Mix them in a microwave-safe basin and microwave for around seven minutes to fully clean your microwave without scrubbing it. The steam will loosen any oil stains or food remnants stuck to the walls once it begins to evaporate. It will be much easier to clean later.

Use Nail Polish to Tighten Screws

Screws might get loose and fall out from time to time. Whatever you were trying to secure could fall, break, and cause damage. And then the screw may go missing! This could incur additional costs for you due to the damage. And who has that much money to spend?

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If you have similar challenges like many other people, there’s a fantastic solution to this problem. Apply a few coats of nail polish to the screws if you have any on hand. It acts as glue and secures the item in place. It’s that easy!

Fill Nail Holes With Crayon

Although a soap bar can do the trick, crayons are a great substitute. Nowadays, many people use liquid soap often, so it’s hard to find a soap bar in houses. But if you have kids around or a painter, those crayons have more use than the canvas.

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Try this simple approach if you have a surface with nail holes that you want to smooth and mend. Pick a crayon that matches your wall color. Rub the crayon over the nail hole with hard pressure. Its waxy consistency makes it malleable, and it will quickly fill the hole!

Get the Best Caulk Edge With Tape

If you’ve ever tried to use caulk but couldn’t get that perfect straight edge, pick up some painter’s tape the next time, you’re at the hardware store. Unlike painting, we remove the painter’s tape while the caulk is still wet. You may ask why this is.

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If you wait for it to dry, you could pull up some of it. We don’t want that to happen! That way, your walls will look sharp and as if a painter did the job for you. The edges will look smooth with no spills.

Remove Stubborn Screws With Rubber Band

Do you have trouble removing jammed screws? They can be so tenacious that even electrical screwdrivers can’t get them out. Sometimes, you’ll be tempted to leave the screws there since they’re too stubborn. You don’t have to. There’s a way you can use to get around this!

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Rubber bands are quite useful around the house, and they’re important in this case as well. Here’s how; before attempting to remove the screw with the screwdriver, place a rubber band over the head of the screw. This will increase friction and allow you to remove it safely.

A Broom and a Dish Soap

Cleaning your bathtub can be a tiring and exhausting task. You’ll have to bend to scrape the surface. But what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? Save yourself the back strain that comes with scraping and cleaning the bathtub by bending.

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Use a broom specifically for this task and the same soap you use for the dishes. The detergent dissolves the soap scum and mildew in the bathtub. While standing up, brush and scrape it off with the broom. You can say goodbye to the back pain!

Use a Squeegee to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Pets can be adorable to have around the house. If you’ve got a fluffy animal with fur and hair, then this is a problem that you’ll face more often. And like the rest of the tips on this list, there’s an easy home remedy to solve this problem.

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If you have carpet and pets in your home, pay heed to this tip. We must remove dog or cat hair from the carpet more frequently than we. However, you’ll be amazed and grateful at how well a standard squeegee can remove pet hair from the carpet.

Revive Your Shower With Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwasher tablets are designed to dissolve hard water stains, making them ideal for toilet cleaning. They’re very useful to have, and you’ll see why. But besides cleaning the dishes and toilet bowls, dishwasher tablets can also be used for various other things around the house.

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They are fantastic at cleaning the shower! Cut a small indent on one of the sides of a standard sponge to match the size of the tablet and place it in the vacant slot. Scrub the shower surface with it once it has been wet. Everything will shine brighter!

Clean Washing Machine With Dishwasher Tablets

We weren’t kidding when we said dishwasher tablets are important in the house. And besides using them to clean the dishes, scrub shower surfaces, and clean toilet bowls, you can also clean your washing machine with dishwasher tablets. And it’s less expensive this way.

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Simply load the washing machine with dishwasher tablets and run a hot cycle. You can use up to four tablets at once, and they can be from any manufacturer. The amount of dirt, water, and grime will surprise you. Just try it and see!

Fix Squeaky Doors With Cooking Spray

This is a common problem in many homes. And of course, the first thing you sometimes think about is changing the entire door. Is there a squeaky door in your house? Have you perhaps rusted cabinet hinges? Is it starting to irritate you, and you don’t have any WD-40 on hand?

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Don’t worry; we’ve got a quick fix to get you out of this bind! No more squeaky doors or cabinets with a little cooking spray on the hinges! So, before you think about changing the entire door, why not try this useful home remedy technique first?

Remove Grouts With Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The grout between the floor tiles becomes filthy or fungus-infested over time. Thankfully, plenty of DIY solutions can help you remove grout from your tiles. A common home item like a toilet bowl cleaner can be used to clean and brighten things up quickly.

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Allow 15 minutes for the toilet bowl cleaner to settle on the grout in question. Then, gently scrub it using a small cleaning brush or even an old toothbrush. Finally, mop the area with warm water and allow it to dry. And you’ll see the magic unfold!

How to Amplify Music Without Speakers

Okay, we’ll admit that this isn’t a ‘home repair,’ but it can come in handy, especially when you’re cleaning and need music. You don’t always need earphones, and you can plug in the speakers. Here’s a cool trick to use if you forgot to pack speakers!

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When you place your smartphone inside an empty glass or bowl, the audio will significantly enhance when you turn on the music. The sound waves will bounce against the container’s sides, amplifying the volume. Who said natural physics couldn’t be used to tackle difficulties in everyday life?

Use Aluminum Foil as a Funnel

Here’s another entry into our list by aluminum foil. It’s such a useful home item to have around the house. If you don’t have enough at home, we suggest getting enough. They’re super important! Do you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any cooking utensils?

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Maybe you’re on vacation and renting a property, or maybe you’ve just moved in and only have a few things! If you need a funnel but don’t have any on hand, roll some aluminum foil into a cone shape and use that instead. Always have aluminum foil available!

Clean Your Sneakers With Toothpaste

Are you a sneakerhead? We’ve got one super effective way to get rid of the stains on your favorite sneakers! You don’t want the stains getting stuck forever, do you? Neither do we! Did you know that toothpaste can also be used to clean? Not just the teeth.

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But you can clean soiled sneakers with toothpaste to restore their dazzling white appearance! Using an old toothbrush and toothpaste, scrub any filthy spots you find evenly before rinsing with cold water. Use only non-gel white toothpaste for this project and avoid using colored toothpaste. Watch the stains go away!

How to Keep Your Garden Plants Watered

Do you love plants? And you want to or already have a garden. But maybe you’ve also got a busy schedule and can’t water the plants regularly. We’ve got a solution for you! Here’s a quick tip for keeping your garden well-watered without exerting too much effort.

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Make little punctures in any large soda bottle you have lying around the kitchen with an electric screwdriver. Fill it with water and set it between the plants in the soil. The water will slowly drain, allowing the roots to absorb the moisture. All you need to do is refill!

Keep the Oven Door Clean With Dishwasher Tablets

Here’s yet another entry into dishwasher tablets’ easy home repair tips. Alongside aluminum foil, they’re a useful home item always to have. And not just for cleaning dishes. Using a dishwasher tablet, you can quickly clean all the grease and filth.

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These would have accumulated in your oven door over the years. First, put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from potentially hazardous chemicals, as dishwasher tablets include bleach. The tablet should then be soaked in warm water and scrubbed to remove the grime. Rinse well with a damp cloth.

Clean Dirty Dishes With Tea Bags

Teabags are known to have many uses around the house. Some of them are, neutralizing garbage odor, relieving swollen gums, and repelling pesky rodents, among other incredible benefits. And they can also help with the dishes. Tea contains tannins, a chemical that, over time, causes tea stains on your cups.

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However, the astringent characteristics of tea tannins cut through grease. Thus it can also be used to clean unclean dishes. Submerge the soiled dishes in hot water and add around a dozen tea bags. You’ll be surprised at how easily the grease can be removed.

Shaving Cream Soothes Sunburns

Sunburn is caused by too much ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. UV light can come from the sun or artificial sources like sunlamps and tanning beds. First, we advise that you always wear sunscreen, even under shades. It’s a great way to prevent sunburn in the first place.

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But you can use shaving cream for sunburns if you don’t have aloe vera gel. The menthol in the shaving cream gives a chilly sensation while also hydrating the skin. It’s a quick solution, but physicians advise against using it for long periods or severe sunburns.

Use Ice Cubes to Clean Garbage Disposal

Ice cubes have more functions around the house than you may realize. They’re useful for treating carpet dents and come in handy if you want to remove wooden dents with a hot iron. This home remedy strategy can also use ice cubes to clean your waste disposal efficiently.

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Put as many ice cubes as you can into the garbage disposal and let it run for a few minutes. Allow the food and rubbish to be wiped away by the broken-down ice. Then, sprinkle some hot water and lemon over the top for added freshness when you’re done!

How to Clean Dirty Oven Trays

Cleaning the oven tray is important but can be tasking. It’s one thing to clean your oven tray, but it’s another thing to transform it into a new-like condition. Thankfully, you don’t need sophisticated tools to achieve this. This simple home recipe will restore the shine to your oven trays.

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Mix baking soda, soda crystals, and white vinegar in a bowl and soak the tray for 30 minutes. Then start cleaning by scraping away at the loose crud, then softly wiping away the extra dirt with a Brillo pad. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry.

The Laundry Hack You Didn’t Know About

Doing the laundry can be more fun and efficient if you know this hack. It can save you time and provides a more effective way to get cleaner clothes. Add 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup mineral-based home cleanser.

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Next, add a generous scoop of washing powder or liquid soap to a bathtub filled with hot water. Allow for several hours of soaking time, stirring the tub every hour. Remove the clothes and wash them regularly in the washing machine.

Smart Way to Deal With Leg Cramps

This isn’t a home repair hack, but it’s a home remedy trick that is tried and tested by many people. And it can work for you, too, if you’re not already doing it. Place a soap bar under your fitted sheet if you experience leg cramps.

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It could also be restless legs that keep you awake at night. Experts believe that the placebo effect or the presence of magnesium in the soap is what makes this work. Try a few other sorts and brands to test if this trick works for you.