GOATs of Guitars: The Greatest of All Time

Music cuts across every aspect of our lives as human beings, from serving as a psychological aid to dissolving interracial wars, bridging communication walls down to easing political and intellectual tension. Connect this dots are strings and not just any strings, those owned by guitars

Jimi Hendrix performs on stage.
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Of the many instrumentalist music holds as her prisoners, guitarists deserve every reverence and spotlight music shares with the world. Guitarists worldwide have plucked their strings, shredding our ears with chords and stirring our hearts with catchy melodies.

Heartbreaker, Jimmy Page

Taking our third spot is none other than Jimmy Page. Considered as one of the greatest who ever lived, he was a self-taught magical guitarist who had his life hungover mysticism and intrigue. Starting as a session artist, jimmy found his way to be a full-time guitarist.

Jimmy Page performs on stage.
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With releases like “dazed and confused,” “Kashmir,” and “heartbreaker,” being the lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, Page eased our hearing with his dark yet folkish sound as a fan all over the world has remained captivated between the sound of his music. His legacy and hard work paid off.

The ‘Slowhand’ of Eric Clapton

On our second spot, we have none other than Eric Clapton. The only guitarist and artist to be inducted three times into the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame would be the perfect expression for a silent storm if it had flesh. Clapton engraved fans around the world with his talent.

Eric Clapton performs on stage.
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His nickname ‘Slowhand’ originated from Giorgio Gomelsky. Clapton had an undiluted habit of playing so hard on his strings till they broke; in the course of replacing the string, fans did a slow handclapping till he was done. He’s famous for songs like “Layla” and “Tears of heaven.”

Exceptional Jimi Hendrix

No one deserves this spot other than Jimi Hendrix. He rose to fame in the late 1960s; Hendrix was the most exceptional guitarist ever lived. He was a guitarist who blended the American tradition of blues, jazz, rock, and soul with the British avant-garde tradition of rock to create his sound.

Jimi Hendrix performs on stage.
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He was the first to ever perfect feedback, and he formulated chords that were thought to be impossible. Hendrix couldn’t read music but had incredible handling on his strings. Tragically, Hendrix had the shortest life span of all on this list. He’s famous for songs like “foxy lazy” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”