Bands Who Are Notoriously Difficult When on Touring

Good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. Loud, dirty, messy, and unruly. This used to be the gospel of bands in the past; as their world tours were going on, a chaotic trail was behind them. It’s no surprise that many bands have a reputation for being very difficult to work with.

band members pose in front of their tour bus.
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It was almost expected that bands of the past had to live up to the expectation that they’d be wild. Things are much tamer and civilized now. Let’s remember some of the bands that used to leave a path of destruction.

Rock Legends Guns’ n’ Roses

Front-manned by one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most famous a-holes, Guns’ n’ Roses have a reputation of being unreliable on their live shows. The main reason, of course, is Axl Rose. Famous for his voice and being constantly late, Axl has provoked many riots during the band’s shows.

A group photo of Guns n' Roses.
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One of the most notorious happened in 1991, in St. Louis. Rose was bothered by a member of the audience in the front row, and when security failed to deal with the person promptly (for Axl’s taste), he proceeded to jump into the crowd to deal with it himself. This resulted in a riot that caused 65 injuries and thousands of dollars in damages.

British Rock Gods, The Who

The British group hated hotel rooms. No single room was left untouched after they left. No TV was left inside. Their drummer, Keith Moon, was the biggest offender. Keith destroyed hotel rooms and threw TVs out of windows like a caged wild animal.

The Who poses for a group portrait during the press launch party.
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But he didn’t stop in the rooms. Moon did not discriminate against pools and lobbies too. As multiple times he drove cars into them. While all the band led the rock lifestyle, no one did it quite like Keith Moon, who was chaos and carnage personified.

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith

Do you know how The Who used to destroy hotel rooms? Well, Steven Tyler and co took the art to another level. Using several tools like a chainsaw or even fireworks to make it more fun, they even used to take advantage of extra-long extension cords.

Aerosmith poses for a portrait in front of their plane.
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Why? You may ask. So the TVs could explode as they hit the pool. At least they made sure that no one was in there. The legend of rock bands and hotel rooms is the stuff of legend. The Who may have paved the way, but Aerosmith took it to the next level.

Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam

Can you race motorcycles through hotel corridors? Of course, you can, if your name is John Bonham. This was just one of the stunts they pulled on tour; there were too many to list. Some of them are controversial, like when guitarist Jimmy Page brought a Nazi uniform to wear in drag queen bars. They were so wild that their tour manager used to chain Page to the toilet in his room when he was too out of control.

Led Zeppelin / Pearl Jam
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Pearl Jam – The Seattle band famously has huge mosh pits during their shows which often got out of hand. If you’ve ever been in a mosh pit, you know that the experience can be scary; you might feel like your life is in peril. Unfortunately, this was the case during the festival, where tragedy struck and eight people suffocated.