You Won’t Believe What These People Are Wearing to the Grocery Shop

Although grocery shopping may appear to be a mundane chore, it has become more than just that for some people. It is now a platform for them to flaunt their extreme style and interests. These people have gone to the store dressed in outrageous and entertaining clothes.

A collage of bad outfits worn while grocery shopping.
Source: Twitter

Life seems to unfold at the neighborhood grocery store, portraying human existence so perfectly that you may forget you’re shopping and instead be witnessing a show. Consider your next visit to the shop as a front-row seat to an award-winning improvisation, and we guarantee it will improve your experience. Scroll down to discover the strangest costumes ever seen at a store! In comparison, online supermarket shopping is tedious!

We’ve Noticed You, Pikachu!

After having children, one of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is dressing up as a family in a group costume. Rather than dressing up your kids and calling it a day, join in the excitement with family costume ideas that are too amazing to pass up. Isn’t it true that a family that loves Pokémon together stays together?

A family goes out dressed as Ash, Mai, and Pikachu.
Source: Twitter

This adorable family dressed up as their favorite characters from the videogame franchise, and it’s one of the cutest things you’ll ever see! Way to go, lads. The fact that the tiny beauty is dressed like our personal favorite, Pikachu, is our favorite aspect of the complete costume. Do you suppose the kids’ cheeks were tinted rosy, red for extra effect?! We certainly hope so!

Regards, Domo Arigato

Sumo is your chance to go head-to-head with your friends and land some hefty body punches. All of this occurred without incident… or at least not to a significant degree. You’ll fight to grab a grasp on and toss your opponent Sumo style while wearing the famed and slightly ludicrous inflatable Sumo wrestling outfits. You can only be a certain percentage of a true Sumo to fit into one of these costumes.

A man is shopping in a blow-up suit.
Source: Twitter

We’re sure that everyone who passed this man in the department store did a double-take to ensure they didn’t see things. The skin hue of the sumo outfit he’s wearing matches his natural complexion. We don’t blame other shoppers for being perplexed when they spotted this man. All we have to say is that purple is unmistakably his favorite color!

Give Me a Call

For half the population, single individuals, some days are particularly difficult. And for many of us, whether we’re newly single or have been alone for a long time, being alone may be difficult. The enormous pink hearts and bouquets of red roses only remind us that we don’t have someone to vent our frustrations to, leaving us with nothing but single jokes as consolation.

A man is wearing a shirt with handwriting on the back.
Source: Reddit

Have you had enough dating apps? So is this individual! He’s had enough of online dating and has decided to try something new in the hopes of finding love. For his efforts, we grant him an “A.” This shirt is a true head-turner, and it makes us happy. We believe he has to work on his handwriting, which seems like a first-grader wrote it.

Bjorn the Goat

If you’ve ever been in love, you know how thrilling, enthralling, and, let’s face it, terrifying it can be. And, while you’ve probably told your pet about your latest crush (haven’t we all?! ), you may have pondered if our animal companions share our capacity for love. However, some people go too far. According to our records, the name of this carrier is “Baby Bjorn,” not “Goat Bjorn.”

A couple walks into the store with a goat in a baby carrier.
Source: Reddit

We’re not making judgments. We’re just curious how this could be deemed pleasant for anybody involved. Carrying a goat on your back sounds like a lot of work, and there’s no way a goat would be happy riding in a baby carrier. We’d probably select a stroller if we had to pick a baby product to carry a goat around in.

Hannah and Joey Forever

Not every relationship ends well, and there’s a lot of room for a wedding to go awry: you’ve got open bars. Brides and grooms are naturally nervous. Some relationships disintegrate quickly, while others may take years to break down. What about breakups that occur right before the wedding?

A couple of shops while the woman is in her wedding dress.
Source: Tumblr

We guess as to what’s going on in this picture. Hannah was heading down the aisle when she looked up and spotted her closest friend, Joey, and knew she couldn’t go through with her wedding. They dashed out together, stopping at Walmart to stock up on necessities before starting their new life together! Hannah, we’re so glad you said “yes” to genuine love!

New Wizard in Town?

For Halloween, dressing up as Jason, Freddy Krueger, or other mythical murderers is so overrated. It’s a lot more enjoyable to come up with Halloween costume ideas that will make people laugh aloud. We’d all want to indulge in a little magic now and then, especially around Halloween.

A man shops dressed in a wizard costume.
Source: Twitter

Do you believe this wizard left his wand somewhere in his imagined realm and went to Walmart to get a replacement? Or are you just a latecomer to the Halloween party? We hope so because it is an incredible story, whatever the case! What could a wizard possibly want at Walmart besides new flip-flops? We hope his new wand works, and he’s on his way back to Wizardland.

Retail Transformer

Children’s imaginations run wild, but you’d be astonished to learn that it doesn’t stop there. Some adults, for example, have creative qualities as children and do more than just preserve them as fictitious characters as they get older. Imagine being welcomed by a Transformer when you stroll into your neighborhood Walmart!

Someone shops while dressed in a transformer costume.
Source: Reddit

The brand appears to have opted to market its newest range of toys by embedding real-life transformers in their branches, and we think it succeeded! This is an excellent business decision. We’re not even big fans of Transformers, but something about this man makes us hope for a Transformer for Christmas next year.

What a Mistake

To be clear, the bizarre clothing designs on the high fashion runways should be seen as artworks and, in part, as a showcase of designers’ abilities; they are not intended to be worn, and you’re unlikely to find them in any store or boutique. However, this regulation does not apply to this ridiculous and awful clothing designed to be worn and sold in stores.

A woman walks through the store with a massive tear on the back of her shirt
Source: Twitter

Have you ever worn something you despised so badly that you wanted to take it off? This woman understands exactly how it feels, only she went ahead and did it. She was halfway through when she realized that pulling her top off in the grocery parking lot might not have been the best idea.

The Greatest Showman Performance

When The Greatest Showman premiered on the big screen in 2017, it snatched all of our hearts and took our breaths away. This film features a great cast, a poignant plot, stunning musical performances, and stellar costumes. It follows a visionary who rises from nothing to create a play that becomes an international success.

A man shops in a red suit with coattails.
Source: Reddit

While we enjoyed the performance, you may be surprised to learn that some performers are exactly like us! They, like the rest of us, must go grocery shopping. He’s dressed to impress, and he certainly made an impression on us! Please excuse us, sir, but could you please perform for us? Yes, smack in the heart of Walmart!

Rain Pours Down on Her Parade

Rainfalls may elicit a broad range of human feelings, from contemplative and introspective to peaceful and tranquil. However, that overcast sky and the sound of rain on the ground might make us feel light-hearted and joyous at times. Perhaps not always, as we imagine this circumstance must have been.

A woman shops in a bright yellow rain poncho.
Source: Tumblr

Rain poured on this girl’s parade, and there was nothing left for her to do but go shopping at Walmart. She appears to be having difficulty selecting the ideal shampoo, which we entirely understand, given the enormous selection! She’s still unquestionably amusing to look at.

All Eyes on You

Pants are an easy way to appear stylish and put together. Looking back on our formative years, however, many of us would undoubtedly realize that what appeared to be trendy at the time was more humorous than stylish. Past fashions often seem to make their way back into the contemporary zeitgeist. For many, even vintage clothes have become a curiosity.

The back of this woman's pants has leopard eyes on them.
Source: Tumblr

This pair of trousers give the phrase “watch your back” a whole new meaning. We’re not sure why someone would want cat eyes on their rear, but we’re delighted she found it. Because she’s wearing a leopard print shirt, you can tell she’s a huge cat woman. She’ll be monitoring you no matter where you go!

Pose for the Camera!

Photos that make you laugh are equally as memorable as those that make you cry. However, conceiving these amusing positions requires more ingenuity than standard family photographs. Using props may be beneficial and is recommended. Keep an open mind and a few of these amusing image suggestions in your back pocket.

A woman strikes a sexy pose in her tight dress and stiletto heels.
Source: Twitter

Have you ever seen someone go to the grocery store only to take pictures of themselves? People who didn’t need to purchase anything but thought they were attractive and wanted to take a picture under the fluorescent lights of the grocery store? You’ve never heard of it before, right? You’re looking at one of them right now, so don’t worry. This “influencer” felt great and wanted everyone to know it (including her local grocer)!

Weather to Wear a Sweater

Yes, another shopper is about to pose for the camera. Whether photographing a gathering or taking selfies in the store, this person always seems to be up for a good time. However, here’s a great option for her: squishing faces. Pressing your face against a pane of glass is the easiest way.

A woman shops while only wearing an oversized button-down shirt.
Source: Reddit

This lovely lady appears to have jumped out of the shower, grabbed the first item she saw, and dashed to the grocery to… um, smell a bar of chocolate? We’re all for the perfect photo op, but we think they went a bit too far. On the other hand, her lover is most likely shopping for his favorite clothes! We hope someone will gaze at us as she does at this chocolate!

Have You Never Seen a Pet Lizard?

Getting your pet lizard is more than just a fantasy notion; many people are already considering it. Several dragon lookalikes may be kept as pets, thanks to the exotic pet trade. Reptiles make up the majority of “dragons” in the pet trade. We’re sure you’ve seen individuals wandering about with their pets at the supermarket.

A woman has a lizard on the back of her head.
Source: Twitter

You could have even seen someone going around with a parrot on their shoulder. We’ve seen some strange things in our time, but we’ve never seen somebody wearing a lizard on their head. This woman’s loyal reptile is so well-placed that it appears she’s wearing a hair accessory rather than her pet!


They are choosing what to wear before a store visit can be difficult. Putting together an effortlessly fashionable ensemble becomes a minefield when you’re also attempting to create a good first impression. A good pair of leather pants may be a terrific alternative in the winter for many ladies since they are flattering and timeless, attractive wardrobe staples.

A woman dressed in tight leather pants bends forward.
Source: Reddit

This woman appears to be in desperate need of aid. She can’t bend down to pick up her favorite tuna brand because her leather trousers are too tight. We’re confident she’ll put on a pair of sweatpants instead of them the next time she has errands to run. We can’t help but wonder if she gave up after this shot was taken and ended up buying off-brand tins.

Sun-Like in Appearance

Are these the most embarrassing sunburn failures you’ve ever seen? You’ll be grabbing for the SPF after seeing photographs of raw red skin and terrible tan lines. Most of us have had to cover ourselves in after-sun at some point, but this poor sunbather’s colossal flops are hard to surpass.

A woman walks through the store with a truly bad sunburn.
Source: Tumblr

We hope this late-night Walmart run was for aloe vera, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The sunscreen, on the other hand, maybe superfluous at this stage. If you’ve ever been sunburned, you know how painful it is to move about. So, considering this is one of the worst sunburns we’ve seen in a long time, glancing at this shot is shocking. Despite this, the young girl trots off as if she hasn’t cared for the world!

The Human Fish Tank

Some of us are cooped up at home doesn’t mean we have to abandon our fashion sense! It’s crucial to look attractive, whether you’re remaining inside or heading outside to the mall for a brief breath of fresh air. You will feel better if you look good. What do you do with a water jug once everyone has finished drinking?

A man wears a plastic container over his head as a mask.
Source: Twitter

It’s transformed into a human fish aquarium. That’s what you’re good at! This man’s new facial armor is so thick that he can’t see through it to count his money properly. This is germaphobia at its finest; the only problem is that it’s difficult to navigate the market when you’re completely protected!

It’s a Prehistoric Party!

While we all like a nice store visit, some genuinely terrible fashion outfits are out there, and we’ve all seen our fair share of them. Unintentionally hilarious outfits? (Yuck!) On the other hand, some people have become chronic victims of fashion disasters. Someone is preparing to throw a once-in-a-lifetime party, and we weren’t invited.

A group of friends goes shopping in blow-up dinosaur costumes.
Source: Reddit

We’re not angry; we’re just disappointed that no one thought to invite us to the dinosaur party. Shopping in this outfit appears quite tough, so congrats to these three for getting everything they require for their get-together! We’d clap our hands, but we all know T-arms Rex’s are too short of reaching each other!

We Have a Steampunk Here

You might want to try something different when you’ve had enough of wearing the same old t-shirt and trousers. You no longer want to fit in with the crowd; instead, you want to stand out and make a statement. Even if your cowboy hat and varsity jacket combination sound fantastic in your imagination, the fact is that not all outfit combinations should be worn.

A robed figure shops while wearing a steampunk doctor mask.
Source: Reddit

You don’t go to Walmart every day and see this. This is a disturbing picture to view at first glance. You have no idea what’s going on behind that mask and cloak. But then you see what this person was buying (limes and beer), and you’re instantly at ease because you realize that even the reaper enjoys a good time!

The Cat Lady

Cats had dominated the internet nearly since its creation, with photographs of cats being exchanged on Usenet even before most people had dial-up access. On the other hand, Cats moved from being a thing to becoming a thing online just over a decade ago, owing to YouTube.

A woman pushes her cants in a stroller.
Source: Tumblr

This woman gives the term “cat lady” a whole new meaning. It’s one thing to talk about your kitties all the time; it’s quite another to bring them to the grocery store with you. These feline pals appear to be seasoned veterans of the rodeo. They’re used to going to the grocery store once a week, and everyone who works at the market is too. They’ve decided to ignore each other at all costs.

Sponge Bob?

Hairdressing is an extremely serious job, as anybody who has had to disguise a cry of dread as a yelp of excitement when a hairdresser displays their new do can attest. And a skilled hairdresser is someone you should value almost as much as your biological family in your life.

A woman with bright yellow colored hair.
Source: Twitter

Is it just us, or does this woman appear to have just exited Bikini Bottom? In her defense, she’s in the costume area, which gives us hope that this is part of a larger, more intricate Halloween outfit. What if she can’t locate a Spongebob Squarepants costume? Who would she dress up as in that case?

The Month of the Bad Hair

No way! People won’t be able to see me like this. “I’m not even sure my own mother will recognize me.” Almost all of us have probably felt this way after a bad haircut. You’ve massacred your haircut, whether it was due to the will of a newbie/hungover/angry hairdresser or your own clumsy hands at home. You’re now unable to leave your house due to embarrassment.

A cashier rocks a really weird haircut.
Source: Reddit

The expression on this young lady’s face screams, “This is a terrible haircut, I know. But there’s nothing I can do about it right now, so why don’t you just snap a photo and leave me alone? ” Aside from the fact that this is one of the strangest haircuts we’ve seen in a long time, we’re curious about how this woman’s hairdresser managed to get such flawless circles–that takes some skill!

The Graveyard Shift

Most individuals go to a store, buy what they require, and then leave. On the other hand, some merchants are going above and beyond to attract customers. It might entail offering uncommon things or providing a unique experience for their clients, but there are failures sometimes. This guy seems to have been hauled out of bed (or possibly a rodeo?) and instructed to stand guard and watch the cookies.

A man takes a nap on the floor of the grocery store.
Source: Tumblr

Despite his confusion, he accepted the challenge but immediately understood that no one cared about the cookies at 3 a.m. and promptly fell asleep. He was fortunate enough to be stationed amid a supermarket, which meant that if he became hungry or thirsty during his “long” shift, he could just glance around him and pick whatever seemed most tasty. In this case, he needed some Dr. Pepper.

The Ideal Wedding

Some retailers have taken it upon themselves to go a step further by providing something outside of the shopping experience that customers may enjoy while jumping from store to store or bouncing between aisles. Their business plan is straightforward: to get as many people as possible into their stores.

A wedding ceremony is being held in the store's garden section.
Source: Reddit

Either this couple met and fell in love at Walmart, or someone made a mistake and forgot to reserve a wedding venue; either way, this is a great use of space at your local store. We have a lot of questions about this photo. We’re curious as to what people ate at the reception. Did they buy pizza bits and soda pop from the frozen foods section? Was it the branch manager who performed the wedding? We need some answers.

Displeased Customer

We’ll never grow weary of watching people dressed strangely when they go to public areas. Some of these clothes are becoming increasingly amusing, while others make us question the reasoning behind the decision to wear such garb. We have a plausible explanation for this. What happens if you’ve returned so many goods to customer service that they refuse to deal with you?

A customer dressed in a bunny suit stands in line at the customer service desk.
Source: Twitter

Of course, you dress up like a frightening bunny! The fact that the rabbit is staring directly into the man who took this photo’s soul is the part that makes us shudder the most. “What exactly are you looking at, sir?! You’ve never seen a rabbit at a store before, have you? ”

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot

Everyone desires a powerful costume game. While there will undoubtedly be a plethora of spectacular clothing, there will also be a plethora of outfits that will terrify you for all the wrong reasons. The type will send throngs of sobbing kids fleeing porches without a single Tootsie Roll in sight.

A woman dressed as a flaming hot Cheeto poses in the store.
Source: Twitter

Don’t get us wrong: we adore Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but dressing up as one for a trip to the shop strikes us as a bit excessive. We’re guessing this was either a lost bet or Halloween because there’s no other logical reason why someone would go grocery shopping dressed as a snack!

Above and Beyond the Strange

Making a hideously creepy costume will haunt you for the rest of your life, but it’s a tradition as old as trick-or-treating and horror movie marathons. Let us raise our skeleton-hand chalices in a mournful drink to one of history’s most magnificent costume missteps. Despite receiving his fair share of stares in the market, this charming older man chose to dress as he pleased and be himself.

An old man shops in a red dress.
Source: Tumblr

We adore him for it. Furthermore, there is some modest and respectable red clothing, not to mention his well-styled hair and adorable small black shoes. Something tells us he even spent his time picking out the earrings he was planning to wear. And don’t forget about those bright blue socks!

Jeez, It’s Called Fashion!

Fashion is a multi-phased creative process that begins with an idea in your brain, progresses to a drawing on the page, and finally to apparel on the rack. After seeing the clothing design below, you’ll think the same thing.

A man has his plants hanging incredibly low.
Source: Tumblr

Have you ever heard of a belt? Or perhaps a pair of petite pants? We’re all for current, hip fashion, but this is incorrect. It’s also probably rather unpleasant to enter. As if wearing jeans that go past your knees wasn’t shocking enough, this guy appears to be nearly posing for attention. Pull up your trousers, friend, and do us all a favor!

Jeez, It’s the King of Pop

When shopping at a supermarket, most individuals don’t pay much attention to what’s happening around them. They simply walk in, get what they need, and leave. There’s nothing wrong with it, but we recommend giving it a second thought the next time you go grocery shopping. Why? Because even a sign that is incorrectly worded or misaligned can brighten your day!

A Michael Jackson look-a-like is seen shopping
Source: Reddit

Even the King of Pop seemed to like his box of Cheez-Its. Of course, he has a young, semi-naked blonde at his side. As perplexed as we are by this eerily realistic Michael Jackson impersonator, that woman seemed to be much more perplexed. Perhaps that’s why she left the lower part of her dress. Or maybe she was simply trying to be helpful and make her pal appear as stupid as possible.

This Isn’t Woodstock, Is It?

The store might be one of those locations where you can discover uninvited laughter just by glancing at misplaced signage or strangely dressed customers. Here’s another amusing display to add to the store for some nice laughs.

A woman is dressed in a colorful tie-dye outfit.
Source: Tumblr

Oh, the bows, bears, and bugs! It’s everything here in this one-woman show. She’s wearing a tie-dye Grateful Dead shirt, a golden, sparkly ribbon on her head, and a plush animal insect on one of her legs! Let’s hope that’s just a lovely bandage for a cut rather than a new fashion trend. Even though this girl likes dressing up based on the aisle she’s in.

Keep an Eye on Where You’re Walking

We have to admit that we’re a little preoccupied with failures. And the thing is, if you start looking for them, you’ll find them all over the place. Even something as mundane as completing your grocery shopping might be a treasure for fail-spotters worldwide. Yes, that’s correct! Even supermarkets make mistakes now and then, and we can’t help but chuckle!

A woman is wearing a neon yellow vest that says
Source: Twitter

That vest is essential in our lives since it is just ideal. “You didn’t see us there, sorry!” she ultimately says to every individual who has ever bumped into us. We’re sure you’ve noticed us by now, haven’t you? Besides, every time her car breaks down on the side of the road, we’re sure she looks like a boss. Perhaps don’t wear it to the supermarket?

Above All Else, Take Care of Your Skin

Some people consider skincare just another aspect of their everyday hygiene routine. Before bed, use a face scrub in the shower or a makeup wipe. Then there are those among us who consider skincare a pastime, a passion, and a way of life. Every skincare enthusiast understands the ups and downs of perfecting and maintaining their ideal regimen. But it may feel like a burden after a hard day, and we sometimes get carried away searching for flaws in the mirror.

A woman shops while still wearing her cleansing facemask.
Source: Reddit

You don’t always have enough time to let your new face mask dry before you have to leave the house. We understand. It is critical to have healthy skin. At the store, looking sane is a little more difficult. Maybe she was just bored while waiting for that mask to dry, and she had a strong desire for mangos or whatever fruit she had in her luggage.

Our Special Easter Bunny

We’re hardly the most devout people on the block, but Easter has always been one of our favorite holidays. It always appears to fall on a beautiful, warm, and sunny day, signaling the official start of spring. It’s not one of those stressful holidays when you have to buy many presents, wrap them, and generally stress yourself out.

A man is dressed in a suit covered in ornaments and Easter bunnies.
Source: Tumblr

Meet the Easter Man, who visits you once a year to brighten your Easter celebrations. But if you encounter him at the grocery store, get out of there quickly! Although our initial reaction is similar to the child’s, we are completely shocked by this man’s commitment. And, craziness aside, those bright eggs and bunnies and whatever he has on his head look fantastic.

The Sixth Component

It’s tough to know what is and isn’t deemed “in” at any particular time unless you have your finger on the fashion trend pulse. But, regardless of how poor your fashion judgment is, we’re sure we can all agree that hideous clothing will never be fashionable.

A man has strands of tape across his body.
Source: Reddit

Milla Jovovich is the only person who can wear this outfit and get away with it. You’ll look like a mopped-up mop who just cleaned up some orange juice if you don’t. That’s not even a good try at a Fifth Element outfit, guy! You used masking tape! Even the blue alien next to him appears to be in better shape than this train catastrophe.

At Walmart, There’s an Oompa Loompa?

Everyone wants to appear stylish, but it might be more difficult than it. Being stylish goes hand in hand with wearing the most absurd outfits, and no one understands this better than these unfortunate gentlemen who found themselves on the wrong end of the spectrum. When we look at this shot, we can think of “Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do!”.

A woman with blue hair and dressed all in blue is shopping.
Source: Reddit

We’re hoping the individual in this picture is wearing a wig and hasn’t dyed their hair this color! In any case, it’s a very amusing spectacle. Although it appears that they have a blue obsession because the toy they’re holding is the same color as their clothes and hair!

The Apple Juice Fever

We confess that not everyone is a fashion guru, and we occasionally struggle to choose the perfect clothes designs. However, some people fail so miserably at producing or wearing garments that you can’t help but wonder how they managed it. The blunders are both amusing and unfathomable at times.

A man shops in a suit jacket, plaid skirt, and hot pink tights.
Source: Reddit

Oh, the pleasures of quenching your apple juice thirst on your way to the opera. Look at him with his suit, gorgeous plaid skirt, and hot pink tights; he’s all class. If we’ve ever seen a fashion statement, this is it. Sir, our hats are off to you. Also, your adorable bow tie.

We Have a New Best Friend

Hair is something that a lot of people take very seriously. Sure, it grows back, but nothing compares to a major hair disaster. We’ve all been there: we’re excited to try something new, and then… “What have we done?” we wonder as we examine ourselves in the mirror. We don’t know about you, but this man sounds like someone we’d like to hang out with. He also has a pet goat.

A man with flowers in his hair holds a baby goat.
Source: Tumblr

This amazing older man was on his way to the grocery store, but we’re sure it took him a while because everyone was taking pictures of him. This guy has it all: multicolored flowers in his long, white hair, a bright pink blouse, a blue fanny bag, a coffee cup, and a baby goat.

The Tie-Dye Godfather

Buying things is so last year. Therefore, more and more people are turning to DIY projects for their needs. And, thanks to the internet, many DIY craft ideas are only a few clicks away—everything from holiday decorations and toys to clothing and makeup can be done at home. At least, that’s what they say.

A man shops in matching tie-dye shirts and pants.
Source: Twitter

Say hi to the tie-dye godfather, or perhaps he’s Jerry Garcia’s long-lost cousin. We adore this man’s outfit; just look at the attention to detail – the shoes, suspenders, pants, shirt, and lack of guilt. But, joking aside, we applaud this man for being himself and dressing as he pleases. And we wish him luck in his search for Kool-Aid.

Today Is National Inside Out Day

Nobody wants to look at people dressed properly when there is an option to look at those dressed like idiots on the table. That is exactly what this is. Fashion designers are always attempting to push the boundaries of the industry. Their goals are laudable, but they usually end in disaster.

A woman wears her underwear over her pants.
Source: Reddit

May you please excuse us? ” You appear to have made a little blunder with your attire. Underwear is normally worn first, followed by pants. Unless this woman is experimenting with a new fashion trend, we are unconcerned. Do what you want! Maybe she felt that all of her outfits were too boring to wear any longer, so she tried something new. And we have to give it to her; she drew our attention.

Delightful Ramen Soup?

Although most ads allow us to skip them, look for other videos to watch, or catch up on emails, there is always a handful that pleasantly surprises us, such as this one. We all enjoy a nice bowl of Ramen noodles, but this is a little excessive, friend.

Two men shop in matching ramen-themed tracksuits.
Source: Reddit

Let’s hope these two were on their way to a “World’s Weirdest Costumes” celebration. It’s the only reason I can think of going out in public like this. At the very least, they mixed them up: one is beef, while the other is chicken. When it comes to the flavor of your noodles, you can never have too many options.