The Best Fishing Photos That will Crack you up

The life of a fisherman seems so stress-free. With the wide-open waters and some cold beer, fishermen definitely know how to relax. It’s no wonder so many people take fishing trips. These people got much more than what they signed up for.

A man holding a fish in front of a bear
Source: Habittribe

Fishing is definitely considered one of those hobbies that some people have the patience for and others find boring. Yes, it can be therapeutic, but sometimes unexpected things happen. Check out these awesome and hilarious fishing photos!

Who Should I Pick?

It’s always fun to go on a finishing date, if you don’t get seasick and like the ocean of course. Eric and his wife love the outdoors, so he decided to bring her along on his fishing trip!

Man holding a woman and a fish
Source: Greeningz

Eric caught the big one and was very proud of his fish! The problem was now it’s between the fish and his wife, he couldn’t decide which he wanted to make for dinner and which one he wanted to have dinner with.

Nice Day To Catch a Monster!

Victor is new to fishing. He needed a hobby and thought fishing would be a nice way to relax and relieve stress. One morning he decided to go out for a nice quiet day to catch a few little fish.

Man being dragged in the sand
Source: Worldation

Things weren’t as relaxing as he thought. Victor was dragged by, what seems to be a monster! Thankfully Victor is okay, but it’s hilarious to see how far he got dragged.

Fishing in Traffic

Most people stay home during floods. However, this guy isn’t going to let the weather ruin his fun! Instead of staying home, Tom brought out a chair and a fishing pole and went outside to fish.

Source: Imgur

I don’t want to ruin his day by telling him that fish don’t just appear in all water. He looks like he’s enjoying himself. Hopefully, he won’t be too disappointed when he doesn’t catch a fish in the middle of the street.

Sneaky Fish

Fish aren’t as dumb as people think. At times, fish can even outsmart humans and sneak up on you when you least expect it. This picture is a perfect example of that.

Big fish in the water
Source: Fetchsport

The “professional” fisherman thought they had it all figured out. However, they didn’t notice this guy. This huge fish came out of nowhere! Luckily, one of the fishermen snapped a picture at the perfect time.