Strangely Accepted Anomalies You’d Only See on the Subway

The Subway is a means of transportation to a million individuals; the station serves as an underrated mental UNICEF gathering. Different folks of different moral standards and ethics share the instant speed of railway conveyance and transportation.

A man hangs from the poles on the subway.
Source: Pinterest

Most times, the monotonous routine of the subway gets interrupted by strange anomalies that tend to have their “moment.” Also, most folks are battling mental or career issues, one problem, and the subway allows people the opportunity for expression. These photos were taken of some having moments, and we’re glad to share them with you

You Left Your Umbrella in the Rain

Afore, we told you a lot of folks are battling wars, mentally, psychologically, and career-wise. From the photo, it’s clear that the rain is falling, so our first speculation will assume he forgot his umbrella in the shower. And given the authority he holds, he’s ready to get wet.

A man sits on the subway while wearing a garbage bag over his body.
Source: Reddit

Looking from two other perspectives now. First, it’s no surprise anyone is seated next to him; he might be mentally depressed, but he’s corporately dressed, so he might not be completely insane. Again, he might be a fashion enthusiast who’s looking for clout.

We’re Too Tired to Care

The city that never sleeps, New York City, is the only place you can see an anomaly like this, and no one will seem to care about anything other than their cell phone. The first question is why, of all the pets to cater to worldwide, a sane person will choose a peacock.

A guy brings his Peacock on the subway.
Source: YouTube

But, considering their proud trait of unnecessarily finding the silliest reason to spread their wings, why would he hold her in such space in the subway? At least they don’t seem to care, or maybe they’ve had her moment with the Peacock. But what if, what if he opens his wings and injures folks?

No seat? I’m Fit

Everyone seems to give a rat tail about this purple show-off, except the two guys discussing quite a meaningful discussion. Like, why would anyone even want to inconvenience themselves this much for clout? We even thought there were no seats, but there vacant once, bro.

A man hangs from the poles on the subway.
Source: Pinterest

Even if you want to pull something this insane, doing it with an, I don’t care face, holding your iPhone, and jamming to your headphones isn’t the best option. You’re looking for clout; you want us to know you’re fit, so you should as well find it fitting to wear a clout face.