Some Beautifully Strange Things From Around the World

There are many strange things in the world, and we wanted to highlight some of the best here. Our first one is about penguins taking a trip on an airline. Penguins are flightless birds, and it all makes sense to have them take to the air via an airplane to travel from place to place.

Snowballs are washed up along the beach.
Source: Reddit

Once SeaWorld transported its penguins aboard a Southwest Airlines commercial flight. The logic made sense, but it was still weird. Imagine seeing a penguin going through airport security! Other passengers much have needed a double take!

The Friendly But Weird Humphead Maori Wrasse

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef right off Australia’s coast is likely on many people’s bucket lists. Travelers are presented with several fish species in the Great Barrier Reef, especially the Humphead Maori Wrasse fish. It’s a bizarre but friendly-looking creature.

A snorkeler with a Humphead Maori Wrasse fish.
Source: Flickr

This fish has recently grown in popularity and is one of the favorite photographed fish by visitors of the Reef. According to reports from Barrier Reef Australia, the Wrasse fish is said to have very photogenic puppy-like eyes and are very friendly.

Having a Stroll with a Goat

Depending on where you visit, it isn’t uncommon to see people having different and unusual household pets outside of the common pets that we’re used to. Sometimes, eyebrows may be raised when one sees a person walking their pet goat down the street on a cool day!

A woman walks her two goats on a leash down the street.
Source: Facebook

Don’t be alarmed by these uncommon pets, such as livestock or domesticated wild animals walking down the street. Depending on the country or region’s norms, what is bizarre for us may be completely normal to someone else!

The Killer Cats at Disney

It is almost impossible for you not to come across a cat during your visit to the Disneyland theme park, and we’re not talking about Disney cat characters! The unusual number of cats roaming the park catch the attention of tourists visiting from worldwide.

A stray catwalks through Disneyland
Source: Imgur

The entertainment giant controls the population of these strange park side attractions, and they allow staffers to adopt them if they like them. This isn’t for cute reasons; the feral cats are there to kill any rodents as people would much rather see a cat than a rat!

A Beautiful Russian Shipwreck

The shipwreck of Astron adds a little spice to the view of lodgers at Punta Cana’s Bavaro Beach. The ship is Russian-owned, and it capsized years ago by a storm while it traveled to Cuba many years ago. The rusted wreck of a ship is huge at 127 meters long.

Aerial view of The shipwreck of Astron.
Source: Pinterest

This has become a spectacle for tourists to enjoy from the comfort of their resort. In present-day Cuba, divers have made this shipwreck a hotspot for exploration via scuba diving. It’s an odd attraction, but they’ve made the most of a disaster.