Party Hacks to Save You Time And Money

The mere notion of entertaining even our closest friends and family fills some of us with dread. For others, having a house full of visitors is the epitome of enjoyment. Everyone enjoys a good party, but not everyone likes the clean-up, organizing, or how costly they can be.

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There are lots of ideas, methods, and useful hacks that may cut the cost in half and make it a stress-free experience for all the party animals out there — you just have to know where to look. These party tricks may make your big day even more wonderful. Would you give some of these a shot?

Cook Hot Dogs in a Slow Cooker

Making a batch of juicy, tasty hot dogs in a slow cooker is a simple way to feed a party. It saves you from grilling all afternoon and keeps some of your guests waiting, and you can season the hot dogs to give them an additional tasty, slow-cooked kick.

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For this hack, you can use either a tall, round slow cooker or a slow oval cooker; make sure your hot dogs will fit—Cook the hot dogs for two and a half to three hours on high in the slow cooker. Before pulling the dogs out, make sure they’re hot in the center.

Drinks Can Be Chilled in the Washer

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows how fast the refrigerator can fill up. Even if guests bring their alcohol, they will need a place to store it so it does not become heated. Rather than spending money on many coolers, fill the washer with ice.

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A bag of ice from Walmart costs pennies on the dollar, and most individuals already have a washing machine at home. The drum is ideal for storing beers because it is made to get wet. Furthermore, the metal will keep the ice colder for a longer period.

Chips and Dips Can Be Served in a Wine Glass

This is a unique method of serving chips with dip. Wine glasses are an inexpensive and interesting way to serve the dip with chips. Place them in wine glasses if you have a variety of dips and salsa and don’t want to use plain old bowls to separate them.

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You can even buy nice labels to distinguish which dip is at the dollar shop or Amazon. Hand each visitor a fork or a spoon, and you’ve got yourself a quick dessert without the hassles of serving the cake on napkins or paper plates. This should, in our opinion, be a worldwide sensation.

Use Frozen Grapes Rather Than Ice

Ice is simple to manufacture and inexpensive to purchase, but you should think hard before putting it in your wine. Sure, it could taste wonderful for a time, but as it starts to melt, your drink will become watery and far less flavourful than it should be.

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Are you looking for an ice alternative for your next party? Instead of using ice cubes, freeze some grapes and use them instead. They provide the same cooling effect without melting or causing your buds to taste like they were washed down. You will be getting the benefits of two in just one.

Replace Glasses With Bags

Paper cups are fine, although they can become soggy after some time. Plastic cups are bland and uninteresting, but how about using bags instead of glasses? They contain more drinks, are less likely to be broken on the kitchen floor after a few too many, and maybe topped with a straw.

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Although it may appear unappealing at first, guests may appreciate these magnificent cups even more than a standard red cup. Why not try it out at your next get-together and see what your guests think? It has the potential to be the start of something great.

Try Out Boozy Hot Chocolate for Holiday Parties

The combination of chocolate and alcohol is a popular one, and you can give it a wintry touch by preparing alcoholic hot chocolate. You can prepare this cocktail even if you don’t know the difference between strainers and shakers. Trying out this taste is as easy as it sounds.

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Two ounces of semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped, six ounces of milk, between 1 and 12 ounces of your favorite liquor, and mini marshmallows are required for one alcoholic hot chocolate. If you don’t want to put in the effort, buy Swiss Miss packages of hot chocolate and whiskey and do it that way. Sprinkles and candy canes can be added to the cocoa to be more festive.

Seal Chips With a Baby Wipe Lid

When we have guests around, we usually open a bag of chips and dump them into a bowl. However, if they aren’t all consumed, it is a bit of a waste. But there is a handy way to keep chips fresh. Instead of going all out, tear the seal off an old baby wipe pack.

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Cut a hole in the front of a bag of chips and then place the lid on top to keep the chips fresh. It may seem like a pointless task, but you’ll be pleased you did it when the chips aren’t tossed out at the end of the day.

Make Use of Wine Glasses to Serve Cake

You’ll never run out of imaginative methods to keep your next party’s costs down. Cutting any type of celebration cake may be a messy affair that takes more time than it’s worth, let’s face it. Take wine glasses and use them to cut the cake by scooping them into the glass.

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If there are only a few of you, this makes sure everyone receives a reasonable quantity of cake. Hand each visitor a fork or a spoon, and you’ve got yourself a quick dessert without the hassles of serving the cake on napkins or paper plates. This should, in my opinion, be a worldwide sensation.

Build Your Speakers

Because not every party is properly planned, you might want to remember this one if you wind up organizing an impromptu get-together. You might wonder if it’s feasible for you to construct your speaker. Yes! It is possible to construct a speaker from the comfort of your own home, tweak it to your liking, and add other functions if desired.

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You can construct DIY speakers in various ways, like toilet paper rolls and a little tape. A short Google search will reveal many different ways to create a phone speaker, but as long as you have some cardboard and tape, you should be able to come up with something useful.

Bring Water to a Boil Before Freezing

One of the easiest and best ways to keep drinks cold at a party is in a cooler or bucket filled with ice. Most of us fill our ice cube trays with water directly from the faucet, but have you ever wondered why your ice cubes are cloudy?

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If you use filtered water, this may not be true, but you’ve undoubtedly noticed the cloudiness if you don’t. This may be fixed by heating water before freezing it. It may sound paradoxical, but it makes all the difference when presenting it to your buddies. What’s the best part? This hack has no pricey Amazon gadgets, so it’s almost free.

Balloons May Be Tied Using Pliers

Repeatedly tying balloons might feel like a tedious, monotonous, and annoying waste of time. Getting the task done isn’t always simple, but it can be. Use a set of pliers to aid instead of making your fingers uncomfortable and cursing like a sailor for an hour.

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You should be able to tie up several balloons in no time by carefully using the pliers instead of your fingers. Don’t be concerned if you don’t already own a set of pliers. You can get them for a few bucks at stores like Home Depot.

Make a Juice Dispenser From Watermelon

This hack isn’t the cheapest, but it will impress your visitors and provide refreshments. You’ve got something amazing if you buy an entire watermelon and a juice dispenser tap. Cut a hole in the watermelon’s top and fill it with fruit juice or coke.

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Place the dispenser tap at the bottom and turn it on to release the juice. What’s the best part? The watermelon may be replenished during the celebration, never to run out. This is so intriguing that visitors may decide to share it on Facebook.

Make Jello Shots With Hard-Boiled Eggs

Jello is a great dessert because it’s simple to make and comes in various flavors. If you want to create jello shots but don’t have any shot glasses, don’t worry. Rather than completely abandoning the cause and preparing standard beverages, cook some eggs.

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Scoop out the yolk and fill it with the jello mixture. You’ll have a strange egg-beverage hybrid that no one saw coming when they’re done. Is it a hack that will appeal to everyone? Certainly not. But it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons for years to come.

You Can Make Your Own Party Poppers

What is the one thing that must be present at every gathering? Aside from cake and beverages, confetti poppers are a must-have! They’re a big success with kids since they enjoy the confetti explosion when you toss that brightly colored confetti into the air! Party poppers are entertaining, but they aren’t exactly eco-friendly.

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You may make your poppers out of toilet paper rolls and paper confetti if you want the same effect but want to go a bit greener. Balloons serve as the “poppers,” causing confetti to fly everywhere. It’s sloppy, and the clean-up is horrible, but the party atmosphere is the same. What more could you possibly want?

Make Giant Cocktails Using an Inflatable Boat

Party centerpieces might get monotonous, but this does not have to be the case. Get a blow-up dinghy in your yard or on your dining table instead of following the herd and aiming for something sleek and classy. Fill it with ice, booze, and a couple of lemon slices, and you’ve got yourself a massive drink.

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Of course, expect a one-of-a-kind reaction. Your visitors will be taking Instagram pictures of the cocktail all night since it will be so large and amusing to look at. Just make sure you’re okay with exchanging saliva with everyone you invite because it’s probably not very sanitary.

Warm Wine Should Be Chilled With a Dish Towel

There’s nothing worse than drinking warm wine when you’re in a hurry and need a drink. It’s one thing to put it in the fridge, but it’s another to wait a few hours to reach the ideal temperature. But there are ways to cool wine quickly.

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Instead, use a damp dish towel to wrap your wine before placing it in the refrigerator. This will help the wine chill down much more quickly, making that bottle of Kroger’s finest ready to sip in no time. There will be no more waiting for hours or searching through the freezer for ice cubes. Thank you very much.

Sprinkler Made From a Bottle

In the summer, throwing a party may be fun to keep the whole family amused, but what about arranging activities? This may be the ideal solution if you don’t want to spend the entire day chasing after your children.

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Make a DIY water sprinkler with whatever leftover plastic soda bottles you have around the house. Make a hose out of an old soda bottle by taping it to a hose. Poke a few holes in it, turn on the hose, and you’ve got yourself a DIY sprinkler that the kids will love for hours. What’s the best part? It is inexpensive.

Bulldog Clips to Assist With Beer Storage

Bulldog clips are useful for various tasks in the workplace, but you might want to take one home the next time you see one sitting around. This hack only works if your refrigerator has a specific sort of shelf. If you’re fortunate enough to have the shelf in question, this may answer all of your beer storage woes.

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Place the bulldog clip on the shelf and stack the beers instead of letting them roll about the fridge as you stack them. The clip functions as a ledge to keep the beers in place, enabling you to construct a lovely small stack without taking up the entire shelf.

To Chill Booze, Use Frozen Water Balloons

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough room in the fridge for a large amount of alcohol. There are several methods for skinning a cat – or, in this instance, chilling a bottle. Fill some water balloons before placing them in a baking dish and freezing them.

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Take them out of the freezer and set them in a cooler or a big bowl once they’ve frozen. Place the bottles you want to keep frozen on top, and you’ve got yourself some reusable, huge ice cubes that can be used to ice anything.

To Keep Bugs Away, Put Cloves in Lemons

There are flies everywhere, including at dinner parties. Throwing a backyard party is fun and games until pests start bothering you late at night. One option to solve the problem is to buy citronella candles, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, try this.

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Half lemons and stuff cloves inside, then scatter them over your garden, especially near seating areas. Although bugs despise the odor, it is extremely nice. It will not only keep the pests away, but it will also give off a pleasant odor to your guests.

Consider Making a Cocktail Bowl Out of the Toilet

Several party ideas are available, but not all of them are completely sanitary. While we wouldn’t advise everyone to do this at home, it has been done before. Cocktails in fancy restaurants are always coming up with new and inventive ways to serve them, but what about at home?

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Several TikTokers have already been seen using a toilet as a martini bowl. You may fill it with ice, then fill it with your favorite drink or even ice cream, depending on your mood. When you’re through, simply flush everything away. For effort and clean-up, you get a B, but you get an F for sanitary reasons.

Snacks Can Be Served on Muffin Trays

You probably already have one or two muffin pans in your kitchen, but do they perform as well as you’d like? Muffin pans are one of those kitchen equipment items that aren’t often taken as seriously as they should be, and as a result, they end up neglected and forgotten at the back of the cabinet.

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They’re not simply for baking cakes; they may also be used to store drinks and nibbles. Guests can assist themselves by filling each hole with appetizers or dips during the evening. They’re also simple to clean, making them a no-brainer for your next large event. Everyone else will soon follow suit.

Add Mayonnaise to the Cake Mix

Mayonnaise? In a cake? Yes, absolutely! Your cake has been lacking something all along: mayonnaise. Putting mayo in a cake mix may sound like a bad idea that should be avoided at all costs, but what if we told you that the reverse is true? Many chefs and seasoned cooks have added a dab of mayo to cake mixes for years.

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We’re not sure what the secret is, but we do know that it gives the cake a creamy, luscious texture that instantly improves any box mix. Try it out the next time you’re throwing a party and see if your guests start asking for the recipe.

Use Washi Tapes for Glasses

It may be more enjoyable when you add a personal touch to accessorizing. Anyone who has ever been to a party knows that you can kiss it goodbye once you set your glass down. Instead of constantly searching for fresh mugs, buy some washi tape and use it as name tags on the glasses.

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No one will misplace their cups this way, and clean-up will be easier. If everyone uses the same cup for the length of the evening, you’ll save a small sum on cups, which is a major benefit when you think about it-not to mention it’s much better for the environment.

Fill Muffin Tins Halfway with Ice Cream

A scoop of ice cream? Cupcakes are a quick and easy no-bake summer treat! Plying visitors with food and wine at a party might be overwhelming, but a little pre-planning goes a long way. Instead of wasting time scooping ice cream into bowls during the party, scoop it ahead of time into muffin tins lined with liners.

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You can return it to the freezer until ready to serve, then take it out and give each person one of the scoops using a spoon. It’s a terrific snack for any time of the evening, and the clean-up is so easy you won’t even notice it.

Cover Plates with Cling Film

Plastic wrap may be used for much more than just covering dishes and food. If you’re serving enormous pasta dishes or putting on a buffet, you’ll need to plan for a lengthy clean-up. Rather than buying a bunch of dish soap and rubber gloves, just get some cling film.

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Wrap the dishes in cling film before putting food on them. When you’re through, simply remove the cling film, and the plate will be bright and clean, with no need to scrub. It’s a simple trick, but it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

DIY Glitter Ball Using CDs

If you can afford it, purchasing a genuine glitter ball is ideal, but what if you can’t? Most of us have a collection of old CDs and DVDs stashed away. You can make your disco ball by cutting it into smaller pieces and gluing it together.

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It may not be as plentiful as the one in Saturday Night Fever, but it will certainly wow your guests and add a touch of enchantment to your evening. You may either pack it up and keep it for another time or set it on a shelf and admire your creativity.

Drinks Served in IV Bags

Send an invitation, grab your favorite cocktail napkins, and turn up the music. It’s time to hold a memorable backyard bash, we suppose! If you want to make your guests laugh and add a unique twist to your event, consider switching things up with this idea.

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Serving drinks in IV bags is one way some party planners like to make people laugh, but there are lots of other unusual serving ideas available. Search the internet for an alternative to cups you haven’t considered previously. You might be amazed at how many diverse concepts are waiting to be explored.

Make Place Card Holders Out of Candy Canes

It’s that time of year again! Don’t forget to pay attention to the small details while planning your Christmas celebration. Small elements, such as placeholders, assist in making a celebration distinctive, and attendees will notice even the tiniest details. For your visitors, make candy cane placeholders.

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You’ll also need holiday-themed name cards, ribbon, and two candy canes (wrapped, of course) for each visitor. Tie the two candy canes with a bow, keeping the shepherd’s crooks outwards. Then, using additional hot glue, secure the name cards inside the crooks. Consequently, customers will be able to take home a lively, entertaining placeholder as a keepsake.

Make Your Ice Ahead of Time

Don’t forget to consider the beverages while planning how to make your party run well. Sure, having a variety of drinks that everyone likes, from mocktails to cocktails, is crucial, but don’t forget the ice. Making ice ahead of time will ensure a consistent supply of cubes that will not run out throughout the celebration.

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Make extra to be safe, assuming ten cubes per person. Large ice containers may be found on Amazon for $10–$15. If you don’t have time to make ice, you may buy it from a nearby grocery shop or petrol station. It takes around three or four hours to give you a sense of how long it takes for ice to freeze totally.

Incorporate an Air Freshener Into Your Bathroom

A fresh-smelling bathroom is a requirement for every celebration. If your restroom smells strange, believe us when we say that others will talk about it. Before the party starts, apply an air freshener in your bathroom to avoid unwanted smells. It will eliminate any existing scents and prevent the formation of new ones.

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Good Housekeeping compiled the finest cleaner-approved air fresheners of 2021. The Febreze Fade Defy Oil Warmer was named “Best Overall.” The “Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray,” which Amazon found for about $10, was the finest bathroom-specific air freshener. Your bathroom will smell like a blend of lemongrass, bergamot, and lemon with the “Original Citrus” perfume.

Make Use of Fluffy Socks for Clean Carpets

This technique will make cleaning up after a party much easier. It’s understandable if your home has a “no shoes” policy. According to Today, there is a 93 percent probability that your shoes will contain fecal germs on the bottom if you wear them for more than a month. Even if you don’t notice any stains, tracking something inside your house might become a microbe-infested nightmare.

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Allowing your guests to stroll about barefoot may cause their feet to become chilled (or they might be self-conscious about their feet or, God forbid, have bromodosis). Keep a pair of fluffy, toasty, one-size-fits-all socks on hand for your visitors to receive when they arrive.

Make a Playlist for Your Party

What’s a get-together without some tunes? When throwing a party, don’t forget about the music. Music gets everyone in the mood for a party, and it’s far preferable to sitting in awkward silence. Create a party playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or whichever streaming service you use while you’re getting ready to entertain visitors.

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Instead of shuffled music, play the playlist in its entirety and make sure it suits the party’s theme. For example, playing death metal during a Christmas family gathering with your grandparents is not good. For politeness’s sake, keep a healthy balance of genres and make sure the songs played are the “clean” ones.

Serve Chips in Small Bags

We’re all trying to be more germ-aware, especially now. Even if your guests attempt to wash their hands before piling chips or pretzels onto their plates, eating from the same dish is not safe. Germs easily spread through communal meal dishes, and you never know what someone is carrying.

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You don’t want everyone at the party to become sick, but you also don’t want to go too light on the appetizers. As a solution, we would recommend purchasing individual baggies of chips. On Amazon, a 40-count Frito-Lay Fun Times Variety Pack costs $17.98, but a 40-pack Lay’s Potato Chip Variety Pack costs only $13.98. If you’re planning a large party, go to Costco or Sam’s Club for bulk snacks.

Use Digital Invitations

Paper may range from $10 to $25, depending on how ornate you want to go. While paper invitations are elegant and timeless, they are no longer essential as more individuals get linked to the digital world. Sending a digital invitation is simple and free.

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You may send one by email, and if you want to be more creative, you can use free software like Canva to make your design. Make sure to send the e-vites through email and text message to ensure that all your party guests will receive them.

Make a Bring-Your-Own-Beverage (BYOB) Rule

Etiquette experts would scoff at this rule, but you may require guests to bring their drinks if you truly want to save money. This is a good suggestion, especially if you don’t drink or don’t want alcohol in your home after the party.

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Don’t position it as a method to avoid having to serve beverages to your guests. Instruct guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverage and transform the gathering into a taste-testing session. Before a party, most people ask if they may bring anything (it’s impolite not to), so don’t be shy about accepting their gift if you’re low on funds.

A Kiddie Pool Can Be Used to Make an Ice Table

This hack doesn’t have to be used for a summer party, but it could certainly be used for one. It may be used for any function where food must be kept chilled for visitors. We’ve all heard about the perils of leaving potato salad or devilled eggs out on the table without ice, and most of us wouldn’t eat cold food that had been left out with a ten-foot pole.

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Fill a kiddie pool with ice to keep a large amount of food chilled for a long period. The kiddie pool’s insulation will prevent the ice from melting. Then, when you watch the other frozen cubes start to water down, add additional frozen cubes to the ice. What’s the best part? This solution is hassle-free—just make sure the pool is free of leaks first.

Place an Egg Carton on the Grill

This tip will come in handy whether you’re camping or grilling for a party. An empty egg carton and charcoal briquettes are required. Kingsford charcoal briquettes cost $20 for a two-pack, twenty-pound bag. Put a dozen briquettes in the egg carton if you need to start the grill.

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Fill each hole with one briquette. The carton should then be lit. The briquettes will be lit when the combustible cardboard has been entirely burned away, and you can begin grilling. It’s a quick and easy way to get a fire going and have the food ready, so your visitors don’t go hungry.

Instead of Tablecloths, Use Twin Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets may be difficult to fold after being cleaned, but they have a use outside of the bedroom. Fitted twin sheets can be used as tablecloths for long, folding tables if you have them. This is especially useful if the party is being held outside, where the wind may be a concern.

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A normal tablecloth with no fitting, fixed edges will be blown around by the wind, perhaps producing a tragedy. You won’t have to worry about fitted twin sheets falling off the bed since they hug the corners firmly. Simply toss them in the washing machine on the bedding cycle when you’re through.