Landlords vs. Tenants: Weird and Hilarious Chats

Throughout our lives, most of us have had at least one landlord. These are the people we pay to provide us with a place to live, but it turns out that landlords may be much more. Some are elderly, so we don’t expect anything spontaneous from them.

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But would you believe some have a great sense of humor? It doesn’t matter if their funny bone is buzzing because some landlords are hilarious without even meaning to. Some are also weird. We’ve curated some awkward messages from landlords that’ll make you laugh and leave you with questions.

That’s Too Much Info

We wonder what some people think when they message someone. This is one of those instances. This text would be disturbing enough, but knowing it’s from someone’s landlord makes it even creepier. Why would you tell someone you had a dream they were a baby?

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Why would you include a slew of odd stickers and pictures with your unnerving confession? The only logical explanation for this would be they mistakenly sent it to their tenant. Anyway, is it OK to block your landlord’s phone number? Just asking for a friend…

A Change of Offer

Signing up to buy a new house is usually an exciting period in our life. It can be a new beginning for many people, and getting along with your landlord is usually a vital first step. Someone appears to have left an overly positive impression on their landlord.

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They appeared to have a new house and a proposal on their hands now. While that may not have been the offer they expected, it does not make their new relationship awkward, does it? Maybe the landlord thought she could save rent by moving in with him as a wife.

That’s the Best Explanation

Some landlords will go to any length to avoid paying another bill. Unfortunately, that is expected when renting out your home to someone else. One of the tenants was having problems with their hot water. There appeared to be a problem with the plumbing, and they needed their landlord’s assistance.

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This sounds like a normal exchange between a landlord and their tenant. Right? But the problem came when their landlord requested some pictures. They had no choice but to comply with their request. We can’t fault this tenant, though. What kind of pictures was the landlord expecting?

Happy April Fool’s Day

If you’re a landlord planning to evict someone, you should first check the date before doing so by SMS. Certain things are simply not done on April Fool’s Day. It’s not like there’s some rule written in stone for this, but it’s just what it is.

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You don’t make some jokes on April Fool’s Day. Breaking up with someone, announcing your pregnancy, and firing someone are all high on the list. We believe that evicting someone from their apartment should be added to the list. Unfortunately, this tenant was not in on the joke.

Don’t Cook in the Kitchen

We just wonder what some Landlords are thinking. It’s mind-boggling what they say at times. If you rent a house with a kitchen, we believe there’s a good chance you’ll want to cook in it, right? If only the landlord had included all of the nitty-gritty specifics in the lease.

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They didn’t want anyone cooking large meals in the Kitchen since they saw it as a “dining area” rather than a place to prepare food. But we have a question; how will they ‘dine’ without cooking? So, what happens during Thanksgiving. This has got to be a joke!

Allowing the Polite Kitty

What is it with landlords and not allowing pets in their houses? We understand that some pets tend to chew and scratch things, but shouldn’t we be allowed to have a four-legged companion by our side? Not. Unless you have one of the world’s cutest and most photogenic cats.

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This tenant couldn’t do without their pet and was determined to do whatever it took to ensure that their cat could move in with them. Fortunately, their efforts were rewarded in the end. We should also commend this landlord for being the most understanding landlord globally.

Looking Forward to His Birthday

We’ve all been there. We write a text message, tap send, and then realize we sent it to the wrong person. There is nothing we can do at this point. Why do the humiliating texts always seem to get tangled up and sent to the wrong person?

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Keith was looking forward to his birthday, but he had no idea that his landlord wasn’t up for a night of fun. They promptly reminded Keith that his rent was past due to make matters worse. This was certainly one of their most eventful birthdays.

Take the Blow Up Doll Down

Just because you want something in a specific way doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Imagine placing something near the window. Sure, it may seem good on the inside, but how does it appear on the outside? We’re not making rules on what to do with your window.

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But off it’s something embarrassing or unusual like a blow-up doll; for example, it’s usually preferable to put it somewhere out of sight. Someone mistakenly believed they would leave something personal in their window. Their landlord was not impressed and promptly messaged them to urge them to remove it.

I’ll be Right Here Waiting for You

We’d love to hear the backstory on this one. We’ll suppose this person’s landlord wanted to know when someone doing repairs in the house ended. Maybe a water line had burst and needed to be repaired. Maybe they were replacing all the carpets? We may never find out.

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On the other side, it almost sounds like this landlord is interested in knowing when their tenant’s lover ends the relationship. Right? Or it’s just us? Let us hope that it is one of the first few options. Or else, it would become a pretty awkward landlord-tenant relationship.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

In case you’ve never heard it before, there is such a thing as being overly truthful. One landlord wasn’t pleased to discover stains on their tenant’s carpet, especially since they showcased the rooms to prospective tenants. What’s the issue? The landlord and tenant were discussing two separate stains.

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The revelation was enough to convince the landlord that they needed to replace all of the carpets in the building. That would have been OK, but it also meant that the tenant would not get their security deposit back. This tenant was not expecting that to happen.

Just a Harmless Compliment, Right?

Everything began so well. It was nothing more than a landlord called Joe texting his tenant to inform them of an imminent microwave installation. This is more than we can say for some landlords who abandon homes and don’t improve their tenants’ spaces. But unfortunately, things quickly became creepy.

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Joe looked to be straight out of the drama series ‘You.’ While he was working with the fitter at his tenant’s home, he decided it would be good to take a photo of them on the refrigerator. And Joe thought telling his tenant would be a compliment.

Each Penny Is Important

Some landlords usually overlook certain things and move on. Others? No, they’ll have to address it. For example, they want to ensure that they collect every penny out of their tenants – literally. This landlord was baffled as to why someone had not paid their entire rent.

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What were they up to? Had they omitted a few hundred dollars from the total bill? It was even worse. They had left 11p or about 14 cents. ALL THAT MONEY? WOW. They already made £2,946.56 (about $3820.98), but those few cents were crucial.

Have You Met Your Neighbors

Not every landlord has something negative to say. Some of them, like this landlord, have good news. It just depends on your definition of good news. They may have signed up for a house, but one tenant soon discovered that they were also the lucky neighbors of 42 sheep.

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We want to know where this house is and how to get a room. They say you should count sheep to fall asleep, so maybe this tenant will never have a sleep problem. It might be best to let potential tenants know about sheep in the house from the onset.

Don’t Talk to Me Like That

When things get broken in your house, the first person you want to inform is the landlord if there’s something they could do about it. You want it fixed immediately, so you may also want to text while calling is OK. That’s because not everyone appreciates calls.

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So, this tenant did everything right by informing the landlord that the WiFi was down. But although it was just a three-word text, the landlord found many problems. He even used the opportunity to educate the tenant on the degree they hold. Someone needs to focus.

I’ve Got My Eyes on You

Hello Matt, this is Alex, and we want to tell you that we’ve got a long list of things you need to do. Matt appears to be used to dealing with his landlord, as he had some quick responses. He also seems like a nice and patient guy.

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Despite Alex’s announcement that they were living in North Carolina today, Matt immediately reminded them that they had always lived in the state. As if that wasn’t enough, Alex sent their cousin to the residence to see if Matt had upheld his side of the bargain.

What a Strange Thing to Say

Although we think we understand what this landlord is saying, it doesn’t make it less amusing. It seems the landlord intended to sell the house despite their tenant still residing there. They’d just have to deal with folks stopping over to look at the place.

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But it sounded differently. The landlord had decided to sell their tenant as a part of the house. The way we phrase things can make or break us. We just hope the tenant isn’t black, or this could be misinterpreted in many ways.

Carmen Had Good Intentions, Right?

Some landlords prefer to receive their rent every month and prevent needless interactions with their tenants. Others want to be the new best friend their renter didn’t know they needed. This appears to be a landlord who enjoys being involved in the lives of their tenants.

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It was Easter, and Carmen wanted to ensure everyone had a good time. Sounds sweet and thoughtful, right? But that wasn’t all. Carmen also seems to believe that trying something new would benefit everyone. It may sound sweet, but that’s a bit personal, Carmen.

Getting to Know Your Landlord

Have you ever experienced one of those nights where you have too much fun, and all the additional drink causes you to lose control of what you’re doing? This tenant seemed to have had one of those moments. That is until they woke up.

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They found a message from their landlord thanking them for a fun night the night before. They spent the night dancing and showing their landlord a new way to have fun. At least they’ve helped us find one way to get to know your landlord better.

What Are You Saying?

Not all humorous messages from landlords have to be complicated. Some simply need one letter to make people laugh. If their social media update is any indication, this isn’t the first time this landlord has inadvertently texted their tenant. If you want to trip someone out, here’s an idea.

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Just take a page from this landlord’s book. You have to SMS a random letter and watch as they have no idea what you mean. We just hope this tenant hasn’t done anything wrong recently, or they’ll be biting their nails wondering if the landlord found out.

A Damsel in Distress

Someone was so irritated by their landlord’s letter that they went online to show the rest of the world what they were against. Their landlord inquired as to whether they had been painting their home. Isn’t this what the landlord should have done before someone moves in?

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But it isn’t the point. They were curious why their landlord felt their lover was the only one capable of reattaching the closet door. Did they not know how to operate a drill? The tenant was patient enough to answer all the barrage of questions.

That’s a Confusing Message

One person woke to a strange text from their landlord. Someone would be in their new home because they needed to work on the shower. It had to have been a complicated task because they now had to show the tenant how to turn it on.

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We’re guessing there was more to it than just twisting the shower handle and standing beneath the water. What if this wasn’t the only puzzling part of the apartment? Every day would present a new challenge as you figured out how to make things work.

That Must Have Hurt

The fastest way to start a conversation and maybe an argument is by mentioning the Netflix documentary Tiger King. The series enthralled the world by allowing us to peek into the lives of those who work with exotic cats across the United States. That was just the beginning.

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Carole Baskin sparked interest since everyone wanted to know if she covered up her husband’s disappearance. So, this landlord wanted to hit their tenant where it hurt by sending them this message. We’re unsure if it did, but the landlord must be really angry.

None of Them Are for the Tenant

Dylan hasn’t had to deal with Dennis for the first time. It’s become such a common occurrence that Dylan decided it was time to stop and put all of their talks online. This is just one of those on the list. Dennis sounded concerned.

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That’s because there were so many cars at the house. But the truth is there were only four cars, and none of them belonged to the tenant. Fortunately, the situation was resolved promptly. Dylan did give the landlord a heads up for the following night.

Never Do That Again, Dennis

This time, Dennis was back at it to find out if Aaron had been to the house. We have no idea what Aaron was supposed to be doing there, but it appears Dylan was relieved he never showed up. We won’t want someone to set fire to our house.

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That was only the beginning, as Dennis quickly sent a winking emoji to his tenant. If there’s one thing that should never be used, it’s this emoji. What did you do, Dennis? Why did you have to spoil something good? At least he agreed to stop.

The Rent Is Going up

We had no idea landlords charged by the person, but that looks to be the case here. We suppose their bills were covered in their rent. Unfortunately, this tenant wasn’t there to just play around and instead wanted to call out their landlord for being unreasonable.

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Just because one person believes something is improper does not imply that everyone else agrees. The landlord? They’re not here to bill anyone for what they do in their free time. They’re only here to collect a fee for waking up with someone. We’re not used to such!

It’s a College Degree or Bust

What is it with landlords who believe they are superior to most people in the world? If there’s one thing many of us have learned over the years, everything is far more expensive than you think – and it’s not getting any cheaper.

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One landlord believes that anyone without a college degree deserves to pay rent. We’re unsure why, and we doubt we’ll ever find out. We don’t even understand what led to this, but we can’t think of anything reasonable. Let’s hope none of us ever have a landlord like them.

The Landlady Can Have Fun Too

It’s one thing to send an SMS message by accident. It’s quite another to inadvertently send a selfie of you and your friends to the wrong phone number. Joan seemed to have been caught up in the moment and sent a photo of herself and her girlfriends to her tenant.

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No, we’re not saying landlords and landladies can’t have fun. Of course, they can! Have fun, Joan. It could have been nothing to be concerned about. Nonetheless, it made for a humorous interaction for this tenant. Could that be a good photo for a greeting card?

Everything Must Look Neat

Many people talk about nosy neighbors. But a nosy landlord is one that many people tend to ignore. But it is probably more annoying. We’re curious what goes through the minds of some landlords when they message their tenants. We know the message is clear enough.

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But we’re wondering what the landlord was doing peering so closely at their tenant’s balcony that they could see something up there and couldn’t quite make out what it was. It turns out that weighing down painted papers with a plant pot is far too messy for this landlord.

Please Come Get Me Out

We’re not sure if we should be on the tenant’s side or if we should seek help for Alex. Is this enough to call 911? After all, if they’re trapped at the bank, it seems like they’re in big danger. Their tenant does not seem to be concerned about anything.

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We’re not sure we blame them after Alex requested another check to cover a fresh security deposit for the coming year. We can only imagine Alex had to pay some fees to exit the bank, and this was the best plan they could come up with.

Not the Landlord’s Problem

Some landlords aim to do the barest minimum to keep their tenants satisfied. Others want to go all out to guarantee that everyone is as pleased as possible. This landlord falls somewhere in the middle. They seem to have arranged for someone to mow the lawn.

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They, however, forgot to bargain for the removal of all the grass. Their tenant was disappointed with the outcome, especially after they slipped and fell. But it seems the landlord feels they’ve done their part, and it’s now up to the tenant to do their bit.

In Search for the Best Advice

Landlords sometimes need help from other people who have been in similar positions. This is one of those occasions, but we’re not sure how many people understand their agony. They appear to be renting a residence to a mother and her child. They want them out, though.

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They intend to move their daughter and her family into the house instead. OK, so what is the problem? The issue is that the woman planned to be there indefinitely, and the landlord is seeking the quickest way to get her and her child out.

Something Smells Fishy in the House

Some of us do not see a problem until it is too late. That appears to be the situation with one of the landlords. They took in some tenants only to discover that they enjoy cooking fish dishes late. The smell was too much for the landlord.

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And they ended up sitting outside their house just to get away from it all. While that may not have been the most thoughtful option, they may be stuck with the smell due to nothing being in the contract about preparing fish.

Put Yourself in My Shoes

Many of us have been tenants before. Some people still are. So, we know what it feels like to be a tenant. While having your place can be wonderful, it can be difficult to adapt to the landlord’s rules to keep them pleased.

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No pets, no permanent fixtures, and no painting of the walls are frequently at the top of the list. One landlord wants the world to know that things may be difficult in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, we can’t hear the small violins playing for them.

Everything Is Under Control

One tenant wanted to ensure that their landlord had everything they needed during these unusual times. They messaged to check whether they needed groceries or other necessities to get them through these difficult times. We’ve got to admit that’s quite a thoughtful thing to do.

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But they didn’t need to be worried because their landlord was unbothered. They didn’t need anything because they currently reside in their remote property on Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. While they were grateful for the offer, this landlord had them covered in the best way possible.

That’s One Way to be Supportive

Some of us are aware that there are times in our lives when we must take a large leap of faith to see if anything will work. This was one of those moments. Someone wished to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue a profession as a writer.

Source: Reddit

They informed their landlord that they would be leaving, but they were startled by their landlord’s reaction. Of course, they were disappointed to learn that they would be leaving. They were more concerned about the blazing flames and the state’s lack of good TV. They’re supportive in their way.

Intentionally Annoying the Landlord

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s probably not to annoy your landlord. But apparently, this tenant didn’t know that and felt like irritating him The best part? According to Bruce’s response, this isn’t the first time they’ve referred to their landlord as Brucie Baby.

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It was all part of the joke for this tenant, who instantly sent a photo of a goat on a bed to get their landlord to laugh. If only they’d found the picture as amusing as the rest of us. You probably need to relax, Brucie Baby.

You’re a Penny Short

Mark, what were you thinking when you decided to cut a penny off your rent payment? It’s almost as though you don’t care! This might be as basic as a typo that cost the landlord one penny. They were, however, unimpressed. This must be a big issue for landlords.

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We’re curious how they felt as they typed out an email requesting one more penny. We understand that rent is rent, but taking things this far seems harsh. Well, in their defense, at least they offered to pay the last one but don’t want it to repeat itself.

It’s Taken Care of, but Not by You

It turns out that there is a bit of a backstory to this one. The tenant maintains that they always paid their rent on time and that there was enough money to cover all of their bills. Unfortunately, the landlord never paid for the WiFi.

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And it was finally turned off. The tenant had had enough and paid off the remaining debt out of their pocket, only to receive this SMS from their landlord. Were they expected to feel sorry for their landlord because he was “drowning in debt”?

Make the Full Payment

We’re beginning to doubt if some landlords have anything else to do with their time than message their tenants. We understand that pennies pile up over the year, but does it mean they have to count everyone? Apparently, yes. As we can see here.

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One tenant was surprised to get a message informing them that they were only less than 50 cents short on their rent. It’s almost as if they were trying to rob their landlord right before their eyes. This is the second time we’re seeing something similar.

The Modern Harry Potter Experience

Many of us fantasized about the day we would receive our letter from Hogwarts. We’d sit by the chimney for hours, hoping to see an owl flying our way. Unfortunately, our dream was never realized. That wasn’t enough to keep one landlord looking for the full Harry Potter experience.

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No, we’re not talking about the potions or the magic. Remember when Harry lived beneath the stairs? You’re getting it now. We know this is supposed to be a joke, but you can’t be sure, especially considering the odd landlords we’ve seen in this life.