Kids Drawings That Were Accidently Inappropriate

Kids are undoubtedly adorable. They have their world of imagination. When they draw, this imagination is expressed in many unique ways that can make you laugh. Sometimes, however, they can use that imagination in accidentally funny ways.

Kid's drawings
Source: Tumblr

Here are a few examples of some hilarious yet inappropriate drawings made by children. They will make you laugh and wish that your kids never follow in their footsteps. We start with a young girl hoping her teacher can be an excellent backup to her mom!

Planning for the Future

This drawing reveals a special wish made by an innocent little girl. For kids, being separated from their parents is hugely distressing. In particular, it is unimaginable for these little angels to think about any of their parents dying.

The little girl's drawing of her teacher.
Source: Tumblr

However, this cute girl loves her teacher way too much and can easily replace her mother if the latter dies. This is precisely what she has expressed in her drawing. She would love to have her teacher look after her if her mother is no more. This is such a cute sentiment yet highly awkward for the teacher.

Angry Mom and Happy Dad

Children are incredibly observant. By the end of the day, many moms lose their minds trying to manage demanding kids with all the house chores. At the same time, the moms have to play the bad cop 99% of the time while the dads make the kids have all the fun.

A drawing of an angry-looking mom and a calm, happy dad.
Source: Twitter

Naturally, the moms appear like Godzilla. This is quite aptly depicted in this picture, where an observant kid has sketched a portrait of his mom and dad. The calm and composed father has a happy smile while the mom seems to be screaming with anger!

A Spooky Imaginary Friend

Having an imaginary friend is quite typical among kids. It may become a problem when the friend is depicted in your kid’s drawing as a black, shadowy figure named “the talking boy.” It can be a little creepy and sounds like something from a horror film.

A drawing of a mother, kid, father, and a shadow figure.
Source: Reddit

This drawing shows a sweet little family, with a bit angel standing between his mom and dad. This looks like a happy sketch until you notice the eerie “talking boy” standing some distance from the family. Maybe the boy is real after all?

Being a Little Too Truthful

One of the best traits exhibited by young angels is that they are truthful. However, at times they can be blatantly honest! This is one of those times when a kid has made a special card for someone, expressing sweet sentiments and brutal truth.

A card wishing a merry Christmas and letting the receiver know they are fat.
Source: Imgur

This kid makes some lovely Christmas wishes and winds up his thoughts by telling the receiver that he is fat! Is this a sugar-coated slap? Perhaps the kid finds chubby people to be adorable. In this case, it can simply be a compliment. We would never know. But it has undoubtedly ruined the day for whoever the card’s receiver is.