Hilarious Park Signs You Won’t Believe Exist

Given the amount of man labor and exhaustive atmosphere we as humans have to keep up, it’s substantial enough to suggest we deserve a retreat or form of relaxation. The most preferred place of peace is a park, open space, or garden filled with nature’s blessing.

Bob Ross is painting happy little trees on a road sign.
Source: Tumblr

The park, though, if navigated unguided, can become the ruin of anyone; that’s why signs and warning boards are very paramount for one’s direction. Most times, the authors of this sign take their jobs more personally by using the opportunity to expose their sense of humor.

This article shows you some hilarious park signs you don’t know exist.

Do This if You Come Across a Mountain Lion

Making speculations like calling the author of this sign a fool might be foolish-too-fast speculation. Most times in life, the essential things accumulate from the dumbest nuggets. He might have seen this measure from YouTube, or it might be an excerpt from his experience.

Instructional sign for what to do in case of an attack.
Source: Flickr

An experience they say is the best teacher, the author has learned now he’s teaching how best to survive if you encounter the ferocious big cat in just four steps. I assure you, you’d be grateful someone told you. If you don’t have a kid, I wonder how the third measure rules out for you.

No Knowledge Is Lost

If you’d remember your enneagram, there is “The Big Five,” and one of them is Openness; these folks are open to new ideas, right? They’re not entirely innovative but love adventures and new stuff. This particular park, authorized by the government, anticipated people like those and has them something to know.

Someone points at a sign about bears.
Source: Reddit

Picking knowledge in the pack is widespread; digesting nature’s statistics, and background story is also a must-done activity in the park. But telling visitors, ‘most black bears are black’ is a cringe fact no one cares at all about. It might as well show out empty their ideas are.

When You Take Self-Awareness Personal

As said before, signs are for your directions if you’re lost, stranded, or a minute away from harming yourself. Probably, this sign was authored by someone who’s a loyal attendee of self-awareness programs where you’re taught to put and recognize yourself first above all else.

A sign that warns you not to touch it.
Source: Pinterest

The primary purpose of the sign is to direct visiting folks as to where the bridge they sought after is. It’s hilarious and plays a significant role in impersonating the priority lifestyle of the author. Putting identity before purpose isn’t a good trait.