Doctors Whose Licenses Should Have Been Suspended Immediately

They say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, as we all know, not every time. Whether we like it or not, we’ll eventually have to pay a visit to the hospital to seek medical help. And while there are many professionals, the experience can be unpleasant sometimes.

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In some cases, it’s downright awful. You could leave with a bad experience that you may never be able to shake. From wrongful diagnoses to inappropriate comments, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst doctors who should have had their licenses suspended long ago.

The Doctor That Was Always High

Many young adults consider joining the military. It provides a wide range of education and medical training, which would otherwise be difficult or too expensive. However, there will be bad apples in any field. This doctor was a drug addict who put his patients’ lives in jeopardy.

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He was even trading scripts with other doctors. This is extremely risky. Let’s hope that the military discipline process took care of him and received the help he needed. As we said, wrong prescriptions could kill. And this was as close as it could get.

From Minor to Major in a Flash

Minor operations that do not require an overnight stay are outpatient surgeries. Patients can recover at home, where they will be more comfortable, and their families will be able to assist them. These operations include cataract surgery, rotator cuff repair, and vasectomies, to name a few.

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Imagine going in for a treatment that should be simple and waking up in the intensive care unit. It would be terrifying, and you would lose a lot of trust in your medical team. We hope this patient’s original reason for surgery has been addressed.

It Wasn’t Just Heartburn

Heart attacks are one of the most common critical concerns among adults. Part of what makes them so frightening is that the symptoms are frequently misdiagnosed as something else. Most people with arm or chest discomfort don’t have a heart attack, yet failing to take it seriously is dangerous.

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A wrong diagnosis could be fatal. It’s heartbreaking that this person’s father died because of this doctor’s negligence. It’s unsettling to think that a doctor would refuse to evaluate a patient experiencing heart attack symptoms. Hopefully, this doctor received some sort of penalty.

20+ Surgeries Due to Incompetence

Ilizarov fixators are commonly used to aid in the treatment of bone fractures and extend and restructure limb bones. It may sound scary, but it is quite useful in the medical field. Short or malformed bones can lead to various problems in the future.

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No doctor should perform a procedure for which they lack medical skill. It’s risky, and this poor patient has suffered immensely. Any person who has had 20 or more surgeries has had enough. That’s too many surgeries for one person, which could’ve been avoided.

2cm Away From Paralysis

Anyone who has visited an emergency department knows how long the lines can be. It all boils down to the number of people present and how many are in more critical situations than others. Many people regularly go to the emergency room for minor ailments.

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So, doctors usually become jaded and judgmental about how serious their patients’ problems are. While the emergency department doctors may have felt it was just a mild neck ache, the fact that this person was so close to losing their ability to move is quite frightening and alarming.

How Often Do You Use Your Arm?

Part of a doctor’s job is to check for hidden problems like domestic violence or depression in their patients by paying attention to subtle comments and changes. While they may not be able to detect everything, they may be able to observe enough to advise a patient to seek treatment.

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While it’s admirable that this doctor was concerned about their patient’s safety, you must let go at some point. It’s also dumb to dismiss their post-operative pain. We’re glad they decided to leave this doctor. Hopefully, this person has found the best treatment for their pain.

Pain Meds Don’t Fix everything

Painkillers don’t fix everything. Doctors should know. It’s always frightening to be in pain for no apparent reason. The sudden onset of painful episodes, appendicitis, kidney infections, and stones are just a few of the boogeymen. It’s more complex in women because there could be many causes.

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We know emergency care doctors are usually overworked and understaffed; they did so little to assist this OP’s sister and simply assuming she was pregnant is disappointing. It took her gynecologist to figure out what was wrong. Thankfully, there was at least one qualified doctor on hand.

Asking to Run Around

Every year, one out of every twelve children in the United States is diagnosed with asthma. It’s a serious illness that, if not treated appropriately, can have a significant impact on both children’s and adults’ lives. To diagnose asthma, a variety of instruments and tests are used.

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None of these tests entail putting your patient into excessive physical exercise to induce an asthma attack. The mother of this OP made the right call by saying no. Hopefully, another doctor was able to assist this child is receiving the necessary diagnosis.

Five Years Taking Unnecessary Pills

Fortunately, diabetes is a disease that can be effectively managed with the appropriate team of experts on your side and the right combination of medicines and changes in lifestyle. However, like with any drug, patients may encounter side effects. Coughs, for example, might be difficult to trace.

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While doctors can’t possibly know all the prescriptions and their side effects, shouldn’t her doctor have investigated the ones she was already taking before prescribing many additional ones? So many unnecessary medicines found their way into her bloodstream. Hopefully, those five years didn’t damage anything.

The Non-existent Syphilis Diagnosis

A wrong diagnosis can have many negative effects and, worse, lead to death. But we still see it almost every time in the medical profession. Visiting the gynecologist can be a stressful experience. They’re dealing with a body area that’s awkward to discuss and generally considered taboo.

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It’s even worse if someone has a gynecologist who doesn’t listen to what they’re saying. While we appreciate the doctor’s concern for STI prevention, why syphilis, and why the fixation when all signals pointed to something else? Maybe she was getting paid to promote syphilis-related drugs?

Those Aren’t Nice Comments

As a community, we’re coming to terms with the fact that everyone is unique, from their personalities to their interests to their bodies. Regrettably, some people take longer than others to embrace everyone for who they are. This doctor’s role was to help his patient.

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There’s no place where it’s acceptable to make insulting comments about patients’ bodies. This patient overheard their doctor calling them a ‘beached whale’ to another doctor and laughing about it. Hopefully, the patient filed a complaint because no one should have to listen to their doctor belittle them like that.

That Was a Bit Awkward

Women’s annual wellness appointments are incredibly important. It should be encouraged because many things could be spotted early. But it can turn sour. While there are many respectable, competent male doctors, what they say can sometimes cause their female patients to question what they meant.

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This doctor may have meant to compliment his patient, but he made two women feel uncomfortable and left them questioning why he would say such a thing during an already tense appointment. We hope he meant no harm, but we’re delighted she’s found a new doctor.

The Unexpected, Unwelcome Call

While many people feel close to their doctors, particularly those they’ve seen for years, the doctor-patient relationship is always professional, which involves keeping in contact with acceptable hours and not prying too much. A certain level of professionalism between doctors and patients must be maintained.

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But this doctor crossed it. Who phones a patient at such a late hour to give unsolicited advice? This is so bad and unnecessary. This doctor is out of line, and we hope he was put back in his place. Some sort of punishment would also suffice.

Pregnant Without a Test

We don’t know much about medicine, but before declaring someone pregnant, they should’ve done a pregnancy test. People are marrying and starting families. However, it is not uncommon for teenagers to become pregnant and have children. It’s a topic that’s hotly disputed and frequently seen as taboo.

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While it’s admirable that this doctor tried to ensure that her patient could be comfortable, there comes the point when you must believe what your patient says. It is risky to respond to this lack of trust by performing no additional exams and administering a possibly dangerous medicine.

Rapid Heartbeat Doesn’t Always Mean Anxiety

Given the wide range of medical expertise, it’s safe to assume that doctors frequently differ in their opinions on health issues. Due to their diverse skills, professional experience, and a vast range of probable illnesses must consider all options – even if they disagree with a colleague.

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But apparently, this doctor didn’t care. It’s alarming that a primary care physician would disregard several emergency room experts’ advice. If numerous people have recommended a cardiac monitor, this doctor is irresponsible by not considering one for their patient. And they’ve significantly put a patient’s life at risk.

Just X-Ray the Hand!

Many hypochondriacs in the world believe they have every disease known to man. Due to the sheer number of people who frequent the emergency room, it’s understandable if doctors sometimes dismiss what their patients say. Multiple doctors ignoring their patients after a big vehicle collision is nuts.

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And that’s saying nothing of the fact that they didn’t even x-ray the one thing the OP said was injured. How do you ignore the one thing that was caught in a collision? Jeez. Thank goodness this person was persistent; otherwise, they might not have received the assistance they required.

A Bold and Unfounded Assertion

One can never know what a patient is going through as a doctor. They only get a look into the lives of their patients, and they only know what they’re told. They are oblivious to their daily interactions and are unaware of intimate details about their relationships.

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It’s difficult to imagine what might have driven this doctor to pass such a judgment on their patient’s fiancé without even meeting them. It’s even more difficult to understand why they felt compelled to say it aloud to someone clearly in pain. Unnecessary!

Google Did a Better Job

Mono is a condition that almost everyone who has attended college has heard about. Most people recover from the “kissing disease” within a few weeks, but it might be a more persistent and serious illness for some. High fevers, especially those that last for a long time, can be harmful.

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The ER doctors were reckless for not taking it seriously, knowing that this person had a fever for weeks. This is not only dangerous to the patient’s life but embarrassing. When Google outperforms you at your job, it’s time to explore a career change.

Appointment When They Were Closed

It’s difficult making appointments. You must schedule appointments around work, your children, holidays, and various other factors. However, it is critical to schedule follow-up sessions after major surgeries. How can a firm not be aware of its operating hours, especially during a busy season like Thanksgiving?

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While not everyone takes Friday off, many people do. So, to be honest, it’s just laziness that they not only assured this person they’d be open but also provided a confirmation text on Tuesday — and they still didn’t realize they were closed.

Nothing Funny About These Posters

Imagine coming to a doctor’s office, where you should feel at ease talking about your problems, only to find posters condemning the people that doctors are supposed to help. We agree that instructional posters are pleasant to read while waiting for the doctor or nurse.

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But they aren’t so nice when they make patients feel horrible about themselves. Nobody should feel like they’re wasting their doctor’s time. This doctor’s attitude needs to be examined carefully. While the examination goes on, something needs to be done about their license.

Going Through Two Dismissive Doctors

Dismissive doctors’ stories are becoming more and more common these days. Medical staff members are busy, not to mention their limited resources, which frequently results in appointments that appear to be rushed to move on to the next patient. We know stress affects almost everyone on the planet.

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But it’s wrong to blame all medical problems on it. Other causes should be ruled out first. The first doctor who made the partner remark is much weirder. But why were they so dismissive? It took ten years for her to find out what was wrong.

Six Months of Pain

You will be shocked by how frequently doctors disregard and ignore patient pain and discomfort. While this is reasonable to some extent, given the prevalence of painkiller usage, it is still a doctor’s responsibility to take their patients seriously and assist them in identifying the source of their medical problems.

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But this woman’s doctors disregarded her for six months. It’s unbelievable that the poor woman spent half a year worrying about her life since none of her doctors listened to her or investigated what was causing her problems. Fortunately, one did, and she is still alive.

Going Through Years of Unnecessary Anxiety

There’s a standard procedure whenever you go see a doctor. When a patient checks in, they provide a brief description of their problems. A nurse then evaluates them for their vitals before being seen by a doctor. This doctor wasn’t there to chat with their patient and make terrible assumptions.

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They were there to figure out what was causing the agony. But in the end, due to negligence, they chose to do what wasn’t in their job descriptions. They are to blame for their patient’s major relationship problems and anxieties. We’re happy she has her children now.

Ignoring a Desperate Cry for Help

When it comes to listening to their patients, medical practitioners must be able to distinguish between critical and irrelevant information. Patients’ threats to harm themselves should be taken seriously. This doctor should have recognized this as a difficult situation and discussed it with the patient.

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Alternatively, the doctor could have brought in a specialist who can help them with these issues, such as a psychologist. We sincerely hope that this doctor and their colleagues have now received some training on handling this situation. It would help in the future.

UTIs From Kidney Damage

Most women have been there. One day, they go to the bathroom and discover that it’s painful and that something isn’t quite right. They start feeling like they must go when there’s nothing. Then they find out that they are suffering from a dreaded urinary tract infection.

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16 is early to start getting UTIs, let alone get them regularly. You’d assume that a doctor would examine carefully, but this one didn’t. It’s a good thing they eventually got the surgery they needed. One year and it could’ve been worse.

Thank Goodness for Doctor #2

Appendicitis is a rather uncommon condition. We only hear a lot about it because it’s usually sudden and serious. The good news is that since the appendix is completely unnecessary, those who have it removed aren’t any worse off than the rest of us – unless it’s not completely gone

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Where do we even begin with this? How can it remove merely a portion of an organ, especially after something as hazardous as appendicitis? What exactly was this doctor thinking? Imagine the excruciating pain this doctor made a 10-year-old due to their negligence and incompetence.

How Did She Get Her License?

We know this list will make you ask questions like, “how did this doctor get licensed?” Here’s another example. More and more people suffer from low self-esteem because of unrealistic beauty standards created by social media, the entertainment industry, and magazines. This can lead to undesirable habits.

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Such habits include eating disorders. Constantly being ridiculed for one’s appearance, especially by one’s doctor, is immensely damaging to one’s mental health, especially for a 13-year-old. We hope that this patient received the assistance they required to overcome their eating disorder and that this doctor’s toxic practices have been stopped.

When the Physical Gets Too Personal

Many professions necessitate annual physicals. It’s a standard procedure, so when new or unusual questions or examinations are tossed in, it’s noticeable – especially when it crosses the line into probing for personal information. Evaluating a female patient’s personal life with her husband takes a lot of guts.

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Moreover, assuming that any problems between the pair are her fault and that her spouse requires sympathy is simply unethical. We’re not medical professionals, but we don’t think there was any need for the question. A query should be the last thing this doctor gets.

More Concerned About Their Sweater

The importance of psychologists in healthcare cannot be overstated. It’s difficult enough to open up to relatives and friends. Seeing a mental health expert is an important first step toward recovery. People need to see a trained person to help them process their trauma.

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Especially when the help of loved ones isn’t enough, it’s just awful to think that a psychologist would be more concerned with the lint on their sweater than what this patient wanted to say. However, based on subsequent information, her thoughts were already on a yachting excursion.

6 Weeks of Pain From a Miscarriage

The invention of modern medications changed the course of history. It aided us in our fight against various diseases that used to kill us as a species. Doctors almost always prescribe exactly what we need. But now and again, something goes wrong.

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This is a heartbreaking story. Miscarriage is already a painful experience for anyone, but having it extended in this way is cruel. Her doctor was reckless in not following up with her patient, even though this was something she never wanted to happen. Hopefully, she’s a lot better now.

Assuming She Wanted Her Child to be Circumcised

Circumcision is a contentious subject. You should be careful when discussing it. While it’s a prevalent practice in the United States, many people believe it’s harmful to baby boys’ health and could lead to other issues. Many parents choose not to circumcise their children rather than have them circumcised.

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When it comes to medical operations, nothing should ever be assumed. These physicians and nurses were lazy and negligent for trying to leave with the OP’s baby for circumcision without even checking to see if she wanted it. Thankfully she didn’t just ‘trust’ them and asked where they were going.

20 Minutes of Appointment

There are three types of bipolar disorders, and they all cause mood swings, low energy, and difficulty concentrating. A formal diagnosis can transform the lives of individuals who live with it, but what if someone is diagnosed with it when they don’t have it?

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Why would a doctor assume that someone is bipolar 20 minutes after meeting them? That isn’t nearly enough time to thoroughly understand a patient’s mental health situation. This is just frightening someone for no reason. We’re glad that the psychiatrist understood them better.

Severe Pain From Kidney Stones

Besides things like childbirth and toothache, kidney stones are regarded as one of the most painful illnesses. It’s enough to make anyone wince at the thought of hard substances passing through the tiny channels inside our bodies. You’d expect the first thing would be to administer some painkillers.

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At least that would make them feel better for the time being before the real treatment comes. Why weren’t they more concerned about a patient passing out on the bathroom floor? Either they already had a lot of gravely ill people, or they just didn’t care.

Accusing a Patient of Lying

The VA (Veterans Affairs) is a government agency that is supposed to assist military veterans in the United States with various issues, including healthcare. Unfortunately, numerous reports of the VA being underfunded and biased, as there are in many public services in the United States.

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It’s puzzling that a doctor would refuse to run any tests when a patient clearly shows alarming symptoms. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do? Helping their patients? It’s a miracle this person didn’t suffer a stroke. Otherwise, they would have been in danger.

Threatening to Revoke Their License

Many prescription medicines come with a warning that if the patient becomes drowsy after the first dose, they should drive with caution or not at all. But drowsiness will not always happen because everyone’s body is different, and people can continue to drive safely. This doctor went too far.

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They threatened to revoke their patient’s driving license. It’s silly to be so serious about the matter unless she’s been in a car with her patient and witnessed her driving recklessly. With the doctor’s threats, they’d be lucky if it’s not their medical license that ends up being suspended.

Nobody Asked for Your Advice

Many drugs might induce weight and physical changes. It is quite difficult for those patients to deal with, but the benefits of being on the medicine typically outweigh the adverse effects, so people continue to take them. This doctor presumed that his patient’s weight and breasts were the problems.

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Shouldn’t he have at least given her a thorough examination? While having a large chest can cause back pain, he could have investigated other possibilities before shaming his patient. To think she was just 17! Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson and isn’t so quick to pass judgment anymore.

Wheeling a Patient Outside Without Help

You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to understand that hospitals must follow certain standard protocols. For example, they should be cautious about how much medication they give to patients—or wheeling a patient outside and waiting for them to be picked up.

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These things exist to ensure the patient’s safety, particularly following surgery. Where do we even start with this one? This patient’s entire experience was a complete disaster. That hospital’s workers should be ashamed of themselves and their actions. Hopefully, they recover from this traumatic experience.

Not the Best Time for a Teaching Experience

Catheters are embarrassing. No one likes peeing into a tube, and the procedure for inserting and removing them is painful and inconvenient. While they are useful, no one enjoys seeing them, especially if they are unwillingly displayed. So this must have been humiliating.

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We are sorry for this poor girl. Preteen years are challenging to get through since you’re dealing with many physical changes, and everything seems to be a big deal. The last thing she wanted was a group of adult males staring at her with a catheter.

Throwing Patient Confidentiality Out the Window

Many workplaces use urine testing to monitor their employees and ensure they aren’t arriving to work in a fuzzy state of mind. But doctors do not use them to manage their patients or complain to their parents. This doctor persuaded his patient to sign medical release paperwork.

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But only to leak information to his father. That’s not only against the law, but it’s also just plain uncool. This man is most likely not to trust any doctor he meets in the future now, which isn’t good. We thought patient confidentiality was a thing?

Dismissing Cancer as Fat

While a patient’s physical condition is crucial to their health and something doctors should consider, being overweight can be caused by various reasons and cannot be limited to being lazy or inactive. They could be going through something far more serious. And you’d expect doctors to know that.

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In this case, the doctor was the dismissive one. This poor woman had cancer and was still unable to have her condition treated properly simply because she appeared to be overweight. We wouldn’t blame her if she went back and gave that doctor a piece of her mind.