Airport Welcoming Signs That Aren’t So Welcoming

The turmoil of getting in on an aircraft, getting yourself together in front of air flight attendees who have nothing to offer save alone cringe smiles and unwanted attention, to hoping the flight doesn’t become your last, to finally landing. Is there anything more refreshing than leaving its environment?

Two young boys hold up a sign for their mother.
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In a typical scenario, your family or loved one is meant to be at the airport ready to give you a warm and embracing welcome. Well, not everyone thinks as entitled as you, assuming you’re deserving of a warm, heartfelt welcome. Look at the likes of these folks and let them inspire your welcome party.

When Your Dad Does the Welcoming

Sometimes, I feel there’s nothing more attractive than a good dad joke. Dad jokes show how light and free-minded a dad’s brain cells travel. Rebecca had no one but his sarcastic father to pick her up at the airport, and this man took this opportunity so had with a classic dad joke.

A father picks up his daughter while dressed as Darth Vader.
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When you’re 16 or younger, as we can guess from Rebecca’s stature, you might be mortified or, better, utterly embarrassed by this positive action. She was so embarrassed that she had her face blurred out in the photo, but we hope that she’d appreciate the effort it took for her dad to come up with this when she grows.

Oh Great, You Survived

We don’t blame this guy; we blame the Pilot for making him know what it feels like to be single. However, it takes crazy faith to travel an airplane without imagining an air crash. So this guy, we could say, was expecting and not expecting his girlfriend.

A guy picks up his girlfriend at the airport.
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He is probably the neurotic type whose thoughts go A-wire for no reason; check his face; he looks so grateful to both God and the Pilot for bringing his girlfriend safe and sound. He probably does this for all his friends; at least he purchased flowers that didn’t go to waste.

Being Precise in Your Welcome

Experts say that your friends are the most authentic person you can ever find on this planet. They are more genuine than any other friend you’d ever have. Take this lady, for example; she awaits the arrival of the best friends, one who is noisy and pale. Because, if your best friends don’t embarrass you, what are you then?

A woman shows off the sign that was made for her.
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The hallmark of any best friend relationship is the infinite bridge of insults. Now a quick question, how do you think the “noisy pale-faced lady” reacts having seen this particular welcoming sign, embarrassed or happy? She was excited.